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Laptop Comparison

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Laptop Comparison
Gina Rose
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Due to the need for replacing our current computers this paper will compare the following computers: Apple MacBook Air, Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431, and the Dell Latitude 6430u. The features that will be compared are storage capacity for client files, battery life, weight, and the price.

Laptop Comparison Due to our need to replace our computers, this paper will compare three computers: Apple MacBook Air, Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431, and Dell Latitude 6430u. It will compare some of the features that we need, such as, storage capacity for client files, battery life taking into consideration that we need to visit our clients and are on the road all day, weight because we need to bring our laptops into our client’s houses, and price, we have to stay within the allowed budget. Based on these comparisons the laptop that is recommended is the Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431.
Apple MacBook Air
First the Apple MacBook Air has the storage capacity up to 128 GB which means we will have to buy memory cards to store client files. The battery life for this laptop is 15 ½ hours which is much greater than the other two laptops in this comparison. The computer performance is not compromised for the increased battery life. Although, it has a long battery life the battery is not replaceable. This laptop weighs 2.91 pounds so that would make it easily portable. The cost of this laptop is $999.99 (Domingo, 2013).
Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431
Second is the Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431 its storage capacity is up to 500 GB which suits our needs for all our client files. The battery life is just under 4 hours this is shorter than we would like but the battery is replaceable, so having an extra battery is an option. The weight of this laptop is 4.44 pounds, so it wouldn’t be too heavy to transport. The cost of this laptop is $599.00 and the replacement batteries are around $99.00 (Domingo, 2013).
Dell Latitude 6430u
Last is the Dell Latitude 6430u the storage capacity for this laptop is up to 128GB, we would need to purchase memory cards to save client files. The batter life for this laptop is about 7 ½ hours with the option of a replaceable battery. The weight of this laptop is 3.91 pounds. This laptop cost $1399.88 and the replaceable battery is around $80.00 (Kazi, 2013)
After comparing these three laptops the recommendation is for the Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431, due to the storage capacity being almost five times more than the others, it would accommodate all of the files we need to store. The battery life is not as much we need but with having a replacement battery this would be an acceptable option. Although it weighs more than the other laptops it’s not too bad at 4.44 pounds. Cost is the biggest selling point for the Lenovo Think Pad Edge E431 it is by far the best choice even with having to buy an extra battery being around $300.00 cheaper than the Apple MacBook Air and around $800.00 cheaper than the Dell Latitude 6430u.

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