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Light and Happines

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Michael Scott once said, “As your boss, I sort of demand that you be an expert public speaker, just like me.”
Michael is the worst: thinks he’s good, but is not.
Avoid being Michael Scott.
Take Public Speaking
Great class, but most of all, it’s important.
Thesis and Preview Statement
I value Public Speaking.
It prepares students for the future, helps them get to know each other, and gives them confidence.
Preparation for the Future
Speaking in other classes
Other classes have big presentations, too
World History – Clash of Civilizations presentation
College Prep Writing – final paper presentation
HOSA – health competition
Informal discussions in other classes
Teachers/peers/coaches respect someone who can talk in front of others
Post-high school education
College – All sorts of opportunities to present
Tech school – often, skills-based presentations are required
Military – upper-level positions require you to speak publicly
Post-college – doctors, lawyers, etc. all have to present
Physical fitness/trainer
Health care – latest methods of disease prevention, etc.
Various others
Transition: “In the future, your public speaking skills will allow you to share what you know. But currently, they also allow you to share about yourself.”
Get to know Each Other
Hidden talents
Background information
Who’s moved into Shakopee
Family/economic situations of unfamiliar people
Interesting histories of classmates
Appreciation of variety of students
Anyone can take Public Speaking
All sorts of academic backgrounds, struggles
Different perspectives (debate speech)
Tran: “It’s always good to get to know people. But it’s even better when you know those people support you.”
Positive feedback from peers
Applause and cheers for excellent speeches
Supportive statements when things don’t go well: “Doesn’t it suck when you forget your anecdote/mess up your clincher?”
Written feedback periodically
Tackling difficult tasks
“Pecha kucha” – seems impossible, but it works
Debate speech – planning, research, winning
Demonstration speech – complex
Poetry recitation – tough
Conquering the fear
Most people fear Public Speaking
After 7 formal speeches and countless informal ones, you’ll be OK
Difference between kids who have taken the class and those who haven’t
Tran: “So, at registration time, what would we recommend?”
Recommend that everyone take Public Speaking
It might be the most valuable class I teach
Gives invaluable skills and builds relationships/individuals
Someday, you may have a boss like Michael Scott.
But with this class, you’ll be demanding that he improve his public speaking.…...

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