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Life Expectancy According to the life expectancy calculator, my calculated life expectancy is 85 years. I have learned that in order to have a long and healthy life, I can’t live all by myself. I expected to have my life longer than the calculated life expectancy’s because I don’t drink, smoke, and avoid most of the things that harm my health. After I used this calculator, I found out that my family’s background plays the important role in my life calculation, and regular medical check-up and exercise can also lengthen my life.
I have never learned that it is necessary for me to check the good (HDL)/bad (LDL) cholesterol in every three years which also effects my life expectancy. It is truly beneficial for me to learn that the mean number for total cholesterol level is 180 mg/dl (5 mmol/L). I didn’t know that flossing daily also have the direct impact on our lives to be lengthened. I used to think that it just effects on our dental hygiene. I also realized that having too much red meat as our main course is not good for our health and can shorten my life.
I can lengthen my life expectancy by changing my daily diet plans, exercising regularly, and getting regular medical check-up. Additionally, I learned that keeping the family generation record is extremely valuable for not only me but also my future generation. In addition, I need to get rid of my bad habits such as eating too much and sleeping irregularly, and floss daily. These changes will help me to lengthen my expected life.
What is your Aging IQ?
This quiz explored my knowledge related to aging process. It is true that I cannot prevent from getting old, but I am advised that there are many ways to get better and healthier later years. I have never learned that the physical activities can actually help slow bone loss. Osteoporosis is the new term that I have learned by doing this quiz that women are at higher risk than men to getting this disease. I am also glad to learn that I can prevent this disease by eating right food that contains calcium and vitamin D, and exercising regularly throughout life.
I learned that Alzheimer’s disease is one form of dementia that can effect badly in carrying out the daily activities. This is not a curable type of disease and can grow worse with time. I didn’t know before that people gain weight as they are getting older and an unplanned gain or loss of 10 pounds over 6 months is necessary to see the doctor. Another one is that about 15 percent of newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the United States is 50 or older which is relatively high in my own opinion. I used to believe that most of the older people live alone such as at the senior homes in the United State. According to the research number, I learned that older men in the United State more likely to live in family setting than older women and living in the nursing homes.
I have never heard that urinary incontinence or bladder control problems are more likely to happen in older women. It is the symptoms of aging and it is caused by infection, disease or injury. Without treating incontinence properly can lead to serious complications. Another valuable knowledge I have got is that there is no age limitation in learning new things. Eventually, older people can even improve their skills if they devote in learning new skills.…...

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