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Lab 1 Securing Systems

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Lab #1 – Assessment Worksheet Assessing and Securing Systems on a Wide Area Network (WAN)

1. What is the first Nmap command you ran in this lab? Explain the switches used.
The first nmap command used was nmap -O -v -O was to detect the operating system of the machine, while -v showed much detail.

2. What are the open ports when scanning and their service names?
There are twelve open ports. 80 is HTTP services, 135 is the Microsoft EPMAP aka DCE/RPC locator service, 139 is the NetBios session service, 445 is the Microsoft-DS, SMB file sharing, and the common internet file sharing, 3389 is the RDP, 5357 is the web services for devices, and 49152 to 49157 is the DCOM or ephemeral ports.

3. What is the command line syntax for running an SMB vulnerability scan with Nmap against nmap --script=smb-check-vulns -p445

4. Explain why SMBv2 DoS (CVE-2009-3103) is bad.
It allows a denial of service attack with the blue screen of death. It makes the system a high risk system.

5. What is the operating system of IP address
The operating system is FreeBSD 7.X|8.X|9.X|10.X The only open port is port 22 which indicates it is the SSH.

6. What are the reverse IP addresses for the three remote computers scanned in this lab? is is is…...

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