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This report is to be submitted as "2008 Korea Pharmaceutical Industry Directory" as part of the "Actual analysis of Korean pharmaceutical Industry", Korea Health Industry Development Institute(KHIDI)'s own project.

December 2008

■ ■

Chapter 1.

Outline of The Project

1. Objectives and Background of Investigation ◦The existing directory book has indicated limitations in promoting Korean pharmaceutical industry internationally or domestically, failing to offer practical help. ◦For this reason, this investigation is to have a thorough grasp of ranges of business and current status of investments and technology by pharmaceutical and companies to utilize and in to strengthen their industrial by competitiveness promoting them overseas

collecting and offering basic data needed for promoting transfer of technology with home and abroad institutions. ◦Also, necessity for systematic and detailed data of industrial current status that can be utilized by companies who are making commitment for the development of pharmaceutical industry. 2. Targets and Contents of Directory Book 1) Targets for directory book •Korean Pharmaceutical companies: 81 companies.

2) Contents of directory book •Investigation items

3. Method and Way for Utilization 1) Method □ Ways to select investigation targets and to promote them were developed through consultation from consultation committees and domestic pharmaceutical companies (including unlisted ones) ◦Investigated based on basic data involving scale of sales, number of employees and scale of production, export and import ◦Information was also investigated that companies which got into the business late can bench mark in marketing part such as strategies of brand making, new product development and distribution □ Information on current status of R&D collected through email, phone consultation and visit to the company was integrated size of companies. □ Collection of subjective information through survey ◦Current status of reserved technology by each company was surveyed ◦If needed, surveys were conducted by visiting the company depending on the

2) Ways for utilization ◦Data in Korean: Provision of directory book to domestic pharmaceutical companies, investment bank, associations and government ◦Data in English: Provision of directory book to pharmaceutical associations and institutions in overseas major countries (Europe, the U.S and Japan)

Chapter 2.

Pharmaceutical Industry Status

1. Characteristics of the Pharmaceutical Industry The pharmaceutical industry is a high-value added industry and a knowledge-based industry. As the fact that 14 out of the world’s top 500 businesses are pharmaceutical companies demonstrates, it has a bright growth prospect for the future. Moreover, it is an industry that provides much public good and external economic benefit because it is directly and very intimately related with the human life. Production of pharmaceutical goods is so heavily regulated that it can be set apart from other industrial goods every part of R&D (GSP), clinical testing (GCP), authorization & permission (IND, NDA), manufacturing (GMP), and distribution (GSP) is stringently managed. In case of the new drug development, in particular, an average of KRW1 trillion is required as the budget for the first 10 years, between the R&D and the commercialization phases. Furthermore, there is only 1 in 100,000 chance that the product development efforts would bear a meaningful fruit, and even then the market success cannot be guaranteed. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is considered as a high-risk, high-return venture industry. Two of the new blockbuster drugs – Lipitor (Pfizer, USD13.6 billion in sales revenue in 2006) and Plavix (Sanofi Aventis, USD5.8 billion in sales revenue in 2006) – held the added value greater than that of the entire pharmaceutical industry in Korea.

Note: Compounded drug became a part of general pharmaceutical goods in July 1, 2000. Source: Annual Food & Drug Statistics Report, Korea Food & Drug Administration, 2007.

As of the end of 2006, 21 out of 82 pharmaceutical companies had the sales revenue of KRW100 billion or more to mark an increase of 1 from the previous year. These companies’market dominance recorded 71% for 21 companies in 2006, in comparison to 70% for 20 companies in the previous year; there Table was Ⅱ-1-2 a definite below intensification that of the the market of concentration. illustrates number

companies with the sales revenue between KRW150 and 200 billion decreased from 4 to 3. This led to the growth of total sales revenue generated by companies with the sales revenue of KRW150 billion or more by approximately KRW100 billion.

Source: Annual Food & Drug Statistics Report, Korea Food & Drug Administration, 2007.

Com panies 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0
23 B il. 3K 5 B il. 10 B il. 20 B il. 30 B il. 40 B il. 50 B il. 80 B il. 10 0 B il. 13 0 B il. 0 15 B il. 20 0 B il. 20 0 B il.

K RW M illion
5 , 0 00 , 0 0 0 4 , 5 00 , 0 0 0 4 , 0 00 , 0 0 0 3 , 5 00 , 0 0 0 3 , 0 00 , 0 0 0 2 , 5 00 , 0 0 0 2 , 0 00 , 0 0 0 1 , 5 00 , 0 0 0 1 , 0 00 , 0 0 0 5 0 0, 0 0 0 0





W 2 3 4 5 R W W1 80 100 130 150 W W W W K R W R R R R R W W W R ≥ K K K K K R R R K K K K







Com panies 2005 S ale Revenue 2005

Com panies 2006 S ale Revenue2006

The pharmaceutical industry accounted for 1.62% of the domestic industry in 1998, and it had continued on a downward trend until 2004. In 2005, the industry’s weight in the total GDP recorded an increase of 0.08p to reach 1.42, and its weight within the manufacturing sector as a whole realized a significant decrease by 0.12p to reach 5.47 as well.

Note:1) Drug Substances, Final Drugs, Finished Drugs, Quasi Drugs Source: Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Association Statistics Report, 2007.

2. Domestic Market Trends 1) Production Records Both the number of pharmaceutical goods in production and that of the companies producing them had increased between 1998 and 2004. However, the two figures somewhat staggered in 2006 at 25,589 products manufactured by 570 companies. The value of production had constantly increased since 2001, and it reached KRW11 trillion and 472 billion by the end of 200. The number of pharmaceutical goods in production as a whole had constantly grown, but the production value per item had decreased from KRW474 million in 1998 to KRW450 million in 2006.

Note: Companies refer to any pharmaceutical businesses with the production history. The above production involves all pharmaceutical goods with an exception of quasi-drugs; it includes the production of finished drugs, drug substances, narcotics, ultra narcotics, and psychotropic drugs. Source: Annual Food & Drug Statistics Report, Korea Food & Drug Administration, 2007.

30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 474.9


417.1 407.3

448.3 397.1 431.1 453.5


500 450 400 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Items Production Value/Item(KRW Million)

2) Top pharmaceutical businesses based on actual result of production To examine the upper ranking in pharmaceutical industry based on actual result of production, Dong-A Pharmaceutical has taken the first place since 1999. While the result declined by 12.92% with KRW421.3 billion year on year in 2003, it showed recovering trend with 466.1 billion won in 2004 and in 2005 it went up by 7.82% to KRW502.5 billion. In the meantime, Hanmi Pharmaceutical stayed in the fourth place in 2005 represented significantly high growth with 14.2% year on year, reaching to the 2nd place. Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Choongwae Pharmaceutical, Sanofi-Aventis took the following place. Yuhan Pharmaceutical(-38.2%), Janssen Korea(-1.5%)l were degraded by increasing debt year on year.

Source: Annual Food & Drug Statistics Report, Korea Food & Drug Administration, 2007.

3) Top Products As of the end of 2006, the No.1 individual product in Korea’s pharmaceutical industry was Plavix, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis Korea. Figure Ⅱ-2-2 shows that the production of Plavix has steadily increased from KRW110.5 billion in 2005 to reach KRW181.9 billion in 2006, after a 64.8% y-o-y growth. It was followed by Bacchus of Donga Pharmaceutical that stepped growth from the throne of No.2 after a y-o-y production decrease of 6.7% and Norvasc of Pfizer that recorded the production of KRW95.5 billion.

200,000 180,000 160,000 140,000 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000 40,000 20,000 0

114.4 64.8

6.7 -45.0
Plavix 7.5mg Bacchus Norvasc 5mg Aprovel 150mg

140 120 100 80 60 40 25.7 20 0 -20 -40 -60

Ultravist 300



Growth Rate(%)

4) Top Products by Function The total number of products that acquired the government permission decreased by 39 to reach 16,022, and the total production value recorded KRW10 trillion and 449.4 billion after realizing an increase of 8.1% in 2006. Circulatory system drugs accounted for the biggest part of the whole at the value of KRW1 trillion 991.8 billion, closely followed by digestive system drugs at the value of KRW1 trillion 324.0 billion. The third biggest product group was antibiotic substances at the value of KRW1 trillion 256.4 billion.

16,022 10,449,408 2,262 1,109,598 592 320 288 68 197,168 130,125

8.10 -1.60 2.90 25.00

100 10.60 1.90 1.20 1.50 0.10 19.10 2.70 12.70 2.00 1.30 3.90 0.00 2.10 4.80 2.30 0.80 7.40 0.00 1.80 0.30 0.10 12.00 4.00 4.80 0.30 0.00 1.90 0.10 0.30 0.10

159,807 -17.40 6,952 -13.40 13.30 11.30 5.30 14.90 19.00 3.60

1,544 1,991,803 822 286,570

2,337 1,324,043 231 334 967 13 585 705 189 46 1,044 1 225 75 18 206,780 135,436 412,141

157 -30.80 218,632 -11.50 501,962 240,997 78,574 773,447 -2.00 13.80 7.50 11.40

918 108.60 183,576 29,897 13,984 36.50 74.60 47.80 2.40 6.60 61.40

1,613 1,256,400 556 289 75 251 509 29 20 14 412,998 496,967

31,470 -16.10 5,068 -24.90 203,136 30.50

6,296 107.40 26,384 -43.60 8,122 -3.20

Source: Annual Food & Drug Statistics Report, Korea Food & Drug Administration, 2007.

5) Export & Import Records □ Export Export of drug substances, finished drugs, and medicinal herbs recorded a 12.7% growth from USD912.09 million in 2006 to reach USD10.28 billion in 2007. Export of drug substances amounted to USD10.89 billion after a y-o-y growth of 19.8%. That of finished drugs had realized a constant increase since 2000, and a y-o-y growth of 7.1% let it close to the level of drug substance export, in 2006. In case of medicinal herbs, fluctuating movements of export since 2000 was followed by a y-o-y increase of 3.0% at USD9.24 million.

Source: Published Data from the Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association

Million $
600. 0 494.3 500. 0 400. 0 300. 0 292.5 200. 0 100. 0 5. 6 0. 0 Export 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 5.3 5.5 6. 8 9.0 9.2 250.3 221. 1 346. 0 457. 9 441. 6 416. 9 448.4 489.8 408. 8 529. 2

Drug Substances

Finished Drugs

Medicinal Herbs

□ Import The total import of drug substances, finished drugs, and medicinal herbs amounted to USD3 billion 749.74 million after a 7.3% increase from the previous year in 2007. Import of drug substances and finished drugs significantly increased by 0.4% and 13.7% to reach USD1 billion 691.49 million and USD1 billion 979.14 million, respectively. It had been the case in the past that import of drug substances was larger than that of finished drugs, but the withdrawal of manufacturing plants from Korea by MNCs in 2006 seemed to have resulted in a substantial growth in the import of finished drugs.

Source: Published Data from the Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association

Million $
2,500 2,000 1,685 1,500 1,454 1,325 1,205 1,369 1,215 934 500 0 Export 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 587 69 688 58 56 62 71 79 1,740 1,691 1,979


Drug Subs tances

Finis hed Drugs

M edicinal Herbs

□ Export & Import Growths There was a 3.4% growth in export and 7.2% growth in import in 2007; the trade deficit has further increased from USD2 billion 440.49 million in 2006 to USD2 billion 651.62 million in 2007, by the increment of USD211.13 million. It should be noted that the import of finished drugs, in particular, has observed an increase 19.8% and 13.7%.

Source: Survey & Facts, Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association, Various Years.

USD Million
4,000. 0 3,500. 0 3,000. 0 2,500. 0 2,000. 0 1,500. 0 1,000. 0 500. 0 0. 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 679. 0 691.9 709. 4 794. 4 985. 1 1,019. 0 2,040.9 2,012.5 2,139. 2 2,583.9 3,425. 6 3,670. 6

Export Total

Import Total

□ Records by Trade Partner Some of the major partners for Korea’s pharmaceutical export have been Japan, US, China, and Vietnam in 2007. The top 5 destination for the export of drug substances are ranked in the order of Japan, UK, Germany, US, and China, and that for the export of finished drugs are ranked in the order of Vietnam, US, Ethiopia, China, and Germany.

Source: Survey & Facts, Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association, 2007.

The following table summarizes that Germany, Japan, Switzerland, US, and France are key countries, in the descending order, from which Korea imports pharmaceutical goods in 2007. When only drug substances are

taken into consideration, the biggest import partners are Japan, Italy, Germany, China and France, and when only finished drugs are taken into account, the biggest import partners are Switzerland, US, Germany, UK, and France.

Source: Survey & Facts, Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association, 2007.

3. World Market Trends 1) World Market Size The world’s pharmaceutical market as a whole realized a 6.4% y-o-y growth to reach the total value of USD712 billion in 2007. The arithmetic average growth rate from the past 7 years was calculated at 10.0% to show that the market is rapidly expanding. By region, the North American market accounted for 45.9% of the whole, followed by the European, Asian + African + Australian, Japanese and Latin American markets accounting for 31.1%, 9.4%, 8.8%, and 4.8% of the whole, respectively.

Source: IMS Health Market Prognosis (includes IMS-audited and Unaudited Markets) March 28, 2008.

Source: IMS Health: MIDAS, MAT, Feb. 26, 2008

2) World Pharmaceutical Market by Product Function The world’s pharmaceutical market related with the top 10 diseases amount the total value of USD241.6 billion to account for 36.4% of the whole. Individual markets for Oncologics, lipid Regulators and Respiratory Agents were the three biggest subsection of the world’s market at the value of USD41.4, 33.7, and 28.6 billion, respectively.

Source: IMS Health: MIDAS, MAT, Feb. 26, 2008.

The following table lists the top 10 pharmaceutical products in the world market ranked by the size of sales revenue. According to the IMS data, Lipitor of Pfizer has remained unchallenged at the rank of No.1 since 2001, and its sales revenue from 2007 amounted to USD13.5 billion. It was followed by Plavix, Nexium, Seretide/Advair, and Enbrel with the sales revenue of USD7.3, 7.2, 7.1, and 5.3 billion, respectively.

Source: IMS Health:MIDAS, MAT, Feb. 26, 2008.

4. Technology Trade in the Pharmaceutical Industry 1) Technology Import Status An annual change in the value of technology import by the pharmaceutical industry recorded a 14.5% growth from USD27.01 million in 2003 to USD30.94 million in 2004. In 2005, it was recorded at USD29.42 million after a y-o-y decrease of 4.9%, and in 2006, it was recorded at USD39.43 million after a y-o-y increase of 34.06%. (Table Ⅱ-4-1) Technology import by SMEs accounted for 73.8% of the total in 2004, but the figure significantly dropped to 45.4% and that by large–size businesses more than doubled to account for 54.6% of the total in 2005. (Table Ⅱ-4-2)

Weight of the label licensing in technology import as a whole increased by 88.26%, and weight of the Technology Service decrease by 27.09%. (Table Ⅱ-4-3) By payment type, the current technology fee method was most commonly adopted (14.4%) followed by Current Technology fee (11.9%), and advance payment/deposit methods (6.3%), leaving other methods to account for 67.4% of the whole. (Table Ⅱ-4-4) In terms of restrictions in technology import, weight of restrictions on the improved technology exchange during the contract period exhibited a significant growth. (Table Ⅱ-4-5)

2) Technology Export Status An annual change in the value of technology export by the pharmaceutical industry recorded at USD169.5million after a 22-fold y-o-y increase in 2004, and in 2005, it plummeted to USD27.19 million, which was still higher than the figure from two years ago. (Table Ⅱ-4-6) Technology export by large-size businesses significantly increased, yet it was evident that most 179.6%) technology export was made by them. (Table Ⅱ-4-7)

5. Pharmaceutical Company List

□ Pharmaceutical companies








homepage, address, year of the establishment of the company •Information on the Company's Scale: Sales amount and the number of employees and researchers •Introduction of Company: The representative's greeting or information for the company's publicity

•The Name of Products: Products that are being sold and have been developed •The Main Ingredients: Main substance of the product is indicated •Use of the Product: Effectiveness or use of the product is indicated •Type of Product: Whether the product is a pill, capsule, injection, liquid, syrup according to KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice) is indicated •The Date of Sales: Date when the product started to be sold •Expected Exporting Countries: If there are export plans or if there are countries to which the company hopes to import •Remarks: Whether the product is OTC (Over the counter) or ETC (Ethical Drug) is indicated

•The Name of Products: Name of product which is being sold or has been developed •Main ingredients: Main substance of the product is indicated

•Use: Effectiveness or use of the product is indicated •Development period: Period taken to develop the product is indicated •The Stage of Development: The stages are classified into observation, pre-clinical testing, clinical testing 1,2,3 and approved •Future plan: Date when the product is allowed to be sold or get licence and information for transfer of technologies are indicated •Expected Licensing: Countries to which the company expects to export are indicated

•The Name of technology: Name of the invention is indicated •Numbers: Number of application, publication and priority are classified and for number of publication if it is public patent, it is indicated in A and if it is a new design for practical use, it is indicated in Y. •Applied Countries: Countries which the patent was applied to are indicated

Ex) Australia(AU), China(CA), Canada(CN), Germany(DE), Spain(EP), Japan(JP),
Patent Cooperation Treaty(PCT), France (FR), United Kingdom(UK), America (US), etc. •The Stage of Development: Stages to commercialize the product (invention) including observation, pre-clinical testing, clinical testing 1,2,3 and approved are indicated •Utilization plan: Plan to apply overseas and commercialize the product is indicated

Ex) If the overseas application plan is being carried out, the applied country is indicated •Expecting Licensing: If there is plan to commercialize the invention(or patent) overseas, expected country is indicated

•Rough map to headquarter, plant or research center is indicated

The Korean Pharmaceutical Company List

1. Ahn Kook PHARM

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment

Ahn Kook PHARM Joon-Sun, Eo 080-3289-4200 E-mail Representative Fax No. agoverseas@ahn-gook.c om 080-847-8869 993-75 Daelim-dong youngdungpo-gu Seoul 903-2 Sangsin-ri Hyangnam-myun Hwaseong-si kyunggi-do

1955 Total

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

61.1 Million$ Total 17 82-2-3289-4259 82-2-849-4123

The Number of Employees (06‘) 310 Contact Person Contact E-mail

Jeong-Hun, Han

Introduction of Company
With the faith and determination embodied in the statement of "To pursue and realize the health and happiness of the human race by developing great pharmaceutical products", Ahn-gook Pharmaceutical firm has never ceased doing its best, registering in the KOSDAQ in 2001 for the transparent management and proving itself the backbone of the Korean pharmaceutical industry. We've been through ups and downs and overcome many challenges for the last 40 years, still delivering our services to you till now. Nothing of these would have been possible without your concern and love for us. And we are well aware that the only way to pay back your love and expectation is to always go forward at the full power to become more solid and capable by developing new products of new treatment methods and actively marketing. The new and better future of Ahn-gook is dependent on your constant concern, encouragement and kind advice. And I wish this homepage will avail itself as the place where you and Ahn-gook Pharmaceutical will get together and interact. Thank you very much

2. AngioLab, Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

AngioLab, Inc. Min-Young Kim 82-42-520-5786 E-mail Representative Fax No. kr 82-42-520-5787 Bio-Diagnostic Fusion Center, Expo Park 3-1 Doryong-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon, 305-340 Korea Bio-Diagnostic Fusion Center, Expo Park 3-1 Doryong-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon, 305-340 Korea 1999 Total 7 Youngshin Lee Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 0.5 Million US$ Total 6 82-42-867-5786 82-42-867-5787

Introduction of Company
AngioLab is a biotechnology company developing angiogenesis inhibitors and stimulators. The company focuses on the discovery of valuable lead molecules with anti-angiogenic activities from various sources and has several candidates including natural products, organic compounds, and recombinant proteins. AngioLab has been awarded government research grants for angiogenesis research and development. The company filed Korean and foreign patents that are registered or pending for the use of those candidates as angiogenesis inhibitors. Recently, AngioLab launched functional food, Ob-X in a way of developing anti-obesity drugs (herbal medicine). The Ob-X shows reduction of visceral fat in human studies with negligible side effect. AngioLab has concentrated on developing oral dosage form of anti-angiogenic candidates with little side effects since angiogenesis inhibitors should be administered to patients for a long time to treat or prevent angiogenesis-dependent diseases such as cancer, obesity, ocular diseases, arthritis and psoriasis. AngioLab has excellent pipeline in a stage of pre-clinical to clinical phase II and is seeking for strategic and cooperate partner companies for further development and international distributions of the products. We are confident on our candidates, which hold great promise as anti-angiogenic drugs. AngioLab produces and supplies angiogenesis-related proteins such as MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinases) and angiogenic factors for research purpose and also provides in vitro and in vivo assay service for angiogenesis research.

