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Langkawi: Tourist destination

Are you after a holiday that combines some of Malaysia's finest resorts, most stunning beaches and UNESCO-listed natural beauty? Whether you are on the lookout for a romantic getaway, after some well-earned rest and relaxation, or after a budget-friendly destination for the family, your perfect holiday awaits in Langkawi.
Five unforgettable experiences in Langkawi include:
1) Take in the stunning view from the Skybridge

For a breathtaking experience, the Langkawi Skybridge is world-class. Clinging to a 700 metre high mountain ridge, the 125 metre long pedestrian bridge offers incredible views of the Andaman Sea.
You'll get to the Skybridge by taking an awe-inspiring cable car journey to the top of Gunung Mat Chinchang.
How to get there: The Cable Car Park is located at the Oriental Village, a 30 minute drive from Kuah town and 15 minutes drive from Langkawi International Airport. Regular tours are also available to the Cable Car Park, and can be easily arranged in Langakwi.
The Cable Car Park is open daily, and entry is approximately RM30 for adults (approximately $AUD10) and RM20 for children (approximately $AUD7).For more information go to: 2) Do absolutely nothing at all…
Home to warm waters and gorgeous beaches, Langkawi is the perfect destination if you're looking for lazy days, and a holiday far away from the bustling pace of daily life. Many of the resorts in Langkawi are set on private beach fronts, but you can also head to Pantai Cenang Beach, which is the liveliest beach in Langkawi, and popular with locals and travellers alike.
On Langkawi's beaches, you can go sailing, kayaking, power boating, or snorkelling to discover the stunning sea life. 3) Pampering pleasures
Langkawi is home to some of the world's most beautiful spas. After a hard day spent…...

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