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Licensing Requirement for Opening a Restaurant

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The following are the Licenses required for Opening a Restaurant in India:
1. Food Safety License- Issued by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
2. Health / Trade License- Issued by Municipal Corporation / Health Department of the concerned state
3. Eating House License- Acquired from Licensing Police Commissioner of that city.
4. Environmental Clearance- Issued by the concerned authority in the state. For Delhi it is Pollution Control Committee (DPCC)
5. NOC from Fire Department- Obtained from Fire Department of the concerned state
6. Signage License- Municipal Committee/Corporation of the concerned city
License mandatory for service of Liquor in the restaurant:
7. Liquor License L-4(L-17 as per new Excise Rule)- Issued by local Excise Commissioner
License mandatory for playing recorded / live music in the restaurant:
8. Playing of Music in restaurants – Can be obtained from Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL)/Indian Performing Right Society. This license becomes mandatory when you are planning to play recorded or live music of two or more members of PPL.
License mandatory for installing Lift in a multi-storey restaurant:
9. Lift License- Inspector from Electricity Department and Labour Commissioner of the city
Other than the licenses mentioned above, it is mandatory for restaurateurs to take these insurances while opening the restaurant:
10. Insurance required – Can be taken from any insurance company
a. Public Liability
b. Product Liability
c. Fire Policy
d. Building & Asset
In addition, you are required to register under the following sections and act:
11. Nominations under PFA Act 1954 Section 17 (2) and Rule 12 B of the Rules 1955- Director Prevention of Food Adulteration of the State
12. Shop and Establishment Act- As prescribed in the Act and as applicable to the state Restaurant is indeed a lucrative business,…...

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