3. Biosewoom

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment

Blosewoom Hyun Soon, Yim 82-2-498-2340 Wooyoung Technocenter 2F, 273-15, Sungsu 2-ga 3-dong, Sungdong-gu, Seoul, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-498-1189

1997 Total

Sales (‘06)

5 Million $ Total

The Number of Employees 20 (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

The Number of Researcher 6 (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

Jin you, Kim m

82-2-498-2340 82-2-498-1189

Introduction of Company Biosewoom is a manufacturer of advanced diagnostic reagents.


Company Representative Representative

BORYUNG PHARM Kwang-Jin, Kim +82-2-708-8000 E-mail Representative Fax No.

Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Boryung Bldg 66-21 Wonnam-dong Jongro-gu Seoul, Rep of KOREA 112-3 Shingil-dong Danwon-gu Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do, Rep of KOREA

1963 Total 818 Hye-Kyung, Park

Sales (‘07) The Number of Researchers (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax

200.0 Million$ Total 72 +82-2-708-8082 +82-2-708-8439

Introduction of Company Boryung, since its establishment in 1963, has been practicing the company mission of ‘Render a great contribution to human health’ and ‘Coexistence and coprosperity on the basis of humanism’ with the utmost effort. Boryung’s perseverance for over half a century includes researches, production of high-quality pharmaceuticals to precise shipping, all intended to liberate the nation from sickness. As a result, our products such as Gelfos M, Yongkaksan, and Kyushin have become the nation’s best selling products while the company secured itself as a trustworthy company by many customers. Now, Korea is standing at the crossroads of placing itself as an advanced country in the aspect of the economy. However, as the country is advancing, we are too, faced with problems such as the falling birthrate, the aging of society, and chronic adult diseases. Especially with the development in health care and personal hygiene, there are increased interests for healthy living in the people of this aging society. Keeping pace with the current changes, Boryung plans to continuously develop superior pharmaceuticals through intensive research for new medicines and advanced market strategies to improve the quality of life. We are continuously going through intensive innovations to achieve our goal. Upon our proclamation of ‘inno-BR’ in January of 2005, Boryung has been establishing and carrying out a strategy required for manpower, process and product innovation. Boryung believes that without innovation, we will not be able to cope with the fast-changing world. Boryung is a company ready for any challenges and innovations, in preparation of the upcoming future. We give you our promise to ‘Render a great contribution to human health’ because this is, our ultimate and priority goal as a pharmaceutical company. Please continue to give us your support and interest in us. Thank you

The Central laboratory in expanding its area of research for new drug invention based on our intensive R&D and pharmaceutics professionals. Boryung, established in 1963 under the corporate philosophy of

‘Coexistence and coprosperity on the basis of humanism’ has established its central laboratory in 1982 to take the lead in the 21st century pharmaceutical industry and to be possess the necessary competitive power for global market. This can be interpreted as Boryung’s true ambitions to become a true leader of the industry. Since the establishment, the central laboratory has been expanding its area of research for new drug invention based on the laboratory’s intensive R&D efforts and superior pharmaceutics professionals. Concentration of investment for the invention of new drugs has enabled us to develop products such as the hypertension medicine ‘Captopril’, the

anti-cancer medicine ‘Doxorubicin’ produced from the nation’s largest fermentation facility and oral and injection typhoid vaccine. In 2002, we acquired COS certification from Europe for the materials of doxorubicin which helped in accelerating the company’s international exportation


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

BUKWANG PHARM Sung- Gu, Lee 82-2-8288-114

E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-8288-129 398-1, Daebang-Dong, Dongjak-Gu, Seoul, Korea 404-4, Moknae-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Si, Kyunggi-Do, korea 1960 Sales (‘07) 155.605 Million$

Total Total The Number of Researcher (‘07) 13 543 Jung-Hyun, Kil Contact Phone 82-2-828-8076 Contact Fax 82-2-816-2792 r Introduction of Company

Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is well known for the anti-plaque toothpaste that opened the high-quality toothpaste era, was founded on the seventeenth of October, 1960. We have continually strove for excellent medicine, pursuing a paradise of healthy living. We have achieved remarkable growth for over forty years. Now we have 600 employees or so, with approximately 160 billion won in net sales in the 2006 fiscal year. We developed 'Levovir® cap(Clevudine)' for the treatment of the hepatitis B-virus, recognizing that a company would not survive without continual R&D. As a result, Eisai, the Japanese company, paid us 44 million dollars for the copyright for Clevudine toward Asian countries including China, and Pharmasset, the U.S. company, paid 30 million dollars for the copyright for Clevudine toward the European and American markets. In last year, Levovir was approved by KFDA. and this is the 11th New drug developed in Korea. We are looking forward to its being merchandised soon and expect a profit of 20-30 billion a year in Korea. Our goal is to sell 200 billion a year within 4 years through intensive development of new products and through harmony between major products and new products. since we became listed on the stock market in August, 1988, we have mainained good financial management, so many consumers and stockholders have loved and trusted us for a long time. We also expect to be free from debt in the near future. Bukwang Pharm is reinvests a part of its profit for continual development of new medicine products. We've already started new projects to develop new medicines in the R&D center, which recently relocated to the Guro Digital Complex. We are sure that we will lead biotechnology in the 21st century, and will continue to be loved by our customers.

◦Research of new pharmaceutical products ◦Hepatology ◦Diabetes ◦Stem cell technology ◦Immunology ◦Research generic API production ◦Research of pharmaceutical peptides ◦Evaluate efficacy of drugs and new compounds

◦Pharmaceutical preparations research team ◦Synthesizing research team ◦New product research team ◦Research planning & management team

◦Continued recruiting of competent researchers ◦Focusing on developing world-wide new drugs for resistant diseases such as hepatitis B virus(HBV), cancer, dementia, and diabetes ◦Specialized formulation development with drug delivery systems of pharmaceutical products ◦Maximizing the synergy effect through a global research network




6. Cellart Pharm

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Cellart Pharm Ko, Myoung Ho 82-31-314-0325 1F, Korean National Tuberculosis Association Building 121-150, 6-ga Dangsan-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Rep of KOREA 418-21 Daeya-dong, Siheung Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep of KOREA 1960 Total 102 Kim, Eun Jung r Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 9.4 Million$ Total 11 82-2-312-7500 82-2-744-8782 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-31-314-0727

Introduction of Company Cellart Pharm Korea has been dedicated to the improvement of nation's heath and the development of the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years since 1960 by developing and manufacturing over 300 pharmaceutical products. Recently our company manufactured p-aminosalicylic calcium(antitubercular agent) to receive praises from patients suffering from T.B. Cellart Pharm Korea is striving to become an inspiring company under the management motto of considering our customers as our family. Also, our company is providing a variety of pharmaceutical products not only to the domestic market but the overseas ones. Our current overseas markets are Vietnam, Nigeria, Cambodia and Pakistan. Furthermore, our company had the local pharmacists participate in the project of developing medicine for Russian market since 2000.

7. Chem Tech Research Incorporation

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Chem Tech Research Incorporation Kim, Woon Jang 82-31-226-0541 10 F. Goun Chem Tech Reserch Center, University of Suwon, Wau-ri Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep of KOREA 778-1bunji, Ipae-dong, Namyangju Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep of KOREA 1998 Total 63 Kang, Tae Ho Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 7.1 Million$ Total 3 82-31-557-0001(302) 82-31-557-6622 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-31-557-6622

Introduction of Company Chem Tech Research Incorporation was established in 1998 having an important role in the development of new pharmaceutical products and raw materials of medical supplies for the healthy future of mankind as the leading company among the first generation of bioventure industry. Our company is researching on the development of the higher value-added medical supplies and new pharmaceutical products based on the chirotechnology and combinatorial chemistry technology of fine chemical industry, which led to the total of 48 patents including 19 product patents with the international patent registration. We also advance into the generics market introducing specialized and general medical supplies such as chlarithronycin and lansoprazol.

8. ChongKunDang Pharmaceutical Corp.

Total Total The Number of Researcher (‘07) 150 1,291 Jung-Cheol Seo Contact Phone 02-2194-0396 Contact Fax 02-2194-0399 Introduction of Company ChongKunDang Corp. (CKD) was established with the objective of supplying the best quality medicine to the people who need them and performing its business activities under the basic premise of respect for the human. In 1968, CKD obtained US FDA approval for Chloramphenicol, Chloramphenicol Palmitate and Sterile Chloramphenicol Sodium Succinate - The first US FDA approval for Korean products). In addition, CKD gained US FDA approval for a number of products and raw materials such as Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride and Rifampin, and Cefuroxime Acid, and etc. Since the export of antibiotics raw materials to Japan in 1969, CKD has acted as the pioneer of Korean pharmaceutical companies by entering 40 overseas markets and has exported products and raw materials such as Rifampicin, 7-ACA, and numerous others. CKD was the first to establish a central research institute in 1972 among Korean pharmaceutical companies. CKD succeeded in the development of Cyclosporin A, an immunosuppressant for organ transplantations, and Lovastatin, a treatment for high cholesterol, 7-ACA, a raw material for antibiotics. Consequently, CKD was awarded "Korea Technology Mark", "Technology Research Institute Prize" etc. As for Cypol-N, CKD was awarded "100 High Technology Award for the 20th Century" in a contest jointly sponsored by the ministry of Science &Technology and The Seoul Economic Newspaper. CKD research institute focuses on the development of new medicine and Incrementally Modified Drug(IMD). In the part of new medicine development, Korea Food&Drug Administration approved Camtobell Inj. for the treatment of small cell lung cancer and ovarian cancer. This was the start of CKD's focus on anticancer agents development which produced CKD-732, oral antidiabetics, and etc. As for IMD development, CKD concentrates on the development of drug delivery system, new types of oral antibiotics and Nanoparticles. CKD, which has led Korea's pharmaceutical industry through the development of technical expertise and academic research for new scientific achievement, will become a world-class company pioneering once again the improvement the local pharmaceutical industry. * Exchange rate applied : $1=\902 (Nov. 7, 2007)

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

ChongKunDang Pharmaceutical Corp. Jung-Woo Kim E-mail Representative 02-2194-0300 02-2194-0335 Fax No. 368 3-ga, Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemoon-gu Seoul, 120-756 Korea 15-20 Osaekdang-ri, Seonggeo-eup, Cheonan-si ChungcheongNam-do, 330-831 Korea Jan.10, 1965 *Sales (‘07) 271 MillionUS$


9. Choongwea Pharma Corporation

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Choongwae Pharma Corporation LEE, KYUNG HA E-mail Representative 02-840-6777 02-831-4300 Fax No. 698, Shindaebang-dong, Dongjak-gu Seoul 156-757 Republic of Korea Central research Institute/ 146-141 Annyeong-dong, Hwaseong-city, Gyeonggi-do 445-380, Republic of Korea Formulation Research Institute/ # 901 Daerung Post Tower II, 182-13 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-790, Republic of Korea 1945 Total 1272 Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone 366.7 Million $ Total 83 82-2-840-6888 82-2-831-4300

Yumi Park mpark@cwholdings. Contact Fax Introduction of Company

Established in 1945, Choongwae has been seeking pharmaceutical markets in the nation grounding on its founding spirit of respect for life and frontierism and has been reborn as one of the most prospective global healthcare groups in the 21st century, keeping its original identity as a pharmaceutical company. Choongwae has been greatly contributing to public health by supplying a variety of medicines for patient treatment including circulation related medicines, anticancer medicines, bio-medicines, I.V. solutions and so on. With our capacity to develop new, innovative medicine and technology and to produce excellent quality products, Choongwae holds a global competitiveness as a representative pharmaceutical company which secures the maximum strength original Pipeline and as one of the world’s top 5 companies with IV solution specialty. powerfully. By developing and supplying new drugs, raw substance medicines such as Imipenem, test-solution & diagnosis equipment through the R & D global network, Choongwae is leading to enhancing the medical field. Choongwae will advance as one of the top notch enterprises in the world which makes constant efforts on innovative technology and product development, practices social responsibility, and considers human being’s health and environment. Also we promise to repay your support by offering the best service to the customers and creating a maximum profit through reasonable management activity.

T H I X O T R O P I C PHARMACEUTICAL COMPOSITIONS METHOD FOR P R E P A R I N G 4-ACETOXYAZETIDINO NE AND DERIVATIVES THEREOF Process for preparing optically active c y c l o p r o p a n e carboxamide and derivatives thereof Process of preparation of substituted tetrafluorobenzylaniline compound and its ph armaceutically approved salts C o m p o s i t i o n c o m p r i s i n g tetrafluorobenzyl derivatives or salts of thereof for injection Reverse-turn mimetics and method relating thereto A new process preparation for of

PCT/KR08/006 61 (2008.02.04) PCT/KR06/054 68 (2006.12.14)


KR 07-15709 KR 07-46516



KR 06-65763


PCT/KR06/054 KR10-0650797 02 KR 05-122129 (2006.11.21) (2006.12.12)


PCT/KR06/019 93 (2006.05.25)


KR 05-44298


PCT/KR06/019 34 (2006.05.23)


KR 05-43359


PCT/US05/127 99 (2005.04.15) PCT/KR04/032 24

US7232822 (2007.06.19) ,etc. KR0667373 (2007.01.04) KR 03-88857 US04-826972


imipenem Modulation -catenin/tcf transcription of β activated

(2004.12.09) PCT/US04/281 42 (2004.08.27) PCT/US03/171 88 (2003.05.30) PCT/KR02/016 96 (2002.09.09) PCT/KR98/004 36 (1998.12.17) US03-498451


Beta-strand mimetics and method relating thereto Injectable composition of paclitaxel Method and composition of an oral preparation of itraconazole

US7186751 (2007.03.06) ,etc. US6485743 (2002.11.26) , etc.


KR 01-55511


AU, BR, CA, CN, KR 97-81947 KR 98-27730 DE, EP, ES, HK, JP, PL, PT, TR, US

10. Choseon Pharm & Trading

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Choseon Pharm & Trading Dai-Kyu, Park E-mail +82-31-494-627 Representative +82-31-494-6275 1 Fax No. 1229, Shingil-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

1925 Total 256 Mi-Ra, Kim

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone

63.7 Million$ Total 3 82-31-494-6271(54 0) Contact Fax 82-3-493-0734 m Introduction of Company Throughout 82 years of history and tradition Solpyo Choseon Pharmaceutical & Trading Corporation has strived to establish a scientific ground for oriental herbal medicine, and now aims to develop into a global oriental medicine-specialized company spreading 'green health' around the world. Solpyo Choseon Pharmaceutical & Trading Corporation; World's best oriental, herbal medicine and health foods manufacturer creating the cure and prevention of the highest value for mankind's illnesses 2006; the start of a new era for Solpyo Choseon Pharmaceutical & Trading Corporation as it reveals a new corporate vision of becoming 'the world's best oriental and herbal medicine manufacturer creating the cure and prevention of the highest value for mankind's illnesses'. Three major projects - the Solpyo HBS Project (Solpyo Human Resources Management, Solpyo Brand Management, Solpyo Social Contribution Management) - will serve as the foundations of actualizing this new corporate vision. The winning of the '2006 Internet Marketing Sector Grand Prize in the Korean Economy Marketing Awards' was the first step in which Solpyo Choseon Pharmaceutical & Trading Corporation began to actualize this vision; an accomplishment obtained by a fusion of cutting edge technology and traditional products.

11. CreaGene Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

CreaGene Inc. Yong Soo, Bae 031-737-3300 2F Jungang Induspia V, 138-6 Sangdewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 2F Jungang Induspia V, 138-6 Sangdewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 1998 Total 36 Ahn Soo, Han Sales (‘06) 267 Million Total 20 82-31-737-3303 82-31-737-3301 E-mail Representative Fax No. 031-737-3301

The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

Introduction of Company CreaGene has three patented platform technologies ; I) Dendritic cell (DC) technology for the development of cancer vaccines, ii) CTP (Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide) technology for antigen delivery into DC and for the development of drugs with liver tropism, iii) viral vector technology (RPS-Vax System) for the development of oral type vaccines. Based on these platform technologies, CreaGene is looking forward to opening a new paradigm in the development of prophylactic and therapeutic bio-medicine against incurable diseases, such as cancer and autoimmune diseases. In case of CreaVax-RCC® Inj. (DC-based cancer vaccine against renal cell carcinoma), NDA was approved for the first time in the world by Korea Food &Drug Administration (KFDA) in 2007. In addition, we have successfully completed researches on prostate cancer vaccine(CreaVax-PC® Inj.), hepatocellular carcinoma vaccine (CreaVax-HCC® Inj.), rheumatoid arthritis cell therapeutics (CreaVax-RA® Inj.) and therapeutics for hepatitis. (Creaferon®). Currently, pre-clinical trials and clinical trials are under way on them. These cell-based therapeutics have several advantages and competitiveness especially in terms of tolerability based on its autologous origin in addition to its efficacy comparable to current therapeutics. In addition to the CreaVax-RCC Inj. we have two more products on the market. One is "Recombinant human IL-4 (rhIL-4)" and the other is the CTP technology. Since the rhIL-4 is the most expensive and essential cytokine in manufacturing DC-based cancer vaccine, CreaGene can produce DC-based cancer vaccines costeffectively. In the case of CTP technology, we are willing to out-license it to our putative partners. The DC-based cancer vaccines being developed by CreaGene are made from the peripheral

blood mononuclear cells of the cancer patient. Blood mononuclear cells are delivered to CreaGene's GMP facility and differentiated into immuneenhancing dendritic cells. Dendritic cells are charged with tumor antigens and then readministered back into the patients as a fully mature form. The administered DC-based cancer vaccines can induce potent cancer specific immunity to protect patients from metastasis and recurrence of cancer. Therefore it can be considered as a new paradigm in medical treatment. The CTP(Cytoplasmic Transduction Peptide) technology developed exclusively by Crea- Gene is a novel peptide designed to allow large bio molecules, or drugs to be delivered into cytoplasm, without nuclear localization. This is a core technology of CreaGene for the development of DC vaccines, and hepatitis therapeutics.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

DAEWON PHARM Seung-Ho, Baek +82-2-2204-7000 E-mail Representative Fax No. +82-2-498-9108 467-24, Kunja-dong, Kwangjin-gu, seoul, Korea factory: 903-1, Snagshin- ri, Hyangnam-myun, hwasung-si, kyunggi-do 1958 Total 360 Sun-Hee, Kil shkhil@daewonpharm. com Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 60 Million$ Total 13 82-2-2204-6954 82-2-469-4037

Introduction of Company Daewon Pharm. Co. Ltd established in 1958 has solely walked on its path for last half of the century with its wholehearted desire to guard over the health of citizens with excellent therafutic agent and to take a major role in the public health of the nation. The history of Daewon Pharm .Co. Ltd has been with every step of making efforts to protect mankind from desease and to accomplish healthful society, and all our appointed officers have tried best to achive our management philosophy of human- respected management,trustrelied company and attainment of human health

Central R&D Laboratory consists of pharmacology Lab, pharmaceutics Lab, and synthesis Lab. Its cutting-edge instrument & equipnent and expert R&D staffs are the essence of Daewon Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. - R&D Materials synthesis and Industrialization. ◦Patent through synthesis research ◦Clinical & pharmacological trials prominent institutes Daewon's Factory in Hyangnam Hing quality medicine manufacturing requires excellent instruments & equipment and qulified pharmaceutical technology as well. Every single product of Daewon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is manufactured under cutting-dege instrument, equipment, prudent workflow system, and perfect hygiene system. ◦Approved KGMP ◦Approved KGSP

13. Daewoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Daewoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. E-mail Representative Fax No.

Representative Hyun-suk Ji Representative 82-51-204-3831 Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail Total

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Total

Contact Fax Introduction of Company

Daewoo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1976 under the company motto of 'Fidelity, Accuracy, and Research.' Our company has been making every effort to enhance the national health for the last 30 years. We are manufacturing 100 pharmaceutical products to provide them to domestic hospitals and pharmacies while concentrating on developing new medicines at the main laboratory as well as promoting global marketing through cultivation of overseas markets.

14. Dalim BioTech

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment

Dalim BioTech Chung Jong Sup 82-2-335-1656 907-5, Sangsin-Ri, Hyangnam-Eup, Hwasung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 907-5, Sangsin-Ri, Hyangnam-Eup, Hwasung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-333-7963

1. Jun. 2001 Total

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

8.6 Million$ Total 16 82-2-3140-3781 82-2-3140-3777

The Number of Employees 40 (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Kim Young Taek plan781@dalimmedical.

Introduction of Company We have been doing our best to accomplish our company goal: improving national health through prominent medicine. To this end, we have continued investments, developed new technology, and have built new facilities for our company. The staff of Dalim Medical will lead us through this dynamic era with constant self-development and innovative creativity. We can confidently say that we have kept our oaths as men and women of medicine, contributing to national health with the motto, "Human first, Customer first" I am grateful to all of you who love and support Dalim Medical. I urge you to freely express your valuable opinions and provide advice by using this 24-hour homepage.

15. Dasan Medichem, Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address

Dasan Medichem, Inc. Hyoung-Sun, Yoo +82-2-2679-5206~7 10, Wasan-ri, Dogo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea (Zip code : 336-910) E-mail Representative Fax No. +82-2-2679-5208

Research Institute 10, Wasan-ri, Dogo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea Address (Zip code : 336-910) Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (’07) Contact Person Contact E-mail 1996 Total 43 Yu-Jung, Lim Sales (’07) The Number of Researcher (’07) Contact Phone Contact Fax 9,2 Million$ Total 12 +82-2-2679-5206 +82-2-2679-5208

Introduction of Company Dasan Medichem was founded in 1996 as a professional "research-oriented medicine development and production" pharmaceutical company with a foundation in micro-particle coating Technology. We have established a central research institute in the city of Asan, Chungcheongnam Province, as well as GMP production facilities, where we currently conduct research and production. Via our core micro-particle coating technology, Dasan Medichem conducts research into various improvements in pharmaceuticals including the shielding of the bitter taste of medicine, the securing of safety related to acids and water, and the control of medicinal release. Through such work, we have developed oral antibiotics (Macrolides, Cephalosporins, etc.), controlled-release antiphlogistics (Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Acemetacin, etc.), and acid-safe digestive enzymes (Pancreatin, Pancrelipase, etc.). In addition, to enhance solid medicine quality, we developed the direct compression excipients DSTop and DSPress, which are now commonly used in a variety of products including multi-vitamins. Dasan Medichem works together with the country’s leading pharmaceutical companies, and owns many pharmaceutical composite patent applications and item production permits. Thus, as a professional pharmaceutical company, we have a well-established technological base and have constructed a solid foundation for business growth. We continue our tireless efforts and ongoing research activities to become a world-class pharmaceutical company.



3 4


6 7 8











10, Wasan-ri, Dogo-myeon, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea (Zip code : 336-910)

#505, Woori Venture town Ⅱ, Mullae-dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea (Zip code : 157-700)


The Number of Total Researcher 2,074 171 (‘06) LIM JAE WAN Contact Phone 02)920-8885 Contact Fax 02)925-4026 Introduction of Company In 1988, Dong-A was the first of its kind to establish a research laboratory(KGLP R&D center) in Korea and, with goals of in the global market, has been a leader of new drug research ever since. Total Our research laboratory has successful in developing 4 major biopharmaceutical products(EPO, G-CSF, h-GH and Interferon-α) and exporting new material synthesis technology. Currently the three main research departments are woking towards the development of innovative new drug, biopharmaceuticals and new fomulation products. New drug discovery department has concentrated not only on the development of Stillen(treatment of peptic ulcer), Zydena(treatment of erectile dysfunction) but also on the develoment of `Quality of life' drug such as treatment for osteoporosis, obesity, allergy, rhematic arthritis, and eretile dysfuction. For biopharmaceutical department, concentrated investment in the fields of life science such as recombinant protein, protein delivery, tissue engineering and gene therapy to create highly valued biophamaceuticals. Currently, we are closed to developing biopharmaceutical products including HIV DNA vaccine, long acting growth hormones, and artificial skin. New formulation research Department is focusing on expanding the range of over-the-counter(OTC) products, and developing new formulations to improve drug profiles, which will eventually increase the benefit for the consumer.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

DONG-A PHARM. CO., LTD. KIM WON BAE E-mail Representative 02)920-8000 Fax No. 02)928-4468

Sanggal-dong 47-5, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 1932 Sales (‘06) 842.9 Million $

17. DongbangFTL

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person

DongbangFTL Jung Young Jun

E-mail Representative 02-741-7516 02-741-7525 Fax No. 3FL. ILYANG BLDG., 62 TONUY-DONG, CHONGNO-KU, SEOUL 904-5,SANGSIN-RI,HYANGNAM-MYUN,HWASUNG-SI,KYUNG KI-DO 1990년 Total 56 Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone 9,408 Million$ Total 3

Lee Eun Jung 031-354-1114 orglab@dongbangchem Contact E-mail Contact Fax 031-353-4120 Introduction of Company DONG BANG FUTURE CHEMICAL was established in 1990 for the purpose of manufacturing best quality pharmaceutical raw materials and fine chemicals, Now we have organic synthesis factory and Cosmetic factory in Sangsin-ri, HyangnamMyun, Hwasung-Si, Kyungki-Do, Scale of factory is 1,500 square meter plottage and 4,400 square meter floor space. Organic synthesis factory produce pharmaceutical raw materials and fragrance and cosmetics factory produces cosmetics and herbal extracts. Our factory has been authenticated by ISO 9002, Australian GMP in 1996 and BGMP in 2000. We produce not only pharmaceutical raw materials (API) but also produce frangrances, intermediats, preservativs, cosmetic raw materials and extracts for herb medicine, pharmaceutical and cosmetics and health food. For our company's take-off in new milliennium, we established Cosmetic factory and entered into Cosmetic industry. we are producing our own brand products, Pyojung iyagi, Amiesay, which is basic cosmetic and are producing also lip protection product (Lip Gloss) and Foot massage cream. With the foundation of technical research institute in 1996 we put spurs to the development of new products and now we are producing about 30 kinds of Active pharmaceutical ingredients including anti-inflammatory agents like mefenamic Acid, Ketoprofen, Loxoprofen, sodium, Felbinac. Our R&D until now has mainly been focused on Active pharmaceutical ingredients. Specially, we concentrated on the development of anti-inflammatory agents and keep on researching on the steroidal and flavonoid nutritional supplements along with anti-oxidation substance (functional substance). Also we are doing research on the natural products and now producing about 30 kinds of natural extracts, selling for the raw material of medicine, cosmetic and foods. Especially, we are studying on the field of microbial fermentation which enable us to utilize .β-Glucan, extracted from mushroom, as anti-cancer agent. We feel that future market demand

of raw material will be high standard of refining technique to produce highest quality material. For the future, we will focus our R&D on the study of intermediates rather than finished material. Our company is medium sized one with about 80 employees. But, we aim world best manufacturer in this field based on our accumulated technical know- how and continuous effort.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

DONG HWA PHARMACEUTICAL Kil-Jun, Yoon +82 2 2021-9300 E-mail Representative Fax No. kr +82 2 776-7873 5 Soonwha-dong, Joong-gu, Seoul, Korea 189 Anyang-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang-city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea 1897 Total 820 Hyeon-Kook, Park .kr Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 148.7 Million$ Total 80 82-2-2021-9545 82-2-778-2336

Introduction of Company It was back in 1897, when Korea was undergoing tremendous upheavals in the name of modernization, that Dong Wha started as the nation's first medicine company. Over the years, this drug maker has grown and expanded, taking pride in the fact that it is responsible for safeguarding the public health. Today, we have become a leading pharmaceutical company, manufacturing and exporting more than 400 kinds of medical products and 30 kinds of raw material to over 40 countries around the world. This, we believe, is the result of the loyal support of our customers and our determination to follow the teachings of the late president Yoon, Chang Sik over the generations. On his deathbed, Yoon, the company's fifth president, said that as a company responsible for the health of the nation, Dong Wha should NEVER make any product that does not benefit the public welfare. He also emphasized the importance of the spirit of one family, where each employee is treated as a member of that family. It is our resolution to enrich the company's one hundred year old tradition through establishing new vision to satisfy today's changing needs, based on its experience and accumulated technologies


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

DONGKOOK PHARM Ki-Bum, Kwon 82-2-2191-9800, 9851 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-2191-9869 DONGKOOK Building 997-8 Daechi 3-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

1968 Total 352 Jung-Hyun, Na

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

78.4 Million$ Total 26 82-2-2191-9800, 9851 82-2-2191-9869

Introduction of Company Insadol which was made to treat gums for the first time in Korea was introduced in 1978. This drug has been settled to be a people’s drug showing the sale of over 10 billion won. In addition to the above, DONGKOOK produces superior medicines used favorably by consumers such as Madecassol which is a drug for wounds, Oramedy which is a drug for treating stomatitis, etc. In 1992, DONGKOOK Pharm. Co. Ltd. constructed the prefilled syringe system in its second factory (located at Kwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungbuk) for the first time in Asia and produced a large amount of various kinds of ultramodern injection agents. Located on its site are its central research institute, raw material factory, etc. where the raw materials of its main products are extracted and synthesized directly. Also, its third factory completed in 1994 is equipped with ultramodern facilities and is by no means inferior to other factories as the base of a leading company in a new millennium. Particularly, DONGKOOK invests more than 5% of the annual sale for research and development expenses while operating its central research institute centered on holders of master’s degree and PhD.

Biological medicines are studied and developed by using development of the technology for manufacture of genes, highly productive fermentation process, and protein engineering technology for the core basis technologies. Further, the company performs active cooperative studies among industry, academy, and research institutes with Biotechnology Research Institute, Korea Science and Technology Institute, Seoul National University, Catholic Medical School, etc. and puts efforts into development of medicines such as proteins, peptides, and antibiotics, etc. through active participation in the government-donated research and development projects of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health and

Welfare, Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Energy, etc. - Gene re-combination proteins for treatment of osteoporosis - Gene re-combination anti-coagulant proteins - Antibiotics using fermentation process of microorganisms - Peptide antibiotics The priority of the company is to promote development of competitive high-quality raw material medicines through creation of new processes based on accumulated know-how for the aim of development of high value added raw materials using synthesis of new raw materials and chirotechnology. Also, in combination with the above, the company puts efforts into maximization of efficiency for synthetic processes based on operation of KG-lab, internal analysis system, etc. - Cilastatin sodium and intermediates - Raw material for treatment of dementia - New treatment agents of wound: Wound treatment agents of which candidate materials are Asiaticoside group derivatives - Analgesics in the alkaloid group: New analgesics in the oripavine


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person

DONGSUNG PHARMACEUTICAL Sun-Kyu, LEE 82-2-3492-0921 E-mail kr

Representative 82-2-3492-0231 Fax No. 703-14, Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, Korea

1957 Total 298

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone

62.9 Million$ Total 25

Hyun-Jung, Han 82-2-956-6228 98050032@hanmail. Contact E-mail Contact Fax 82-2-3491-5424 net Introduction of Company Since its founding in 1957, Dong Sung has advanced technologically, while at the same time developing the highest quality products and strengthening its position as one of Korea’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Currently, we possess Korea’s largest production facilities, hold 40 percent of the domestic hair dye market and are renowned for the safety, efficacy and quality of our pharmaceutical products. Our success reflects the exceptional teamwork and commitment of the Dong Sung team to delivering the highest quality service to you, our customers. It also reflects your belief and support in Dong Sung. Human Love Dong Sung’s corporate mission is “Human Love.” Our goal has always been to promote health and healthy living through high quality products and by supporting students and researchers interested in promoting health. Each year, Dong Sung donates pharmaceuticals to needy communities, awards scholarships to middle and high school students and provides research grants to professors. In addition, we manufacture our products according to World Health Organization and KGMP guidelines, the Korean pharmaceutical industry standard for excellence in the manufacture and management of pharmaceutical products. By adhering to these guidelines, Dong Sung assures its products are of the highest quality and our manufacturing processes leave as little impact on the environment as possible. For example, we have refined and continue to advance techniques for hair dye manufacturing that not only assure high quality, but also creates very little industrial by-products. This means we are protecting the environment for future generations.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

ESTECHPHARMA Co. Ltd Kim Jae Chul 82-31-494-3431 445-1, Moknae-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. jckim@estechpharma.c om 82-31-495-3431

1996 Total 75 Lee, Jong Gil ljake@estechpharma.c om

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

13.2 Million$ Total 15 82-31-494-3431 82-31-495-3431

Introduction of Company Since our foundation in 1996, with company ideology "Challenge and creation", Estechpharma has been accomplishing high speed growth more than 30% every year with our "quality management policy" by investing more over 15% of the annual turnover into R&D. We think this "important result" is all owe you, customers. And we will continue to endeavor aiming at the Best Quality Product. We, Estechpharma, will try to be a global company for new technology development and world market advance not satisfying the past growth and success, and we will challenge for a new future pulling change and innovation by continuous growth and profit creation founded on growth momentum of new pharmaceutical market. We will do our best effort in carriage of we just begun to be the first class global company, and to accomplish our dream to lead 21st century’s top technology pharmaceutical industry. The future of Estechpharma that prize confidence and faith makes is our, and your future. I desire watch my and Estechpharma's promise, pledge and belief continuously. Thank you.



β β

22. EyeGene, Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

EyeGene, Inc. Wonil Yoo 82-2-322-1687 414, DMC High-Tech Industry Center, Sangam-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 122-270, Korea 414, DMC High-Tech Industry Center, Sangam-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, 122-270, Korea 2000 Total 12 Jin-Wook Jang Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax $36,000 Total 9 82-2-322-1687 82-2-324-8059 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-324-8059

Introduction of Company EyeGene, Inc. is a Korean Proteomics & Biopharmaceutical Bio-Venture company, which is developing the Therapeutics, Diagnostics and Technology, in eye-related disease & Cancer. EyeGene, Inc. was incorporated in June 2000, focusing on the development and commercialization of innovative, breakthrough Therapeutic and Diagnostic products for the treatment of medically unaddressed eye-related disease such as Diabetic Retinopathy. Diagnostic of diabetic retinopathy is world-first diagnostic using bio-markers and now commercializing. Also EyeGene, Inc. is developing a novel anti-cancer agent, Zycan as an immune stimulator. EyeGene Inc. operates in five fields below : 1. Development of Diagnostics and Bio-Marker using Ocular Proteomics : Eyegene used a proteomics-based approach to reveal human (patients) vitreous proteome alteration that elicit proliferative diabetic retinopathy. Form the proteome of patients vitreous and serum, we could find bio-marker and develop a diagnostic of DRM (early-stage of DRM). Also, we had several candidates of Bio-marker of Glaucoma. Early Diagnostic of DRM is now clinical-stage in hospitals in Seoul. 2. Development of Therapeutics of Ocular ischemia : A human-derived recombinant polypeptide (MW~6,100), EG-Mirotin a therapeutic of ocular ischemia which is the main cause of the blindness (DRM, ARMD, retinopathy of Prematurity, etc.). 3. Scarless wound repair agent : EGS is related to inhibition of scar formation and diminution of inflammatory response by the factor found from amniotic membrane. 4. Anti-cancer(Immunotherapy) and Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine : Zycan, a novel

therapeutic agent for cancer treatment is immune stimulating and controlling composition comprising bacterial DNA fragments and non-toxic lipopolysaccharide. Eyegene validated this agent in vitro, ex vivo and in animal model of bladder cancer, melanoma, and colon cancer. In 2003, some part of preclinical study did in Switzerland. 5. Vaccine adjuvant : CTL responses against several antigens is stronger than other adjuvants. Also, EGvac stimulates Th-1-type as well as Th2-type immune responses. Some part of preclinical study did in Switzerland.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Green Cross Corporation Jae-Hoe Huh E-mail Representative Fax No. 303 Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin, 446-770 303 Bojeong-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin, 446-770

5. Oct, 1967 Total 1,195 Sung Ick Park m

Sales (‘07 The Number of Researcher (‘07 Contact Phone Contact Fax

442 US$ Million Total 116 +82-31-260-93 58 +82-31-260-94 08

Introduction of Company

Green Cross Corporation (GCC) is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Korea and well known for Hepavax B, the world's biggest selling hepatitis B vaccine. Since its establishment in 1967, GCC has devoted its expertise to the field of biopharmaceuticals, such as plasma-derivatives, recombinant proteins and vaccines. With the continuous investment in R&D and the introduction of advanced technologies, its product portfolio and pipeline are now expanded into the various areas including therapeutic antibodies, innovative vaccines, gene/cell therapeutics, small molecule drugs, etc.

24. GuJu Pharm. co., Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

GuJu Pharm. co., Ltd. Kim Myung Sup 82-2- 2672-1122 12th floor, Liverrtower-officetel, Yeongdeungpo-Dong-2Ga, Yeongdeungpo-Gu, Seoul, Korea 431-1 Tegi-Ri, Jeongnam-Myeon, Hwaseong-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 26.12.1974 Total 250 KIM HEY SHIL Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 26,12 Million$ Total 14 82-22672-1122 82-22679-7567 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-22679-7567

Introduction of Company ◦1974 Gu ju Pharm. Co.,Ltd. was founded ◦1985 Apppointed as a "Promising small and medium size company" by the Ministry of Science & Technology ◦1988 Moved into new plant(Jungnammyun Hawasung-gyun Kyunggi-do) ◦1992 Appproved as KGMP plant by Ministry of Health & Social welfare ◦1998 Moved into the new head office)Youngdyngp-gu, Seoul) ◦1999 Completed the centtral research lab. building


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

HANA PHARM Kyung-il, Cho 82-2-577-7667 Namyang B/D, 721-36, Yeoksamdong, Korea Kangnamku, Seoul, E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-566-6003

1958 Total 287 Ho-Sik, Chang

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

37.5 Million$ Total 10 82-2-559-5732 82-2-566-6003

Introduction of Company We, Hana Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. was founded the name of Woo-Chun Pharmaceutical Company in 1958. While changed the name, Hana, in 1996, we are newly progressed by the manager and staff. We are really doing our best toward the 21c for realization of the founding spirit " For many people's better life by the better medicines." Located in Hyangnam Pharmaceutical Complex area, our factory was certified on August , 1994 as a KGMP qualified plant and prepared complete manufacturing system as a KGMP company by enlargement in 1997. So, it is in full compliance with the production requirements for injections, tablets. capsules, topical solutions, ointments, creams, patches. We have investigated that it is the developing good medical product by the extention of the Hana Central laboratory, with very good investigator and scientist, in 1999. We are suppling a domestic and world market with a lot of medicines and we will, more and more, make effort to find a new world market. We will change the newest productive facilities; plants and equipment for a sudden turning of the pharmaceutical industry. We don't satisfaction in the present time. We, HANA Pharm. are giving every effort in developing and investigating new products, so it is a adaption in the state of future.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

HANMI PHARM Sung-Ki, Lim 82-2-410-9114 45Bangi-Dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul 138-724, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. .kr 82-2-410-9009

1973 Total 1528 Leem, Hyun Soo

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

422.1 Million$ Total 177 82-2-410-9277 82-2-410-8799

Introduction of Company At thirty two years of age, the young Hanmi shall move to create new values and face more difficult challenges. Hanmi is determined to strive toward the challenging global market. It is time for Hanmi to become the world’s Hanmi. Being a “global company with overseas sales exceeding domestic sales”, globally recognized “outstanding pharmaceutical company representing Korea”, and “the leader in the field of biotechnology” is the goal and the future of Hanmi. We must not forget our motto “To be a warm company that respects human”. Hanmi shall always strive “To make better medicine for precious life” to improve the quality of life and the health of all mankind. I express the deepest appreciation to those who have shown their faith in Hanmi through the past thirty years, and promise to keep the best efforts to realize the goals.

* NCE: New Chemical Entity, NME: New Molecular Entity


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail Kwon Chul 02-2216-3611


Representative 02-2216-0355 Fax No. 414-6, Hanseo Bldg, Jangan Dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 588-2 Sagok Ri, Ewol Myun, Jinchun-Gun, Chung Buk 1976 Total Sales (‘06) 22.7 Million$

The Number of Total Researcher 199 20 (‘06) Mi-Hye, Kim Contact Phone 82-2-2216-3611 Contact Fax 82-2-2216-0355 Introduction of Company Hello, My name is Kwon, Chul, President of Hanseo pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Our company has made a continuous effort to make a human oriented and customer oriented pharmaceutical company since its establishment in 1976. Fortunately, thanks to your constant attention and growing demand, we facilitates GMP manufacturing facilities about tablet and injection (including ampoule and freeze drying injection) thus we have furnished new medicine research lab equipped with all kinds of analysis equipments, microbiological and pharmacological experimental instruments etc.We also made a remarkable accomplishment for the sales part, with expanding sales network and preoccupying of sales market from our first step of company establishment, currently we have 3,800 business places from university hospitals to general pharmacy. Further more, we have expanded our market to foreign countries since 1990 and export our products to Southeast Asia (including China, Pakistan, Philippine, Vietnam), US, Japan and Canada also established joint venture company in Kazakhstan. For company management, all business management and organizations are computerized for managerial efficiency of organizations and rational management.By doing so, all Hanseo employees are convincing that we can find a resolution for the nature of human being problem, ‘Live long, Live healthy life’ as long as your constant and great attention are existing forever.Beloved customers, I, as a President of Hanseo pharmaceutical company, and all Hanseo employees will make a promise that we will do best efforts to satisfy the customer’s needs that meets the human oriented and customer oriented medicine developments and production. Lastly, we hope your constant interests for our company and products.


28. Hawonpharm

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Hawonpharm kooh dae ho 82-2-554-2012 788-1 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, 135-080, Korea 543-3 Korea 1981 Total 147 yu sung jong .kr Gagokri, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Kyunggi-Do, E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-554-4557

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

37 Million$ Total 14 82-2-554-2012 82-2-554-4557

Introduction of Company Hawon Pharmaceutical established a KGMP factory in 1994 to manufacture medical products of the finest quality. Since company was founded in May. 1981 we have been producing fine medical products of more than 100 items including Tablet, Capsule, Injection, solution&Gel, Including Cephalosporins. All our products are made under the high-quality manufacturing standards. With introduction of automatic systems such as KGMP facility. control

Since we were approved as a BGMP in 2003 that enabled us to produce raw material drugs at our company, we have been producing excellent raw material drugs and other products that are differentiated from other pharmaceutical firms. We also conduct research with KIST(Korea Institute of Science and Technology) to making every effort to develop the excellent pharmaceuticals such as 3rd generation Cephem and Zidovudine. We are putting the best efforts to raise our competitiveness, thus we achieved the target turnover Of KRW 37 billion $. (2006 year) With a total of 8 branch office force that make up the distribution channels located in different regions of the country,


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

ILDONG Kum-Ki, Lee 82-2-516-3114 60 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul Korea 137-733 Ansungplant 60-1 Singeonji-dong, Ansung-si,gyeonggi-do Korea 456-370 1941 Total 1104 Song, Hyon Ho Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 259.4 Million$ Total 103 82-2-526-3357 82-2-526-3320 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@ildong.c om 82-2-526-3030

Introduction of Company The symbol of Il Dong was visualized from the meaning of “Il Dong” being designed to symbolize a rising sun in the morning from the East Sea, which also features the company image or philosophy that pursues for “Hope, Peace and Health”. “O” in Il Dong symbolizes the rising sun in the morning from the sea horizon along with the meaning of supporting Il Dong itself, ultimately showing an impressive and effective symbol implied with a unique and characteristic company identity. What the Il Dong logogram picturizes. The Il Dong logogram was designed in soft and trustful letters to conform its characteristics with a pharmaceutical company while keeping the symbol and the spirit of organic harmony at the same time. A round shape of consonant’s corner in Korean letter may give a soft and stable image embracing its clear visibility and readability.

New drug development. ◦IDC7181, injectable Cephalosporin antibiotics. ◦new anti-caner drug, Hyrubicin (ID 6105). ◦New agents for arthritis treatment and neoplastic metastasis inhibition based on MMP 3 dimensional structures. ◦IDQ-8006 Quinolone antibiotics. ◦Growth inhibitor against resistant bacteria. Pharmaceutical raw material development. ◦New Lactobacillus strains. ◦Benzoxazine anti-bacterial agents by a special process of unsymmetric reduction technology. ◦Yeasts for normalization of intestinal function. ◦Anti-histaminics

◦Vitamin derivatives. New Dosage form development. ◦Sustained released form of anti-hypertensive agents. ◦Analgetic drugs of fast onset of its pain- relief effects

30. ILSUNG Pharmaceuticals

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

ILSUNG Pharmaceuticals YOON, SUK KEUN 02-3271-8800 44-7, 1Ga Wonhyo-Ro, Yongsan-Gu, Seoul, Korea 1227, Singil-dong Danwon-gu, Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do E-mail Representative Fax No. skyoon@ilsung-ph.c 02-718-7239

1954 Total 308 LEE, MI-YOUNG .kr

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

80 Million$ Total 2 02-3271-8859 02-718-7239

Introduction of Company Four decades have swiftly passed since we first entered the pharmaceutical business. Over that time, Ilsung Pharmaceuticals has grown into a reliable pharmaceutical company which gives us a sense of accomplishment for having done our responsibility. Even if we have come far, Ilsung Pharmaceuticals will not slacken our pace in the present but will continuously devote ourselves not only domestically but also in the world’s pharmaceutical market for our future to fulfill our responsibility of developing the pharmaceuticals we believe necessary to enrich the lives of people throughout the world. It is our desire to spontaneously meet the present social and economic circumstances effectively and to provide products that accurately reflect the people’s need. We look forward to the future and the challenges ahead, confident of continued growth as a business and as a contributor to society.


Number of Total Researcher 659 47 (‘06) Jeong, Jin Yong Phone No. 82-2-570-3789 Fax No. 82-2-570-3785 Introduction of Company With the company's slogan, 'Respect humanity', 'Promote human's health' and 'Improve welfare', Il-Yang Pharmaceutical Co. has tried its utmost to manufacture superior medicines for the last half a century. In addition, Il-Yang has put forth its strength for the construction of the country with healthy people under the banner of "challenging the limitations of the medical practice and pharmaceutical dispensing for one hundred years". Since it took the first step to supply medicines in Korea, a barren land for the medical industry in 1946, Il-Yang has been advancing into a top-ranking pharmaceutical company in the world through the establishment of the most advanced factories in Yongin City and Kunsan City. Having furnished all production lines with KGMP and having led the development and supply of perfect and excellent medicines which are the highest level of the world, Il-Yang will act as a leader to make Korea an advanced country in medicine through continuous research and development for new medicines. On the basis of the most advanced medical practice and pharmaceutical dispensing and a solid business footing in the Korean market, Il-Yang has exported a variety of pharmaceuticals to approximately 30 contries in the world including the USA and Europe, and has opened an era of lacal production, by establishing Yangjoo Il-Yang Pharmaceutical Limited Company in China and manufacturing end-pharmaceuticals. Having promoted diversification of business based on the accumulated technologies and experienes in the pharmceutical business, Il-Yang will actively make an effort for the promotion of the nation's health. Il-Yang will exert its efforts towards improving the national health and welfare through continuous research and efforts for the development of the most advanced medicines until all diseases in this land are health. Total

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person E-mail

ILYANG PHARM Do-Yeon, Jung 82-31-281-7851~8

E-mail Representative Fax No.

82-31-284-8141 182-4, Hagal-Ri, Kiheung-Eup, Yongin-Si, Kyunggi-Do, Korea 88, Balsan-Ri, Kaejong-Myun, Okgu-Gun, Chollabuk-Do, Korea 1946 Sales (‘06) 129.8 Million$


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

INNOCELL CORPORATION Jung, Hyun Jin E-mail Representative 82.2.2101.0600 82.2.2101.0601 Fax No. 153-769 SJ TECHNOVILLE 6TH FLLOR, 60-19 GASAN-DONG, GEUMCHEON-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 153-769 SJ TECHNOVILLE 6TH FLLOR, GASAN-DONG, GEUMCHEON-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 1992 Total Sales (‘07) 60-19

3410Million Won Total 32 82.2.2101.0600 82.2.2101.0601

The Number of Researcher 53 (‘07) Baek, Seung Jin Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company

Our company Innocell has been realizing the dream of extending life by concentrating on development of anti cancer immune therapy by using customized medicine through cell therapy. Our Immuncell-LC, an anti cancer immune therapy drug, is an activated t-lymph therapy drug that uses the patient's own lymphocytes and it is an anti cancer therapy of a new medical concept that forms a deep root in cell therapy along with stem cell therapeutics many are already aware of. Immuncell-LC, an anti cancer immune therapy drug that is being used for liver cancer for the first time after being approved by the KFDA following its development, and we are doing our best so that it can be used in treating other forms of cancers. In addition,Innocell has exclusively completed technological development of immune cell storage for maximization of clinical effects of anti cancer immune therapy and is currently operating a lymphocyte bank. In also, as an additional business area, we are leading customized medicine through our cord bank and other anti cancer therapy related diagnosis and therapy. With a network with the best cancer specialists and researchers from Seoul University Hospital, Korea University Hospital, Seoul Asan Hospital, and Samsung medical center, as well as international specialists and organizations, we are concentrating on research and development of all related areas. We, the staff at Innocell will do our best to make Innocell a company that contributes to the next generation of immune therapy bio industry and to assist in advancement and of medicine and society by maturing into a specialized company that is internationally recognized for its immune therapy bio business.

Cytotoxic New drug Bio

T Liver Cancer Injecti on August 2007


Lymphocyte , C y t o k i n e Induced Cell Killer

Cytotoxic New drug Bio

T Glioblasto ma Phase3 5 years trials

Will c l i n i c a l by KFDA 2012.

be the in

Lymphocyte ,



Cy tokine Induced Killer Cell

Patent for long term preservation of lymphocytes of manufacturing c e l l u l a r immunotherapy drug

Imm un cell 2004-0056280 (July 20,2004) C om p le te d (April 4, 2006) development bank (Commercializ ation in July 2008)


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

JEIL PHARM Seung-Su, Han +82-2-549-7451~69

E-mail Representative Fax No. 745-5 Banpo-dong Seocho-gu Seoul #117-1, Keunkog-ri, Baegam-myun, Cheoin-gu, Yongin City, Kyunggi-do, Korea 1959 Total Sales (‘06) 267.1 Million$ Total 66 02-549-7451 02-549-4045

The Number of Researcher 783 (‘06) Hyun-Ae, Lee Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company

Since established in 1959, the Jeil Pharmaceutical Company as a front-runner of ethical drug has concentrated all the ability on research and development and production of superior medicines in order to promote people's health and happiness, and tried to increase the transparency of enterprise management and to fulfill its responsibility by opening the enterprise to the public in 1988. We provides our customers with high-quality medicines in technical cooperation with highly developed pharmaceutical companies of the United States and Japan, but on the other hand we are making every effort to develope new and innovative medicine with our own technology centering on the central laboratory, strategical affiliation with promising venture business companies, capital investment, and positive participation in a government-run project. Furthermore, we have established a business infrastructure suitable for separation of dispensary from medical practice in the face of the Digital-management Age so that we could enhance the quality of products and the operation capability, and especially we are supposed to foster the best-picked MR fully armed with up-to-date equipments and professional knowledge in the way that every employee can be supplied with a personal notebook computer. Even if there is much left to be desired, we just attempted to satisfy our customers by providing them with distinguished contents divided into such two groups as the general customer and the expert(doctor and pharmacist) so as to carry those customer-oriented management into practice by reorganizing the home-page entirely this time. Besides, this home-page was designed to be not a one-way company advertisement [promotion] space but a free discussion space in which every customer will be able to satisfy their desire to know anything and we respect customers' opinions or suggestions, for the new contents like stock price, weather information, search for hospital and pharmacy were added to here. If you find any problem to be improved about our medicines or customer services, do not hesitate to give us your opinions by which we will try to be an honest company which always tread the path of virtue, considering them as affectionate advice.

◦ medicine, a natural Seoul

: It is a Alzheimer's drug candidate developed by Prof. Suh Yoo-Heon, department of pharmacology, college of National University from in association with It Jeil has Pharmaceutical Company. JES 9501 is DHED(dehydroevodiamine HCl), substance extracted Evodia Officinalis. completed pre-clinical studies and is under phase I clinical trials which will be finished in late 2006.

: The best features of Piroxicam, one of the NSAIDs are good compliances and long duration of action for more than one day. However, it causes GI troubles in about 20% of patients when administered orally. Therefore, transdermal preparations are highly preferred in the patients with arthritis that requires long term treatments. developed Based its own on exclusive experiences preparation in transdermal 48mg preparations such as KefenTech® and Jeil pap®, Jeil Pharma has transdermal containing Piroxicam, reporting an excellent result in a comparative clinical study. It has been patented in 2003 and marketed under the name of Murupe Patch® since 2005

◦Super Generic : Jeil Pharma modifies marketed drugs such as anti-obesity agents or GI tract regulators to improve potency or safety of the existing drugs. R&D is conducted on pharmacological candidates that have synergistic effects when applied together. Also

we are trying to improve inconveniences of marketed drugs from a patient point of view. For example, transdermal antiemetic preparations are under development to improve inconveniences of oral and injectable antiemetics after anticancer treatment ◦DDS : Jeil is researching in DDS to deliver a drug to the target site, to the accurate extent and for the desired duration. Presently, Jeil has a patent for insoluble antifungal drugs using solubilization, nano, sustained-release technology, etc.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

JINYANG PHARM Yoon-Hwan, Choi 82-2-3470-0300 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-3470-0390 1532-9 Seocho-Gu, Seocho3-Dong, Seoul, Korea 649-3 Choji-Dong,Danwon-Gu Ansan, Kyunggi-Do, Korea

1971 Total 270 Sung-Bak, Jang

Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax

33 Million$ Total 19 82-2-3470-0371 82-2-3470-0392

Introduction of Company
Our company, Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., was established in 1971 and has been staying ahead of the pharmaceutical industry in Korea with our full automatic production system in the most modern and up-to-date plant and by being designated as a company conforming to KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice). We have also been leading the development of the pharmaceut ical industry in Korea through cooperation with the world's premier pharmaceutical companies. In July 2000 our company joined in the Kosdaq Listed Companies Association so that we laid the groundwork for the more stable company, and furthermore, one of the most excellent companies in the 21st century. For more than thirty years, based on the principle of honesty and sincerity, all the staffs and employees of our company has been putting all their efforts into building a better world with the aim of developing good quality drugs for health and happy life of the people and with the faith of managing the company in a profound respect for humanity. We promise to be a company that keeps on doing research and development for the improvement of life quality of the people and clients can give their confidence to our company. We will contribute to healthy life of the people by bending over backwards to help you not to lose your healthy body and happy life. We truly appreciate your continuing interest in and affection for our company

Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd and Bioobesity signed an Agreement for Joint Research and Development of therapeutic agents for obesity Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd(Representative Director : Choi Yunhwan) and Bioobesity Co. Ltd. (Representative Director : Professor Gim Jongyeon), a bioventure company established by professors of the Medical College of Yeungnam University, signed an Agreement for Joint Research and Development of therapeutic agents for obesity on 7 February 2002. Through this agreement, Jin Yang Pharmaceutical can take part in a certain share of the venture company, and at the same time, it will own patent rights as well as production and marketing rights. Bioobesity Co.

Ltd. is a promising venture company which has state of the art High Throughput Screening technology and is carrying outresearch and development of therapeutic agents for diabetes, alopecia, osteoporosis and fracture in addition to therapeutic agents for obesity by utilizing specialized technologies. In especial, it also places great stress on the research of therapeuticagents for the next generation by means of finding out the mechanism of pathogen through proteome research which is making its appearance as a core of future biotechnology as a follow-up research of genome research. Bioobesity Co. Ltd. was established in August 2001 and now it owns advanced experiment equipment and state of the art technology as well as excellent research personnel, and that is why it is looked upon as a promising venture company with outstanding and creative research and development capacity (various research items).

Jin Yang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is putting its heart and soul into the development of JY-C01, a new anti-cancer drug , with the team of Professor Park Chan hyeong working at the center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Int'l., Inc. in the United States. This study has clarified that the growth of leukemic cells can be greatly influenced by a specific substance. It is also of much significance from the point of view that a lot of patients can be helped thanks to the development of a treatment method making use of a specific substance and JY-C01, a new anti-cancer drug making use of a specific substance, is a therapy method developed for the first time by Koreans. We are sure that many patients with cancer will be helped by the research and development of JY-C01 that makes use of a specific substance . It is very worthy because, for an individual patient, health determines the quality of life. Another important thing is that these kinds of cancers influenced by a specific substance include multiple myeloma, sarcoma, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, breast cancer, etc. as well as leukemia and myelo dysplastic syndrome similar to the former. It is expected that

this can be applied to all kinds of malignant tumors if the research is expanded in the future.

35. KI WHA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact e-mail

KI WHA PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD Dae Sik 82-55-761-8100 E-mail Representative Fax No. m 82-55-753-1270 #313-5, Sangdea-dong Jinju-si Gyeongsangnam-do Korea #313-5, Sangdea-dong Jinju-si Gyeongsangnam-do Korea 1991 Total Sales (‘06) 6,224 Million

The Number Total of Researcher 94 8 (‘06) ju-young Lee Contact Phone 82-55-761-8100 Contact Fax 82-55-753-1270 Introduction of Company KiWha Pharmaceutical, established in 1957, has been focused on researching and developing Oriental Medicine. Oriental medicine has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. The KiWha Pharmaceutical Company was built by Young Un Ha, who believed in the mysterious healing power that lies in natural herbs. Since the beginning of the recorded history, humans have constantly fought diseases and tried to find treatments. As a result of modern technology, people now live longer and healthier than any other time in history. However, despite all of mankind's efforts to fight diseases, there are still many people suffering and dying from untreatable diseases such as cancer and AIDS. In Asia, traditional Oriental medicine has been used to cure diseases that cannot be treated by Western medical technology and vice versa. Combining these two medical technologies could potentially provide benefits that are unknown at this time. KiWha Pharmaceutical produces over 400 different products that range from cold medicines to medicines that can be used to treat gastro-intestinal ailments. The company is in the third generation of ownership. KiWha is actively developing new products and has invested significant amounts of capital for Research and Development. KiWha is continually striving to improve the human condition and is looking forward to working with those who share these same ideas.

Raphani Semen, Brassicae Traditional Oriental Med. Semen, Coptidis Rhizoma, Bio Kiwha Cheongsinhwan Cnidii Rhizoma, Citrii Unshiu Immaturi Pericarpium, Persicae Semen Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha Banhansasimtang Ext. Gra Coptidis Rhizoma, Pinelliae Tuber, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Ginseng Radix Alba Lonicerae Flos, Forsythiae Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Infecin Ext. Gra. Fructus, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Platycodi Radix, Menthae Herba Cervi Parvum Cornu, Traditional Oriental Med. Moschus, Ginseng Radix Bio Kiwha Gongjinda Alba, Rehmanniae Radix Preparata, Angelicae Gigantis Radix, Corni Fructus Ginseng Radix Alba, Lycii Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha Yeonryeonggobondan Radicis Cortex, Liriopis Tuber, Plantaginis Semen, Rubi Fructus, Rehmanniae Radix Crudus Ginseng Radix Alba, Lycii Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha Yeonnyeonigsubulrodan Radicis Cortex, Rehmanniae Radix Preparata, Polygoni Multiflori Radix, Asparagi Tuber, Hoelen Bezoar Bovis, Moschus, Traditional Oriental Med. Kiwha Bio Woowhangchongshimw on Antelopis Cornu, Cnidii Rhizoma, Hoelen, Armeniacae Semen, Glycyrrhizae Radix Atractylodis Rhizoma, Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha Ojeogsan Ext. Gra. Hoelen, Magnoliae Cortex, Pinelliae Tuber, Paeoniae Radix, Angelicae Gigantis Radix Asiasari Radix, Paeoniae Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha socheongryeong tang Radix, Cinnamomi Ramulus, Ephedrae Herba, Zingiberis Rhizoma, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Schisandrae Fructus Ephedrae Herba, Zingiberis Traditional Oriental Med. Bio Kiwha Galgeuntnag Ext. Gra Rhizoma, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Cinnamon Bark, Paeoniae Radix, Puerariae Radix palsy, high blood pressure, difficulty in breathing, gastroenteritis, lumbago, neuralgia , arthralgia, menstrual pain, headache bronchial trouble, rhinitis , bronchial asthma the common cold, illness from fatigue , having fever, headache granule granule granule Pill restorative Pill neuralgia, nervous breakdown, inappetence Pill restorative Pill cough, headache granule gastritis, indigestion, diarrhea granule indigestion, dyspepsia Pill

Composition comprising an extract of 1 Trapa japonica Flerov. for preventing and treating diabetes mellitus Composition comprising an extract of 2 Trapa japonica Flerov. showing antioxidative effect

10-2004-0032522 (2004.05.08)

10-0605286-0000 (2006.07.20)


10-2004-0033787 (2004.05.13)

10-0706282-0000 (2007.04.04)


36. Kolon Life Science, Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Kolon Life Science, Inc. Kim Tae-Hwan 02-3677-4100 E-mail Representative Fax No. 02-3677-4159

2006 Total 177 Gun Young, lee

Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax

58 Million$ Total 33 +82-2-3677-4158 +82-2-3677-4159

Introduction of Company Kolon Life Science, Inc was established on January 2006, merging the active pharmaceutical ingredients department and specialty chemicals department of Kolon Industries Co., Ltd. and Kolon Chemicals Co., Ltd. into TissueGene Asia, a bio-venture company. Our major business is divided into the three fields. One is the pharmaceutical business that will be the world's most competitive supplier by our continuous R&D endeavors and the introduction of customized products with best quality, and we are also constructing additional new facility according to cGMP guidelines. The other, Eco-friendly speciality chemical business division has provided worldwide with water treatment materials & biocides, and has a plan to penetrate emerging big market and expansion its industrial applications for the near future. Another, new biotech drug development will become one of the global leaders with novel biotech drugs such as cell mediated gene therapy and protein drugs for medical unmet needs. Currently, we completed clinical trial phase I for degenerative arthritis with "TissueGene-C", cell mediated gene therapy using chondrocyte cell and TGF-beta in Korea and are ongoing in USA. As a global biopharmaceutical company, Kolon Life Science is aiming to be the leader in the life science industry and is dedicated in becoming the pioneer of research and discovery in life science. We sincerely hope that you will continue to support and encourage us in the future



Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KOLON PHARM Young-Ho, Im 02-580-6300 1324-14 Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. m 02-3473-5283

1985 Total 325 Kang, Koo Young

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

48.2 Million$ Total 7 82-42-930-5723 82-42-930-5727

Introduction of Company Thank you for visiting Kolon Pharmaceutical Inc’s home page. In year 2007, Kolon will attempt to grow as a mass producing enterprise that will be able to handle large quantities. The Kolon will dedicate on building its foundation on well organized management structure, development of effective human resources department, gathering new information to best utilize production and distribution and implementing superior client care system. Since 2003, the pharmaceutical industry had been experiencing a major depression nationally. However, we can not just blame the economy. The Kolon will prioritize on overcoming this adversity and eventually grow as an elite pharmaceutical care firm with transformation and challenge minded. Thank you once again for your visit to this website and may 2007 bring you the warm joy and health.



Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KOREA EUNDAN Chang-Hyun, Cho 82-2-2277-0006 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-2277-5829 31-6 Jangchoondong-1ga, Joongku, Seoul (100-391) SUNGNAM FACTORY: Joongwonku, Sungnam 1946 Total 97 Jae-Kyung, Yoon 223-40 Sangdaewon-dong,

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

16.6 Million$ Total 9 82-31-742-1151 82-31-743-0119

Introduction of Company
Dear Friends of Korea Eundan, as of the year 2004, As Korea Eundan celebrates its 58 th anniversary

I would like to thank you and the Lord for the continuing support you have given us. With your help and support, we have grown not only to be the largest supplier of breath-freshening products in South Korea, but also the largest company devoted to vitamin-C products. With trust and honesty as the foundations of our company since its establishment, Korea Eundan has grown to be a diversified manufacturing firm that is devoted to research and development of medicines and breath-freshening products for new generations, as well as expansion into food industry with emphasis in traditional teas, 'well-being' foods, and vitamin-C products. We have been making progress in expanding the realm of our company to over-seas, also. We will continue to remember our mission as the people's company and give glory to the Lord, as we do our best in making progress everyday. Thank you.

39. Korea Pharma

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Korea Pharma Jae-Done, Park 02-558-1277 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@koreap 02-558-1677 (135-080) F8, Baeklim B/D 823-33, Yeoksam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea Factory: (445-920) 907-8, Sangshin-Li, Hyangnam-Myeon, Hwasung-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea 1960 Total 195 Mi-AE, Park Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 23.6 Million$ Total 19 82-2-558-1277(1 06) 82-2-558-1677

Introduction of Company We, Korea Pharma Co., Ltd., have been playing an important role faithfully as a mission guard to protect the public health and improve quality of life of mankind based on the company's ideology of human respect and the conciousness of mission At present, Korean pharmaceutical industry has a big rush of a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies and is facing the strong demand of opening the local market from the global competitors. After the recent separation of dispensary from medical practice in Korea, complying with the rapidly changing pharmaceutical market, Korea Pharma is promoting diversification of the business portfolio toward Health Food and its related businesses and developing various kind of over the counter medicines as well as streamlining ETCs clarified by therapeutic sectors. We, Korea Pharma, innovatively cope with the global economic and pharmaceutical market situation heading toward the boundless global competition, and put our best substantial efforts to make a bright future with concentrating the hope of all the members of staffs and executives of Korea Pharma.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail


E-mail Representative Fax No. 423- 2 Dogok-Dong Kangnam-Ku, Seoul, Korea 486 Sukwang-Ri Sindun-Myun, Icheon, Kyunggi, Korea 1980 Total 248 Byung-Moo, Jung Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone 29.7 Million$ Total 23 (02) 529-6100-315 Contact Fax (02) 529-6114 m Introduction of Company During our first decade, we focused our efforts on Over The Counter (OTC) medicines. Haben series have been one of our most successful products. As a medium-sized firm, it was not easy for us to become the leading company in this market. The key factors for this success were the superiority of the product itself as well as the implementation of proper marketing strategy. Our second decade can be represented by the passion to develop prescription medicine. Our business is applying the latest advances of technology to make innovative medicines for treating human illness. Our progress today was build upon our challenging past. We are passionate about what we do. We apply that passion to serve the needs of our patients, the medical profession, and our employees based on the continuing pursuit of excellent science. We never forget that our efforts benefit people like you. That knowledge motivates us every day. Our passion has brought us to where we are today. In 1997, we launched Lansoprazole(Second generation proton pump inhibitor --- Anti-peptic ulcer agent). We were the first company in Korea to have developed Lansoprazole by our own R&D effort. Looking forward to the future, we are focusing our efforts toward developing medicines in the areas of gastrointestinal medicine and oncology, while also remaining open to the opportunities in other areas of disease. The company's R&D investment is a major initiative that will continue to fuel KDC's steady and reliable growth. This investment will enable the company to remain a valuable contributor to both its brand and generic market.

The synthesis Team was established in 1999 for import substitution of raw material medicine and the advance into foreign markets, Since then it has picked up speed in synthetic technology development of raw material medicine. As a result, in 1999, the synthetic technology development of Lansoprazole, the medicine for peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis by Proton Pump Inhibitor, was completed. In 2000, Clarithromycin, Macrolide Antibiotics, that is effective on Helicobacter pylori, was manufactured. And in 2001, synthetic technology of Allyamine Anti-fungal agent was developed. Self-manufacturing technique of raw material medicine was effective on import substitution of raw material medicine and served as a stepping-stone for individual marketing toward foreign markets. We will make an effort on new synthetic technology development of competitive raw material medicine in the foreign market and on synthetic

technology development of optical activity medicine and intermediate substance that is expected to have marketability in the future.

We developed the LANCID capsule, a treatment agent of peptic ulcer and reflux esophagitis by PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor), that is more stable and effective than Omeprazole and obtained a patent. Also, we manufactured Macrolide Antibiotics and Allyamine Anti-fungal agent and by carrying out a bio-equivalence test, the products are now put on sale. At the present, we are carrying out studies of antihistamines without drowsiness, formulation stabilization and acid-liquid complex.

41. Koreavaccine Co.,Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Koreavaccine Co.,Ltd Choi, Duck-Ho 82-2-443-1961~5 E-mail cdh108@koreavaccine.c om Representative 82-2-443-4484 Fax No. 87-3 Garak-Dong, Songpa-Gu, Seoul, 138-803 Korea 394, Moknae-Dong, Danwon-Gu, Ansan-Ci, KyungKi-Do, Korea 1956 Total 219 Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone 70.54 Million $ Total 5

Park, Eun-Ju 82-2-443-2008 cathydaisy76@koreavacc Contact Fax 82-2-401-0857 Introduction of Company ‘Service to all people through disease prevention’ This is the mission of KOREA VACCINE for the past 50 years. Specializing in production of preventive medicine and medical devices, KOREA VACCINE has contributed to people's health since it was established in Jan. 1956. After a chairman Chang Wha Ha was inaugurated in Jan. 1976, KOREA VACCINE has strived to research, develop, produce, and supply high quality human vaccines and medical devices (including syringes, catheters, intravenous infusion sets, etc.). The Medical Business Unit has completed suitable system for KGMP in the end of Aug. 2001. Our unit devotes it to manufacturing the highest quality and safest products by using carefully selected materials that are nontoxic and harmless to the human body. We pride ourselves on manufacturing products with cutting edge automated production systems while rigorously inspecting product quality throughout the production process. To this end we conduct rigid quality control through perfect sterility tests, animal experiments, physical tests, and chemical tests, among many other techniques. Also, the Unit exports high quality syringes to the many overseas markets including the US, India, Taiwan, Pakistan, the Republic of South Africa, and Russia. In 2002, the Unit obtained the CE Mark, which signifies a European standard of quality in roads into the European market in 2002. Since 1991 the Pharmaceutical Business Unit has been capable of manufacturing 10 million doses per year due to its enlarged factory which was relocated into the Banwol Industrial Complex in Ansan. Also, the GMP factory at the global level was completed in April 2006. This required that all facilities, structures, and instruments get through IQ, OQ, PQ, and validation to secure the global quality competitiveness. Within the next year, a pre-filled syringe line with the world’s largest productivity per unit hour and the automated production system will be completed as well. Currently, the Unit is increase in the development and supplying the new products of preventive vaccines in cooperation with leading pharmaceutical companies like BCG Laboratory in Japan, Research Institute for Microbial Diseases of Osaka

University (BIKEN), Sanofi-Pasteur, GSK, CSL, SBL in Sweden, Wyeth, and Baxter. Finally, the Unit is making every effort to increase customer satisfaction by direct delivery to clinics and hospitals on the basis of the One Day Delivery System, a rapid delivery system through 7 delivery bases located in Busan, Incheon, Gwangju, Masan, Jeonju, Daegu, and Daejeon. With the mission ‘Service to all people through disease prevention’, we all will do our best to contribute to human health through research and development of high quality drugs and the manufacturing of superior quality products through a ceaseless effort and commitment to safety and quality control, It is our goal to enable a healthy society of all mankind in the 21st century.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KOWELLPHARM.Co.,Ltd sangrog Seo E-mail Representative Fax No. icheon200@hanmail. net 82-43-536-5819


320-124 sinwol-ri, iwol-myeon, jincheon-gun, chung-buk, korea

1999 Total 16 Sangrog Seo icheon200@hanmail.n et

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

0.07 Million$ Total 4 82-43-536-5818 82-43-536-5819

Introduction of Company 1.core business 1) herb medicine products for digestiveorgan, inflammation 2) development of new herb medicine

43. Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Kuhnil Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd Kim Young Joong 82-2-714-0091 297-5 Gunseo-ri 330-811 Jiksan-eup Cheonan Chungnam Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-714-0314

#909 Woolim-Lionsvalley 2-cha, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-787, Korea 1951 Total 300 Lim Myoung Shin Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax



71.523 Million$ Total 20 +82-2-2027-3399 +82-2-2027-3393

Introduction of Company We sincerely thank you, our customers, for giving your supports to Kuhnil pharmaceutical company with never-stopping interests and warm hearts. Every each group makes a great effort to improve the quality of life these days. It is no doubtful there are endless competition and struggling between pharmaceutical companies for precious human lives. Kuhnil was founded in 1951. The history of Kuhnil has been with every steps of making efforts to protect mankind from diseases and to accomplish healthful philosophy of human-respected management, trust-relied company and attainment of human health. For the future, Kuhnil keeps trying to innovate and join hands with other companies for technology of new drug, will be the leader of Korean pharmaceutical industry. All of us at Kunil will give all our effort for Kuhnil to grow into a world's leading company through endless innovation of management. Your unchanging guidance and support will be very much appreciated.

Main Ingredient
1 Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Synthesis Amocla tablet 187.5mg

Use (Indications) tablet 2003/10



Amocla tablet 375mg





Amocla tablet 625mg 내성균에 유효한 광범위 항생제





Amocla syrup

Amoxicillin/P ot. Clavulanate





Amocla Duo syrup Amocla Duo tablet 1000mg Amocla inj 0.6g













Amocla inj 1.2g Klaris Dry syrup 125mg/5mL Klaris Dry syrup 250mg/5mL Cefprozil tablet 250mg Cefprozil 광범위 1차 선택 항생제 Cefprozil Dry syrup 125mg/5mL Tabaxin inj 2.25g Tazobactam/ piperacillin Clarithromyci n 제피과립 유소아의 1차 선택 호흡기 감염증 치료제





















증증 감염증 치료의 1차 선택 항생제





Tabaxin inj 4.5g Ampicillin sodium / Sulbactam





Ampibactam inj 750mg

injection 광범위 1차 선택 항생제 injection 변비˙IBS치료 제 위염 치료제




Ampibactam inj 1.5g

sodium Calcium polycargophil Rebamipide




Wellcon tab





Remid tablet





Bioflor 250 powder Saccharomy ces boulardii 효모균 정장제





Bioflor 250 cap





Bioflor S cap





Lodine tab 100mg

Etodolac micronized

강력한 소염˙ 진통제




Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement Process improvement


Lodine tab 200mg





Lodine cap 200mg





Lodine tab 600mg





Lodine XL tab 400mg



Thiocolchico 27 Process improvement Synthesis Thiosina tablet side / Amorphous aescin

근이완, 근긴장성 동통 치료제 (에스신 복합 근이완제) tablet 1995/09


Process improvement


Pulmican sus

Budesonide micronized Clopidogrel

소아 천식치료제 동맥경화증 (죽상 동맥 경화성 증상의 개선) 고지혈증 치료제 심근경색 후 2차 예방제

suspensi on



Process improvement


Kuhnil Clopidogrel tab

hydrogen sulfate



Omega-3-a 30 new drug Synthesis Omacor soft cap cid ethyl esters 90 Process improvement Process improvement Acetyl-L-Car nitine HCl Acetyl-L-Car nitine HCl





Elcartin tab

tablet 뇌 기능 개선제 Powder




Elcartin Powder


Nano-emulsion Chemical 1. IMD /Formulat ion propofol formulation with the lowered side effects and improved product stabili Comme Chemical 2 IMD /New indication KI0802 GI disease rcializati Preclinical on & Licensin g out CNS disease Co-dev Preclinical elopme nt Oversea Oversea Propof ol Systemic Anestheti cs 3years Launched Licensin g Out Oversea






Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KUKJE PHARCEUTICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LIMITED Jong-Hun, Na +82-31-781-9081 E-mail Representative Fax No. r +82-31-781-9169 513-2 , Yatap-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea 618, Choji-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, S.Korea

1959 Total 431 Jin-Seok, Lee

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company

110 Million$ Total 9 +82-31-781-9081 +82-31-781-9169

“There' s no illness but its therapeutic medicine. Under the company motto of “Love is the best medicine”, we, KUKJE Pharma Ind. Co., Ltd. have devoted our constant attention to manufacturing various medicines of the highest quality by using a state-of-the art synthesis technology and sophisticated facilities complying with GMP guideline recommended by WHO. We foresee competitiveness in the pharmaceutical industry of the globalization era, now in the flowing tide of national conglomerate and multinational companies into the national pharmaceutical industry. In preparation for the competition, we, as a specialized and experienced company, are extending up several products with big sale and are exerting the utmost effort to specialize in some product lines and to diversify export markets. Through the management campaign known as “VISION ACCOMPLISHMENT”, started in 2004, our goal is to become the most elite pharmaceutical company in the world based on the systematic analysis of information and consumer-oriented management. Thank you.

45. KunWha Pharmaceutical. Co., Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KunWha Pharmaceutical Sang-Jin. Bae +82-2-431-3100 KunWha Bidg, Karak-Dong 94, Songpa- Gu, Seoul, Korea 138-160 298-2, Sahyun-Ri, Jungan-Myeon, Kongju-City, Chungchongnam-Do, 314-820, Korea 1958.1.7 Total 311 CJ Kim Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company 62.408 Million$ Total 6 82-2- 2047-7707 82-2-443-0589 E-mail Representative Fax No. +82-2-443-5787

Kunwha Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been established as Kunwha Antibiotic Pharm. Co., Ltd in 1958 and renamed its recent name in 1971. Kunwha Pharm. has made an effort continually to produce high-quality products to contribute what it can to liberate people from debilitating pain and diseases under its philosophy "Devotion to the welfare of mankind" and "Tread the path of virtue" for the half of century. Kunwha Pharm. have manufactured medicines for hospitals. In particular, Kunwha Pharm. have established ourselves as a leading medicine manufacturer in the fields of antibiotics, nervous system medicine, NSAID, and circulatory medicines through close collaboration with about 15 leading world pharmaceutical companies in the USA, Europe, and Japan, with which we have exchanged high-tech information. Also Kunwha Pharm. has been conducting a stricter quality control over the already excellent medicine produced to GMP standards from the warehousing of material to the manufacturing process, to packing and shipping. Kunwha Pharm. will conduct research for a better and newer medicine in thchnical collaboration with overseas pharmaceutical companies and domestic labs to make better world where ordinary people can enjoy their common happiness without illness.


Kalimate Powder Kalimate Granule Dilteran SR Cap. Amlomax Tab

polystyrene solfonate polystyrene solfonate Diltiazem HCl Amlodipine mesylate

Hyper Kalemia



Hyper Kalemia Hypertension, Angina pectoris Hypertension Upper/lower airway infection, Upper /ower Urinary tract infection, Skin & soft tissue infection






Amoxicillin synthesis Sultamox Inj. Sodium/Sulba ctam Sodium



Sultamox Tab.

Amoxicillin / Pivoxyl Sulbactam Amoxicillin / Tab.


Sultamox D/S

Pivoxyl Sulbactam



Somalgen Tab. Methyon Tab.

Talniflumate Methylprednis olone Methylprednis olone Tulobuterol HCl Micronized fenifibrate Sulfomucopoly sachharide Erythropoietin Ubenimex

Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis Corticosteriod





Methysol Inj. Hokunalin Patch Lopirol S KW Ateroid Soft Cap. Aropotin Prefilled Inj.

Corticosteriod Respiratory relaxants Hyperlipidemia Coronary sclerosis Hematopoietics antineoplastic





Cap. Soft. Cap. Inj. Cap.



Bestatin Cap.


Flagyl Inj.


Infection caused by anaerobicide Respiratory relaxants





synthesis Alzheimer's dementia, Stroke, Brain injuries


Cerebrolysin concentrate Inj.

Cerebrolysin concentrate




Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

KWANG DONG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD CHOI SOO BOO E-mail Representative 02-6006-7777 02-6006-7024 Fax No. 6F, Kasan B/D. 1577-4, SEOCHO-DONG, SEOCHO-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 621 Jangam Dong, Pyeongtack, Gyeonggi Province, Republic of Korea Since 1963 Total 722 people Joo-yeon Kim Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 220 Million $ Total 44 people +82-2-6006-725 7 +82-2-6006-702 4

Introduction of Company Kwang Dong first started serving the people 44 years ago with the goal of providing scientific benefits of the Oriental medicine. Keeping the goal in mind, all Kwang Dong employees have endeavored to improve the health and quality of life of people around the world. Our feature products have commanded the patronage of numerous consumers, including, for example,herbal cold syrup “Kwang Dong Tang” and chewable Woo Whang Chong Shim Won, which is casually deemed some form of the Oriental panacea. Our health-awareness also led to creation of Vita 500 and Kwang Dong Corn Silk Tea, or a vitamin drink and an herbal tea, respectively. Furthermore, we have made continuous R&D investments to develop various cancer drugs,which in turn have laid sound foundations for creation of diverse products covering everything from over-the-counter drugs to prescription drugs to health Like our products, Kwang Dong itself is financially healthy and strong. We have maintained our competitive edge through constant and sizable R&D investment and updated IT system. Four principles guide our corporate governance: transparency,

future-orientedness, customer satisfaction and value-creation. To meet the goals, Kwang Dong is making constant efforts to enhance the R&D capacity, the productivity and the management efficiency, and to renovate the corporate culture. This new millennium is often defined as an age of change. Faced with changes, all our employees do not shy away; rather, as member of the global community, we welcome them, and create new ways to address them for better public health and societal contribution.

47. Kyongbo Pharm. Co., Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Kyongbo Pharm. Co., Ltd. Kim, Young Eun E-mail Representative +82-41-546-84 +82-41-545-0456 Fax No. 27 345-6 Silok-Dong, Asan-Si, Chungcheong Nam-Do, 336-320, Korea 345-6 Silok-Dong, Asan-Si, Chungcheong Nam-Do, 336-320, Korea 1987 Total 186 Na, Jong yul Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 55 Million$ Total 12 +82-41-545-04 56 +82-41-545-04 56

Introduction of Company Kyongbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. started as Kyongbo Chemical, a specialist in manufacturing raw material medicine that leads the area of raw material medicine in 1987 based on its future-oriented mission of contributing to the health and the life of human beings with precision chemistry, one of the promising advanced industries in the 21st century. Kyongbo Chemical has shortened and advanced the manufacturing process through innovation of manufacturing technology with the objective of developing new substances. Kyongbo Chemical has the management strategy of obtaining competitive edge by producing the raw materials with high yield most inexpensively in terms of economic efficiency. The company that was created as raw material medicine part of Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp. was separated in Jan. 1996. With experiences in Chong Kun Dang, trained personnel and capital power, production technology of the most products in Korea and product approval of FDA for the first time in Korea, Kyongbo has successfully developed Cefaclor, antibiotic widely used in the world, for the first time in Asia as a small and medium-sized company. Kyongbo Chemical has obtained Quality Management System (ISO 9001) and Environment Management System (ISO 14001) for the first time in Korea in the area of pharmacy, as well as BGMP, the quality license system in the area of raw material medicine, taking the lead in pharmaceutical industry. Kyongbo has prepared DMF for advancing into the European market, IDL for advancing into the Chinese market, FDA and c-GMP for advancing into the American market. Kyongbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. possesses high-level production technology of about 60 kinds such as Penicillin antibiotics and cephalosporin antibiotics, hyperlipidemia medicine and Proton Pump medicine for digestive ulcer. In particular, cephalosporin antibiotics use 7-ACA (basic ingredient)

produced with fermentation technology of Chong Kun Dang Pharmaceutical Corp. It manufactures raw material medicine using the best combined technology of Kyongbo Pharmaceuical Co., Ltd. and Bardia Farma of Italy. Kyongbo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the only one company connected to finished medicine of Chong Kun Dang and has obtained the highest sales efficiency with excellent marketing capacity at home and abroad. New challenge for finished medicine is to find the better raw materials for the contribution of the public health. As a result, it produces and sells about 30 types of special medicine as well as 15 types of general medicine. Kyongbo Chemical is always at its best to make the better quality medicine to provide more comfortable life.

48. Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Kyung Dong Pharmaceutical Deok-Hee, Ryu E-mail Representative Fax No. 9-11 Yanjae-Dong,, Seocho-ku, Seoul, Korea webmaster@kdpharma.c

1975 Total 365 Na-Jung, Ha .kr

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

77.2 Million$ Total 55 82-2-576-6121 82-2-576-8815

Introduction of Company Started as a professional therapeuticals manufacturer in 1975, KyoungDong Pharmaceutical has been providing medicines of excellent quality based on the following corporate mission: "Contribute to the human health and happiness by creative and development efforts based on sincerity and deligence." Thanks to continuing R&D investments and aggressive importation of cutting-edge technologies and modern production facilities, we have become a solid medium-sized pharmaceutical company recognized across the nation. As a result of such efforts and creative capability, we have further grown from a therapeuticals company to become a professional developer of raw material medicines. We export not only finished products but also raw materials and technologies to overseas. KyoungDong has been recognized as being a reliable and promising company. We were selected as a "Promising Small/Medium-sized Company" by SMIPC, "Outstanding Small/Medium-sized Business" by Industrial Bank of Korea, "Hanmaum Best Client" by Korea Development Bank and so on.

Under the severe competition of the 21st century, KyoungDong has been making globalization efforts by exporting its products to various overseas markets such as Japan, East Asia and Latin America. We are creatively coping with the fastly changing global and domestic markets with new determination and passion. We will be making great strides to become a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

MEDICA KOREA Seung-yong, Kim +82-2-2025-0200 E-mail Representative Fax No. 2F. Kolon ScienceValley Ⅱ, 187-10 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Rep. of KOREA Factory: 904-6 Sangshin-ri, Hyangnam-myon, Hwaseong si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of KOREA 1976 Total 146 In-Ah, Lee Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax 22 Million$ Total 6
+82-2-2025-0215 +82-2-2025-0201

Introduction of Company We have been researching and developing top quality medicine in order to cure disease and create a healthy community with our motto "The beautiful company We built together". By proclaiming the 2nd commencement of the business in 1996, we have begun newly and have been manufacturing our medicine in excellent product facilities under the KGMP System. We have been participating in the G-7 Project and government research projects through the Research Center Institution, and we were selected as the "a superior Small & Medium Enterprise" and the most "a superior Manufacturer & Exporter". We have been exporting finished products to 10 countries overseas. Respect for life is a value that all mankind must pursue. It is our dream and responsibility as a Pharmaceutical company to prolong your life and

happiness with our products. We changed our name to "MEDICA KOREA" to start a new beginning in the 21st century and we promise to do our best to develop new quality medicine, never to neglect friends in need and people with our motto, "The pharmaceutical company for people". We appreciate your continuous support. Our sincerest regards to you and yours


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

MEDITOX Hyun-Ho, Jung 82-2-3471-8319 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@medy-tox. 82-2-3471-8374 #605 Dongil-Highvill, 1542-1 Seocho-3dong, Seocho-gu, 137-073 Seoul, South Korea Ochang Plant:641-4 (Ochang Scientific Complex) Gak-ri, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, 363-883 2000 Total 33 Hyun-Sung, Kim hskim@medy-tox.c Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 3.55 Million$ Total 10 82-43-217-1555 82-43-217-1557

Introduction of Company Medy-Tox Inc., a promising biotech venture based in South Korea, is focused on leveraging its proprietary technologies in the microbial toxin area to develop innovative biotech products. Since its foundation in May 2000, it has been focusing on biopharmaceuticals and other products based on Clostridium botulinum. Its primary business goal is to establish itself as a premier biopharmaceutical firm providing botulinum neurotoxin-related pharmaceuticals and therapeutic/diagnostic antibodies, utilizing its superior science and technology expertise. Mission Our mission is to provide “Biotechnology for Better Life & Health”. We strive to significantly improve the “Quality of Life for People”. We want to discover, develop, and market innovative biotechnological products from our core competencies with botulinum toxins and other microbial toxins. Vision “To be A Supreme Specialty Biopharmaceutical Company” - 2007, The most successful Korean biotech firm - 2010, Worldwide top class biotech company focused on botulinum

Business Areas - Type A, B, and E botulinum toxin biopharmaceuticals - Environmental rapid detection kits for botulinum toxins - Therapeutic neutralizing antibodies against botulinum toxins - Functional cosmetics

51. MG Co., Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

MG Co., Ltd. Chul-Soo, Shin 02-2057-1002 E-mail Representative Fax No. kr 02-2057-1003 160-13, Hoejuk-ri, Gwanghyewon-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do 365-834, KOREA 〃 2003 Total 60 Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone 7.9 Million US$ Total 2 02-2057-1002 02-2057-1003

In-Soon, Han ishan@medi-green.c Contact Fax Introduction of Company

MG, Ltd. is major manufacturer specialized in 'Nutrition Infusion Therapy Products' and our business market focuses on manufacturing of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition Products and extends to its related areas. Supplying nutrition at right time is mandatory for prompt curing a disease or illness, especially for following persons. A surgical patient who is incapable of taking nutrition Hypoproteinemia and Malnutrition patient Wasting disease patient due to burn or gash Immunosuppressive patient MG, Ltd. has accumulated long year's experiences and technology. Therefore, we are proud of being manufacturing and providing parenteral nutrition products consisted of Amino Acid, Fat Emulsion, Vitamin, Glucose, Electrolyte and Elements with high quality. Currently, we have capability of making 3-chamber bag products it is noticeable as the first independent technology in Korea. Also we have provided 2-chamber bag products, MG COMBI, Lipid LCT(Fat Emulsion) and Lipid MCT with our own know-hows. We are carrying our plan of Home care/Home TPN business for caring and curing a surgical outpatient, a pediatric and geriatricspatient, or a handicapped

person who have difficulty in receiving medical treatment in hospital. We will also extend business to consulting services such as Pre-Mix TPN formula, TPN products stability test, and so on. We, MG, Ltd. and our employees promise our effort and endeavor to provide best quality products in Nutrition Therapy. Furthermore, we will hold st an outstanding position for taking care of human health in 21 centuries.

〃 〃 〃


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

MYGENE CO,. LTD HAN IN KWON 82-2-540-8991 3/5 SungOk-Building 202-16 NonHyun-Dong KangNam-Gu Seoul, Korea 3/5 SungOk-Building 202-16 NonHyun-Dong KangNam-Gu Seoul, Korea 2000 Total 32 Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company 1.96 Million$ Total 11 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@mygen 82-2-540-8995

MyGene is an outstanding genetic venture company focused on DNA chip manufacture and sales, primer production and sales early cancer diagnosis, life style manipulation and health promotion for the chronic debilitating patients; diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia, obesity and life threatening common cancers through a well organized comprehensive health science center. MyGene continuely put maximum affort developing an gene therapy as well as propagation of public awareness of chronic diseases using internet services. MyGene is the only company with group of medical professors in Korea, abundant in clinical experience and knowledge concerned with human health and quality of life. We provide the most updated DNA chip, an easy to use and reliable early diagnostic solution for major health screening centers, where both physicians and patients benefit the twenty first century science

technology. MyGene has the capability of producing the most efficient primer for the basic studies associated with any gene. MyGene is ready to operate the most scientific health care center for the public who are curious to know in depth about their health status and provide the utmost life style changes and extensive treatments including gene therapy for their life threatening illnesses. MyGene is also responsible for public awareness on releasing information on the importance of gene as well as its ethical points of view through continuous research and development.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

MYUNG-IN PHARM Hang-Myung, Lee E-mail Representative Fax No. myunginp@myunginph.c 82-2-585-0352

82-2-587-9060 Myung-In B/D 1539-9, Seocho3-Dong, Seocho-Ku, Seoul, Korea (137-872) FACTORY: Noha-Ri 186-1, Paltan-Myun, Hwasung-Si Kyunggi-Do, Korea

1985 Total 295 Se-Jung, Kim hijuni07@hanmail.n et

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

73.8 Million$ Total 32 82-2-587-9060 82-2-585-0352

Introduction of Company KGMP approval was obtained in 1991 and chemical synthesis plant with latest BGMP facility and R&D center were completed in 2002. Not only we manufacture domestic demands but also we export finished products and active pharmaceutical ingredient bulk to Southeast Asia including Singapore

and Vetnam, South America and Africa for over a million dollars. In November 2003, NEW HEADQUARTERS, which announced the opening of the new era, were completed in Seocho-Gu, Seoul Korea

54. MyungMoon Pharm

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail Kyu-Huok, Lee 02-7611-2000

MyungMoon Pharm E-mail Representative Fax No. .kr 02-572-5137 MYUNGMOONB/D, 946-18, DOKOK-DONG, KANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, KOREA 901-1, SANGSIN-RI, HYANGNAM-MYUN, HWASUNG-SI, KYUNGKI-DO, KOREA 1983 Total 392 Kyung-Hee, Sin skh12@mmpharm.c Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax 64.9 Million$ Total 10 (02) 6711-2062 (02) 572-5192

Introduction of Company We, Myungmoon pharmaceutical company, are proud of a remarkable growth achieved since it was first founded in 1983 with a great ambition for the pursuit of the public healthcare. “MYUNGMOON” stands in Korean as a “distinguished house” and embodies its entrepreneurial spirit with a motto “pioneers of the public healthcare in harmony with human resources challenging the future.” One of the highlights in the past decade was the introduction of transdermal therapeutic system which was recognized as an introduction of transdermal therapeutic system which was recognized as an introductive chapter to the Korean pharmaceutical industry thanks to our research and development effort resulted in a new galenical form called PATCH. Now, we would like to do our utmost towards the 21st century for embodiment of the entrepreneurial spirit. For the purpose of realizing our mission, we will continue to upgrade our research and development efforts to be a specialized and characterized pharmaceustical company, as well as realize the effective total marketing and

business philosophy. We will exert our efforts towards improving the national health and welfare through continuous research and development of the most advanced medicines until all diseases on this land are disappeared. We hope that we can continue to enjoy your enthusiastic support and untiring guidance in the future as well.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

PHARMAKING Won-Bae, Kim 82-31-739-3300 E-mail Representative Fax No. .kr 82-31-739-3391 3F Baek Sin B/D, 37-22, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea Factory: 826, Sinheung-dong, Gyeonggi-do 1975 Total 127 Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si,

Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘0) Contact Phone Contact Fax Introduction of Company

17.1 Million$ Total 7

Since its establishment in 1975 as Taerim Industry, the company name was changed to Taerim Pharmaceutical in 1988. Since then, we became one of the leading R&D-oriented biotechnology venture through its continuous efforts to develop unique medicines for the improvement of human health and eradication of diseases. We are the industry leader in the field of hepatitis medicine. After the introduction of the Substance Patent System in 1987, we realized that the future of medicine manufacturers would depend on developing competitive medicines. We have been investing more than 20% of its total sales into R&D for the development of new medicines. As a result, the first hepatitis medicine in Korea named “Nissel” was developed in July 1990. Furthermore, after obtaining a patent for a new hepatitis medicine and completing the phase Ⅲ clinical trial, “Pennel” was launched in Feb. 1998. At the present, “Pennel” capsule is the most popular drug against the hepatitis in Korea and its superiority has been widely recognized in numerous Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam. Recently, Taerim started to export “Pennel” to Egypt.

Through extensive experience in research and development, we strive to constantly develop new drugs for the treatment against adult diseases using natural substances. For the first time in the world, we obtained the patent on the hepatitis C drug and is actively preparing to commercialize it. Since our establishment, we have made every effort to improve the health of people around the world. We will continue to exert our best to become a respectful company that thrives to make the world without any diseases.

HEAD OFFICE 826, Sinheung-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyunggi-do Tel: 82-31-739-3300 / Fax: 82-31-739-3391 E-mail: Factory 363, Ogung-ri, Gamgok-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungbuk Tel: 82-43-882-3501 / Fax: 82-43-882-3502

56. Pharmbio Korea

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Pharmbio Korea Bong Kil, Nam +82-2-587-2551~4 E-mail Representative Fax No. kr +82-2-523-9784 1049-7 Sadang 1-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul, 156-827, KOREA

1999 Total 49 Hyun-Jung, Jung m

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

4.9 Million$ Total 0 82-2--587-2554 82-2-523-9784

Introduction of Company "We aim to become a company that helps the people who are suffering from disease and contributes public health." As each and every one of PBK family becomes one body, we are ceaselessly trying to make the world healthier without any diseases by researching and developing best quality product. Since the Korea's first urolithiasis treatment "UROCITRA" in 1999, we have made every effort to be a leading maker in the field of urologic medicines. As a result, we have marketed "UROCITRA" and another urolithiasis treatment "ROWATINEX" successfully. Moreover, we have developed and

supplied "ROWACHOL" for cholelithiasis treatments and "HEPADIAL" for dyspepsia symptom of the patients with hepato-biliary diseases, and we are devoting ourselves in developing special products in the various kind of field and expanding markets. Promising to be a faithful company for public health, we wish this small space to supply new and necessary information for visitors. We wish you and your family all the best.

57. Pharmswell Co.,Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Pharmswell Co.,Ltd. Young Jin, Kwon (+82)-2-577-155 5 E-mail Representative Fax No. m (+82)-2-577-455 6

Http:// Pharmswell B/D, 82-3 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea 918-ho Sicox tower, 513-14 Sangdaewon-dong, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

1995 Total 26 Mr. Y.J. Lee m

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

18 Million$ Total 9 (+82)2-577-1555 (+82)2-577-4556

Introduction of Company Pharmswell Co.,Ltd. was founded as Kangsan Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. in 1999. Pharmswell Co.,Ltd. has grown leaps and bounds in a short span of 9years to become a specialized manufacturer and supplier engaged in the production

and trading of API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), Veterinary Medicine and Healthcare products. Especially, the company is developing and focusing on API for generic drugs as well as new drugs following international guideline. Pharmswell Co.,Ltd. will provide its best products, service and platforms for clientele.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

RICHWOOD Jung-Seok, Lee 82-2-778-2351 22nd Fl, DANAM BLDG, 120, 5ga, Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul,Korea Factory: 906-1, Sangsin-ri, Hyangnam-Myun, Whasung-si, Kyunggi-do, Korea E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-756-5402

1974 Total 35 Hyung-Tae, Kim hyungtae@richwood.n et

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

19.5 Million$ Total 5 82-2-778-2351 82-2-756-5402

Introduction of Company Richwood has played a role introducing compression technology from Japan since 1970's when domestic compression technology of tablet was still in the beginning of stage. Since 1989 Richwood has entered into the manufacturing business and has transferred its technology into Korea major pharmaceutical companies.

Especially, Richwood was recognized with its excellence of technology of solving the compression problems for yeast, aloe, spirulina, etc. Richwood is continuously making efforts to develop its own technology by holding 12 times international pharmaceutical seminars from 1980 to 2005.

59. SamChunDang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (07‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SamChunDang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Mr. Chang-Han Kim

E-mail Representative Fax No.


+82-2-2046-1102 1606-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul 137-877, Korea 904-1 Sangshin-ri, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-City, GyeongGi-do 445-746, Korea

1943 Total 310 Dr. Hyung-Kyun Jun

Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax

50 Million$ Total 13
+82-2-2046-1206 +82-2-2046-1102

Introduction of Company SamChunDang (SCD) is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1943. SCD is a well known company as a manufacturer and distributor/exporter of quality pharmaceuticals in Korea. Our focusing therapeutic areas are ophthalmology, endocrinology (obesity, diabetes, metabolism, osteoporosis), cardiovasculars (hypertension, hyperlipemia, myocardial infarction), neurology (dementia, depression, stroke) and oncology which are mainly for severe and chronic diseases. As

represented on company logo, ophthalmology is SCD's specialized area with cGMP graded facilities. SCD's lead platform is based upon a microsphere technology for enhansing bioavailability of insoluble drugs like as itraconazole and fenofibrate.



Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SAMIL PHARM Huh- Kang 82-2-520-3300 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@samil-pharm. com 82-2-588-0988 990-1, Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Rep. of KOREA 11-6 Block, 772-1, Wonshi-dong, Ansan-shi, Kyeongki-do, Rep. of KOREA 1947 Total 363 Kim, Eun Young funfun1025@sami l- Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 90.8 Million$ Total 19 82-2-520-0365 82-2-520-0409

Introduction of Company Samil Pharm. Co,.Ltd,. which was established in 1947 with the mission of maintaining the health of the Korean people who were suffering from various diseases during a period of economic poverty and political and social chaos, has positioned itself as a reliable, medium sized pharmaceutical company while continuing to evolve and develop in the interested of and love for the Korean people.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SAMJIN PHARM Sung-Woo, Lee 82-2-338-551 1 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@samjinpharm.c 82-2-392-5312 338-8 Seokyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Rep. of KOREA Factory: 904-2 Sangshin-ri, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Rep. of KOREA 1970 Total 503 Lee, Sung il drrun2u@hotmail.c om Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 128.5 Million$ Total 21 82-2-3140-0679 82-2-392-5315

Introduction of Company All human beings have rights to live happy and healthy lives. However, a modern society has brought complicated structures and developed material civilization, which has caused many new diseases. In order to protect human health from the diseases and to eliminate the causes, Samjin Pharmaceuticals challenge for the continuous development of excellent medical products by securing superior intelligence, latest tools and materials, and advanced scientific information and technology. Samjin Pharmaceuticals always make the best effort toward future with regarding the dignity of a human life as the basis of the corporate spirit. "The corporate which develops healthy human lives and challenges for fruitful future with the spirit of creativity - that is Samjin Pharmaceuticals."

〃 〃 〃 〃 β 〃 〃 〃 〃

〃 〃 〃 〃 〃 〃 〃 〃


62. Samnam Pharm. Co., LTD

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Samnam Pharm.Co.,LTD. kim soon kii 82-41-751-3 771 E-mail Representative Fax No. samsam@samnam51.c om 82-41-752-0086 99-1, Sang Ri, Keum San Eup, Keum San Koon, Choong Nam, Korea 99-1, Sang Ri, Keum San Eup, Keum San Koon, Choong Nam, Korea 1951 Total 55 kim sung kon ksk3065ksg@d Sales (‘08) The Number of Researchers (‘08) Contact Phone Contact Fax 9.1Million$ Total 10 82-41-751-3771 82-41-752-0086

Introduction of Company
Samnam Pharm.Co.,LTD. was established in the chaos of Korean War by the founder, Mr. Kim, Soon-Gi who graduated the College of Pharmacy, Japan with the experience from the developing department of SanKyo Pharmaceutical company in Jaoan. Samnam Pharm.Co.,LTD. has passion for product development and management with over 50 years of experience and is registered as the first company which manufactured raw material medicines by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. In addition, our company is performing thorough quality management on every single product with uncomparable knowhow and product-developing power on manufacturing technology. As a pediatrician, I am taking the CEO and I will devote myself to support the society with the actual clinical experience and faithful, rightful mind.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SAMYOUNG UNITECH Co,.LTD. JUNG KYUNG IL 82-2-573-4561 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-573-4745 624-7, Geumeo-ri Pogok-eup Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si Gyeonggi-do 150 KAERI Hanaro Ri, Duckjin-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea 1992 Total 41 MYUNG SIK - KIM Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 9.2 Million$ Total

82-42-863-8982 82-42-863-8983

Introduction of Company 1. Medical Radioisotope Production and developing - Supplyproduced Tc-99m generator to 50 full size general hospitals and 4 countries in Southeast Asia. - Cyclotron researching and developing (KORTRON-13 FDG Modules) 2. Equipments for radiation - Hot cell and subsidiary facilities 3. Radioactive measuring instrument (Dosimeter, TLD system, Developing measuring instrument for radioactive contamination) - Portal monitor (application to Airport, public transpirations, and cars) Research development, UNISCAN-1000 - Multipurpose Monitors development - SAD 1000 (safety alert dosimeter/moving detection) - FDM 1000 (Personaldosimeter) - Personal compact dosimeter (PM1604A, PM1604B) - X-ray & gamma radiation personal dosimeters (PM1604A, PM1604B)

64. Shinhwa Pharmaceutical co.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Shinhwa Pharmaceutical co. Young Dae Kim E-mail Representative Fax No. r 82-53-581-7691

82-53-581-7668 931-2, Woramdong, Dalseogu, Daegu, Republic of Korea, 704-833 Shinhwa Pharmaceutical Research Gajeong-ri Hyeongok-myeon, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, Rep of Korea 1998 Total 30 Jee-Yun Kim Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax Institute, 533bun-ji Gyeongju Si,

1.8 Million$ Total 6 82-53-581-7668 82-53-581-7691

Introduction of Company Shinhwa Pharmaceutical Corp. founded in 1998 has specialized in herbal medicine. Shinhwa is dedicated to produce high quality herbal medicines while preserving and developing the precious heritage of the essence of Korean traditional medicine. We are offering a total solution for herbal medicines covering over 100 different kinds of concentrated granules & pills. All products are manufactured according to strict Good Manufacturing Practices

and are 100% guaranteed for purity and potency. In 2005, we completed the construction of a new manufacturing plant equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. By processing our medicinal herbs with advanced techniques and the use of modern instruments and equipments, we insure that our herbal medicines are the purest and the best. As a competent partner for the development in pharmaceutical industries, we are also concentrating on diversifying our product line including functional food and cosmetics.

65. Shin Jin Medics. Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Shin Jin Medics. Inc. Lee Gwan Hang 031-909-8855 #504, Ilsan Techno Town 1141-1 Baekseok Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggido, Korea #405, Ilsan Techno Town 1141-1 Baekseok Ilsandong-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggido, Korea 1992. 03. 04 Total 31 peoples Heo Ilyoung Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 1-dong, 1-dong, E-mail Representative Fax No. diakey@diakey 031-908-0982

5,495 Million$ Total 5 researchers 031-909-8944 031-905-0981

Introduction of Company SHINJIN Medics Inc, company of the Republic of Korea, was first founded in 1992 in order to import RIA and ELISA diagnostic products such as kits and instruments. Our activity as the distributor is structured into market segments and directed to various types of end customers, from large companies to small consumers, and from local medical centers to big hospitals. Founded in 1998, SHINJIN Medics Laboratories offer a wide range of products such as in vitro RIA, ELISA and Rapid immunodiagnostic kits which fill the need of laboratory analysis, including hepatitis virus, tumor marker, thyroid function, infectious disease, fertility hormone and triple marker etc.Also, our laboratory has concentrated on developing techniques to produce recombinant antigen, monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies in the field of hepatitis and tumor marker, and we expect these paired bulk materials will be marketed in the near future. Nowadays SHINJIN Medics, with its over ten years' immunodiagnostic experience and talented masters and doctors in the laboratory, has consolidated its own position in in vitro immunodiagnostic sectors, both in the Republic of Korea and abrades thanks to the research and development of

new products, the highest quality and the making innovation. We are also fulfilling research and development on RIA kits by the demand of the Korean government (Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy). On the basis of important agreements as a new leader in this field, SHINJIN Medics will be an important name as the producer and the developer in the field of immunology.We will do our best in and pay particular attention to the production and development of the diagnostic kit in order to become the first immunodiagnostic laboratory and the world's leading health care company.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SHINPOONG PHARM Hyun-Taek Chang +82-2-2189-3500~ 9 E-mail Representative Fax No. .kr HEAD OFFICE : 748-31 YOKSAM - DONG KANGNAM-GU, SEOUL, KOREA

June 09, 1962 Total 845 Jik-Su, Han

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

154.9 Million$ Total 50 82-2-2189-3490 82-2- 553-2578

Introduction of Company On behalf of SHIN POONG family, I would like to express our deepest thanks to whom has given their kind attention and support to us. Since SHIN POONG was established in 1962, we have been keeping on making great efforts to contribute to the improvement of people's health preservation by means of not only developing high quality medicines but also distributing them locally as well as globally. With the facilities to meet "KGMP(Korean Good Manufacturing Practice)" and "BGMP(Bulk Good Manufacturing Practice)", we would like to commit ourself to produce high-quality medical supplies, but also to develop high value-added new medicines by upgrading the central research institute. Again I would like to thank you for all your support and ask for your continuous understanding and trust in the upcoming years. Thank you

◦R&D for new pharmaceutical materials products (Extraction, separation of synthetic and natural material) Antifungal/Antibiotic/Anticancer/Circulatory Agents/Antimalaria etc. ◦R&D for newly manufactured and advanced pharmaceutical products (DDS, new compound) - Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic/ Hypogonadism /Anticancer / Antifungal / Anthelmintics / Antimalaria ◦Research for localization of raw materials (synthetic method development) - Antibiotics/Anticancer/Antihistamin/Antiulcer Analgesic ◦R&D for biological products (natural material, diagnosis reagent development) - Anaplasia arthritic agent/Thrombolytics/Genetic recombination product/ diagnosis reagents ◦R&D for new products (Tab., Inj., Syr., Oint., Liqu. other) - Anti-inflammatory. Analgesic/Antibiotics/Vitamin/Blood pressure control agent/Antimalaria/Antiulcer agent/Anti-inflammatory, Improvement

67. Shin Yang Oxygen Co,. Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person E-mail

Shin Yang Oxygen Co,. Ltd. Park, Yeop +82-2-3663-0202 E-mail Representative Fax No. t +82-2-3663-0208 449-12 Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Rep. of KOREA Factory: 449-12 Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Rep. of KOREA 1958 Total 45 Son, Tae-Sung t Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Phone No. Fax No. Million$ Total

+82-2-3663-0202 +82-2-3663-0208

Introduction of Company Shin Yang Oxygen Co,. Ltd. and DooAm Co,. Ltd. have been endeavoring to be of help Ⅱn the gas industry approaching the leading countries of 21st century since their estblishment. The need forspecial gas and high purity gas is now increasing in the filed of steel, ships, semiconductors, metals, chemicals, food, environment, pahrmaceuticals, paper manufacture and medical industires. So our company installed an additional nitrogen dioxide plant in cooperation with SOCSIL Co., Swiss at the Yongin Plant. In addition, we newly organized the Department of Gas Engineering Business to take care of plants related to high pressure gas and mechanical appliances and installation. Our company promises that we will provide our valued customers with strict quality management and enhanced service system. Thank you for your support.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SINIL PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD Sung Tong, Hong 82-2-2211-6700 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-2212-6539 315-18, Jangan2-dong, Dongdaemoon-gu, Seoul, Korea San 5-1, Bonpyeong-ri, Chungchongbuk-do, Korea 1977 Total 299 Cheol Won, Kim Angsung-myun, Chungju-si,

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

32.89 Million$ Total 12 82-2-2211-6742 82-2-2242-0609

Introduction of Company Our company has been making every effort to develop superior pharmaceutical products as well as to manage the enterpise to create a healthy society without with the dignity of life. Starting as a small-scale company, we have overcome many obstacles for the last 30 years only to develop and provide superior pharmaceutical products for the health of our nation. And this endeavor of our company put us on the leading position in the pharmaceutical industry. Also, due to these endless effort and growth, our company is now actualizing the clear management and facing the second leaping stage which led us to Kosdaq listing in August of 1999. We are drastically increasing investment in the laboratory with the firm financial structure and over 30 products have passed the biological equivalence test which already proved their medicinal effect. In additon, our company is tring our best to build the reasonable management system.

Our company is the one who adapts to the fast-changing environment with the know-hows accumulated for 30 years.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SINSIN PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. KIM HAN KI E-mail Representative 82-31-491-6151 82-31-491-6153 Fax No. 776-6, Wonsi-Dong Danwon-Gu, Ansan-City, Kyunggi-Do, KOREA 776-6, Wonsi-Dong Danwon-Gu, Ansan-City, Kyunggi-Do, KOREA 09/09/1959 Total 202 Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone 26 Million$ Total 5 82-31-599-2575 82-31-599-2675

Hong Sung Won Contact Fax m Introduction of Company

In the year of 1959, SinSin challenged to develop its own market of medical plasters, so called PAS, which were exclusively occupied by products imported from Japanese pharmceutical manufacturers. In 1969, SinSin succeeded in introducing the manufacturing technologies for medical plasters from the Nichiban Co.,Ltd,Japan, and made a steady growth in fields of Pas, Adhesive plasters & etc., Approved as KGMP Pharmaceutical manufacturer in 1992, manufacturing plants have been renovated as clean rooms and also many kinds of automatic facilities were installed in productions for more than 100 kinds of medicines as well as quasi-drugs As for developments of new drugs, we have been specialized in developing characterized drug forms to stick on skin covering plaster and cataplasma containing Ketprofen, Indomethacin, Flurbiprofen as NSAIDs besides herbal extracts as active ingredients,which could be promptly penetrated into lesions through the most advanced Transdermal Drug Delivery System (TDDS) technologies developed by technical cooperations with foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers such as LTS in Germany, Stowic of U.K & etc.,and also initiated productions of spray drugs utilized LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) as pursuant such as anti-inflammatory & analgesic- SinSin Airpas, Anti-mycotic-Toesol aerosol, Mosquito repellent-Repellent-Plus aerosol, Anti-Scar agent-Amuro aerosol which are currently distirbuted to drug

wholesaler, retail pharmacies, hospital and local clinics over the country through 11 sales branches covering the country. Starting to export our manufactured drugs in 1971,for the first time in local pharmaceutical industry, and have achieved one million USDollars in 1983 which deserved the commendation awarded by the Minister of Health and Welfare for export augmentation. In 1988, export record of US$2,000.000.-was realized. Currently we export the products involving medical plasters,first-aid bandages, brain-bright sheet & etc., to more than 30 countries.

◦For Strategic Targets of Research in Future - Development of Biocompatible drugs which fusioned TDDS drugs with BioTechnologies (B T) - Research for sophisticated drug forms which might have specific therapeutic effects against chronic and incurable diseases. - Contriving drugs to do the utmost convinientness for customers by reducing the frequencies to apply the drugs through extending the duration of effectiveness with drugs

70. SK Chemicals

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SK Chemicals Kim, Chang-Geun 82-2-2008-2008

E-mail Representative Fax No.

82-2-2008-2009 948-1,Daechi3-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-847,Korea 600, Jeongja-dong, Jangan-gu,Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do 1969 Total 819 Seo, Dong Jin Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 256.3 Million$ Total 73

Introduction of Company Since established in 1969, the SK Chemicals, having settled down as a chemical company to represent Korea, is making the future of happy harmony between human beings and environments by developing eco-friendly chemical products to make our lives safe and healthy based on its accumulated technical capability. SK Chemicals is newly changing by establishing a vision based on specialty chemicals and life science business since separation of textile business in 2000. The specialty chemicals business is producing continuous outcomes in polyurethane, biocide, water ?treatment chemical products, etc. as well as the high functional PETG resin developed for the second time in the world, and is recently making an effort to maximize future business values while positively excavating new business by advancing into a new business field such as information-electronic materials, functional cosmetics, etc. The life science business is recording continuous sales expansion such as Sunpla ? the domestic new drug No.1 anti-cancer medicine, Trast ? the arthritis medicine of domestic market share ranking 1st, Joins ? the domestic natural new drug No.1, etc. Also in the future, the life science part of SK Chemicals will be making the best merchandise through the synergy of R&D and production/ sales networks connected to Marketing, Life Science Research Institute and Dongshin Pharmaceuticals. More accelerating the globalization strategy, SK Chemicals is already securing overseas production bases at Indonesia and China, and is planning to focus the company’s capability on being furnished with global competitiveness in all business fields in the long term in order to more expand the business

to advance into China along with successful launching of the Poland plant, which is expected to be completed in 2005. In the future, SK Chemicals will be reborn as a top-ranking company to lead the changes in the 21st century by focusing its capability on the specialty chemicals field such as environmental materials, industrial materials, information communications materials, etc. and the life science field such as synthetic medicines, natural medicines, biotech, etc. based on the stable profit creation of petrochemical and resin business, which is its current main business



Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

SU SUNG PHARM CO., LTD. KO JAE WON 82-31-491-6311 E-mail Representative Fax No. ssp6311@hanmail.n et 82-31-491-4797

Http:// 779-8, WONSI-DONG, ANSAN-SI, GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA 779-8, WONSI-DONG, ANSAN-SI, GYEONGGI-DO, KOREA NOV.21,1995 Total 23 LEE SEUNG WON Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 7 Million$ Total 3 82-31-491-6311 82-31-491-4797

Introduction of Company

◆ Pharmaceutical Raw material systhesis


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

TAEJOON PHARM Tae-Young, Lee 82-2-798-6601~7 657-87 Hannam-dong, Younsan-gu, Seoul 704-1 Book-ri, Namsa-myeon, Yongin city, Gyeonggi-do 2000 Total 294 Eun-Young, Seo Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 55.3 Million$ Total 21 82-2-799-0158 82-2-796-5384 E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-795-8874

Introduction of Company
Looking back on our fruits and looking forward on our future, we assure ourselves to be the challenger and innovator. We have no doubt the life that devotes for all mankind and that is not afraid of change has its real value. 21st century is called the age of change and innovation. For 27 years, all the people of Taejoon have progressed with the mission to enhance the health and happiness of human life. Pursuing our mission means that they demonstrate our unwavering responsibility to Taejoon's spirit, 'Creation, Enthusiasm and Pioneer'. Every time we stepped forward, there were tears and efforts of all these men and women. In our entire endeavor, Taejoon earned an extraordinary history of being "The First" in many areas. Now, we are striving to move forward from marketing-oriented company to the R&D oriented global biotech leader by completing the innovations on 3 standards; Product, Distribution and Selling. In 2005, Taejoon renewed its website. Through this website, we are looking forward to having a close and valuable connection to you all. Through this connection, we have the chance to meet great talents, to introduce Taejoon being responsible for the happiness of human being and to connect us to all of you. For you, you get to know more about Taejoon, leaping to be the Korean representative brand. Also you can learn the information about Health care, advanced clinical

materials, domestic and foreign scientific researches. Actually this connection has been already started through your visiting our web site. Please keep watching Taejoon challenging the future. And, from bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your encouragement.

73. Taiguk Pharm. co. Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Taiguk Pharm. co. Ltd Chang Koo Lee 82-2-3474-7761 Sangsin-ri Hyangnam Pharmaceutical Industries Complex Hyangnam-eup Hwaseong-si Gyeonggi-do(Seoul 445-746 Korea) same as above E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-2051-2597

1956 Total 134 Jee Hee Kim

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

18.75 Million$ Total 13 82-2-3474-7761 (135) 82-2-2051-2597

Introduction of Company Tai guk pharm. ind. co., ltd. have grown steadily and impressively since established in 1956. In fact the company efforts are founded now on product development and improvement in quality. All around about 150 kinds of pharmaceutical pr oducts such as domina cream, ahroma-s capsule, praziquantel tablet, ibufen tablet. Production output of tai guk in last year(2000) was 10,000 million won (us$ 8 million). the company has about 130 employees including composed by expert and qualified personalities. It presently export to several countries and continuously growing. It makes every effort based on the world situation.

74. TDS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

TDS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Oh Soo Hyung 82-43-873-0555 502, Ace Twin Seoul, Korea Tower 212-1, Guro3-Dong, Guro-Gu, E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-43-873-0554

2002 Total 38 Ahn Sun Kyung skan1128@hanmail.n et

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

4.02 Million$ Total 5 82-43-873-0555 82-43-873-0554

Introduction of Company Welcome to TDS’s website. TDS is a dedicated pharmaceutical developer of transdermal drug delivery systems whose effects are absorbed through skin, and we have invested great efforts into researching and developing safety and efficiency-guaranteed medicinal products to contribute to people’s health and happiness. TDS’s ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a wide selection of medicines that do not need prescriptions, and can be purchased anywhere whenever needed. TDS is committed to producing revolutionary cataplasms and OTC products by developing new technologies and adapting new overseas technologies and

products, as well as manufacturing beauty products specialized in advanced skin care systems such as moisturizing, nourishing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing. TDS promises customers that the company will continuously contribute to people and society, and wishes everyone happiness in their lives.

75. Tego Science Inc.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (‘07) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Tego Science Inc. Saewha Jeon 82-2-2107-3053 Daerung Technotown III, Gumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea Daerung Technotown III, Gumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea 2001 Total 28 Jin-A Kim jakim@tegoscience.c om 1fl., 448 Gasan-dong, E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@tegosci 82-2-2107-3173




Sales (‘07) The Number of Researcher (‘07) Contact Phone Contact Fax

2,487Million Total 19 82-2-2107-3053 82-2-2107-3173

Introduction of Company Tegoscience has become Korea’s first producer of wound-healing epidermis and cornea owing to our development of as ophisticated cell culture technology based on the renowned Rheinwald & Green method.In2002, the KFDA(Korean Food and Drug Administration) approved Holoderm®, our Cultured Epidermal Autograft, for sale – only the second successful commercialization worldwide of the technology. Following the success of Holoderm®, in March 2005 Kaloderm® – Korea’s first and only allogeneic cell therapy product - was approved for market. Our cultured human epidermis and cornea are produced in a KGMP-approved

facility located in Seoul, Korea. This guarantees the all-important safety and efficacy of our products. To become aworld leader in cell-biological industry we have placed an emphasis on research and development. The products now in our pipeline will guarantee our leadership position.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

UNION KOREA PHARM Bak-Byung-Ha +82-2-489-3611 PUNGNAP-2DONG, SONGPA-GU, SEOUL, KOREA FACTORY: 5-9 BANKEA-RI, WONJU-SI, KANGWON-DO 1956 Total 140 Suk-Won, Sung m Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax MOONMAK-EUP, E-mail Representative Fax No. +82-2-489-5790

23.2 Million$ Total 17 82-33--731-2804 82-33-731-2802

Introduction of Company I would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you who have supported Union Korea Pharmaceutical. Since the establishment of the company in November 1956, Union Korea Pharmaceutical has been pursuing company goals of building the future without disease. Now, in this new century, Union Korea Pharmaceutical wants to move forward focusing on development of new high-quality medicines and people-first management. We are focusing on developing marketing strategies, investing continuous research and development, and strengthening our management system while adjusting the changes in the pharmaceutical industries both domestically and internationally. Further, we want to compete in the international pharmaceutical industry and to strengthen our global competency by exporting various medical products. Based on these pursuits, Union Korea Pharmaceutical are going to do our

best in order to be a company which continuously focuses on research and development, a company which customers can always trust. It will always be our focus in producing the best quality medicines with the belief that we are responsible for the health of your family.

77. Wales Korea Pharm

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Homepage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Wales Korea Pharm Seo, Joon Seok 82-31-494-3646

E-mail Representative Fax No.

82-31-494-5401 642-4 Seonggok-dong Danwon-gu Ansan-si Gyeonggi-do (Banwol Industrial Complex LT15 BL 64)

1955 Total 113 Park, Keum Heui

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researchers (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

15.3 Million$ Total 10 82-31-494-9681 82-31-492-4614

Introduction of Company Wales Korea Pharm has been researching and developing medicine for treatment through the combination of herbal medicine of the heritage from our ancestors and systemic scientific medicine since our establishment. Our company provides stable workplace with welfare to our employees and introduces the correct administration through the internet. We will use our profits to build a better society. Wales Korea Pharm was born from "WonJin Pharm" which was made of Wonjin Pharm first started as "Sunjin Pharm" in 1955 and Shinho Pharm started from "Jamobonpo" in 1959 while both pharmaceutical companies were producing medicines, which finally became "Wonjin Pharm" in August of 2001 to develop and manufacture superior medicines based on each company's experience and knowhow. Based on these long experience and knowhow, our company proudly introduced 'Jamo' for respiratory organs, `JeonghyolWoomidan' for extravasated blood which is the radical cause of women's disease, and Nice Granules' for constipation made of natural herbs. Wales Korea Pharm is meticulously developing medical supplies, ointment and cream type medicine that passed the strict quality management. In addition, our company is developing herbal medicine made of clean natural

herbs which passed the test for agrichemicals and heavy metals. Moreover, we are doing our best to manufacture pellet style medicine using hyperfine poderw and food with a contamination prevention system while distributing since healthy life is the most valuable asset. Wales Korea Pharm will keep making every effort to manufacture superior and effective medicines hoping for the healthy life of every single person.

◦Developed extended release commercial tablets of Iburopen, antipyretic analgesic (Maxpen Tabs) ◦Developed placenta-contained cream that prevents deterioration during a products distribution period (Donacel Cream) ◦Developed pills using hydrophilic fibroid Chajonja peels (Capra Pills) ◦Developed retort pack that has an individual straw (SangBoTang Gold) ◦Developed clear broth by eliminating starch (Processing) ◦Developed circulation and skin care promoting agents using young barley ears and dandelion leaves (Testing)

78. WhanIn Pharm Co., Ltd.

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

WhanIn Pharm Co., Ltd. Kye-Kwan Lee 82-2-405-3000 84-1, Moonjung-dong, Songpa-ku, Seoul, 138-200, Korea 906-5, Iui-dong, Yeongton-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, 443-766, Korea 1978 Total 322 Soo-Jin Kang Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 73 Million$ Total 21 82-2-405-3063 82-2-405-3182 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@whanin. com 82-2-405-2518

Introduction of Company WhanIn Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a publicly held Korean pharmaceutical company that develops, markets, manufactures and sells the therapeutic products for the treatment of CNS disorders, bone related disease such as osteoporosis, pain management and aging related disorders. Founded in 1978, WhanIn originally focused on the psychiatric and neurological diseases. Recognizing new opportunities in CNS disorders, WhanIn is concentrating on bringing the new products and technologies for the patients suffering from such CNS disorders. During the past quarter of century in the healthcare professionals and Korean community, WhanIn is engraved as one of the best local pharmaceuticals company to dedicate in supplying the social and medical communities with the quality products. WhanIn is expanding its product portfolio to become a leading specialty pharmaceutical company in the important therapeutic segments in healthcare market.

The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located in Ansung city and owns research and development center capable of developing the value-added products based on own platform pharmaceutical drug delivery technologies. Headquarter is located in Seoul, Korea. WhanIn is pursuing to be flexible, aggressive and cooperative in discussing mutual business collaboration with our potential licensors and collaborators in worldwide healthcare market. Mutual collaboration and business partnership are the most valuable asset and core competency for preparing future common goals.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

WITHUS PHARMCEUTICAL Sung, Dae Young 82-2-3486-7474 E-mail Representative Fax No. webmaster@withuspharm. com 82-2-792-0588 4 F. Dong-jin Building , 373, Yangjae 2-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Rep of KOREA 273-13 Gyereuk-ri Miyang-myeon, Anseong Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Rep of KOREA 2004 Total 103 Kim, So Youn Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax 4.7 Million$ Total 10 82-2-3486-7474 82-2-571-7475

Introduction of Company WITHUS PHARMCEUTICAL is dedicated to people's healthy and rich life. Our company is making an effort to provide safe, healthy and rich life by developing and supplying new pharmaceutical products. WITHUS PHARMCEUTICAL completed KGMP plant in Ansung in 2005 and started manufacturing superior medical supplies through strict quality management to achieve rapid growth. Yet our company is trying our best to move forward with young ambition and passion everyday. We are living in the competitive era of globalization and limitless competition. WITHUS PHARMCEUTICAL is striving to keep the fundamental ideas of making profits in addition to enhancing the nation's health and life in the age of limitless competition. Furthermore, our company always tries to support our society by producing superior pharmaceutical products with the righteous business ethics and the responsibility for the society.

80. Won Poong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

Won Poong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Yun Kwang Hyun 82-2-376-8100 741-1, Eungamdong, Eunpyunggu, Seoul, Korea 1408-10, Hagilri, HyangNamEup, HwaSeongSi, Korea 1986. 07. 01 Total 30 Song Jung Soon wppharm4@hanafos.c om Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax GyeonggiDo, E-mail Representative Fax No. wppharm@hanafos.c om 82-2-376-0068

21 Million$ Total 5 82-31-366-3811 82-31-366-4171

Introduction of Company Founded in 1982, WonPoong Pharmaceutical company is ranked as the top wholesaler with high reputation in Korea. Nearly 1000 Items related to the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food/feed raw materials with imported and domestic have been proved excellent to many reliable customers. All products are strictly controlled by BGMP and KSGP under KFDA approval. As the leading supplyer, our company have reserved projects over 25 years of professional experiences covering Biotech unique Herbal raw material and source patent items for future global pharmaceutical workshop. We sincerely hope to establish close cooperative relationship with worldwide Importers and nexporters.


Company Representative Representative Phone No. Hompage Address Research Institute Address Year of Establishment The Number of Employees (06‘) Contact Person Contact E-mail

YUNGJIN PHARM Chang-Sub, Kim 82-2-2041-8200 451-20, Chonho- 3dong, Gangdong - Gu, Seoul E-mail Representative Fax No. 82-2-2041-8219

1952 Total 666 Hye-Jin, Song r

Sales (‘06) The Number of Researcher (‘06) Contact Phone Contact Fax

106.6 Million$ Total 57 82-2-2041-8274 82-2-463-9544

Introduction of Company The ideal of the company from foundation is to help relieve mankind from suffering and desease to contribute to welfare for human. Also, to innovate health and life span of human by striving for development of medicine and conduct a peace business that will help the people enlighten the burden of medical expenses for curing diseases and enjoy happiness in living. We plan on jumping to the top as a worldwide pharmaceutical company by strengthening our new product pipeline and by reinforcement of new medicine development ability.…...

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...Korea, called Hanguk (Korean: 한국; Hanja: 韓國) in South Korea and Joseon (Korean: 조선; Hanja: 朝鮮) in North Korea, is an East Asian territory that is divided into two distinct sovereign states, North Korea (aka, DPRK or Democratic People's Republic of Korea) and South Korea (aka, ROK or Republic of Korea). Located on the Korean Peninsula, Korea is bordered by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. It is separated from Japan to the east by the Korea Strait and the Sea of Japan (East Sea). The adoption of the Chinese writing system ("Hanja" in Korean) in the 2nd century BC and the introduction of Buddhism in the 4th century AD had profound effects on the Three Kingdoms of Korea, which was first united during the Silla (57 BC – AD 935) under the King Munmu. The united Silla fell to Goryeo in 935 at the end of the Later Three Kingdoms. Goryeo was a highly cultured state and created the Jikji in the 14th century. The invasions by the Mongolians in the 13th century, however, greatly weakened the nation, which was forced to become a tributary state. After the Mongol Empire's collapse, severe political strife followed. The Ming-allied Choseon emerged supreme in 1388. The first 200 years of Choseon were marked by relative peace and saw the creation of the Korean Hangul alphabet by King Sejong the Great in the 14th century and the increasing influence of Confucianism. During the later part of the dynasty, however, Korea's isolationist policy earned it the Western nickname......

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Active Directory

...Active Directory Scenario: The small business that you created new domain controllers for now wants you to develop a backup and recovery plan for Active Directory. You also need to develop a monitoring scheme to ensure the new Active Directory environment remains available. Explain this backup and recovery plan along with the tools needed to monitor the active directory environment. Submission Requirements: Submit your response in a 1-2 page Microsoft Word document through the Questa Learning Plan. Evaluation Criteria: Your instructor will use the following points for evaluating your performance in this assessment: * Did you discuss a backup strategy or Active Directory? * Did you discuss a recovery plan for Active Directory? * Did you discuss a monitoring scheme for Active Directory? Windows Server Backup provides several Group Policy settings that give you some limited control over how backups work on your servers. With these backup policies, you can mitigate some of the risks associated with people performing unauthorized backups to obtain access to unauthorized data. The options include: Allow Only System Backup If this is set, Windows Server Backup can only back up critical system volumes. It cannot perform volume backups. Disallow Locally Attached Storage as Backup Target When enabled, this setting does not allow backups to locally attached drives. You can only back up to a network share. Disallow Network as Backup Target This setting does......

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...INTRODUCTION Pharmaceuticals industry has a key role in manufacturing and developing new vaccines and drugs with an objective to improve life and prevention of diseases. Pharmaceutical industry have involvement in research and development, dealing in research and generation of new drugs, bulk manufacturing involving production of already existed drugs and in marketing. In spite of the fact that pharmaceutical industry is subjected to high risk and challenging business conditions as compared to any other industry. It has made tremendous contribution in improving global health. (IFPMA, 2012) “ Pharmaceutical industry spends more on research and development, relative to its sales revenue, than almost any other industry in the United States. According to various estimates, the industries’ real spending on drug R&D has grown between threefold and six fold over the past 25 years and that rise has been closely matched by growth in drug sales”(CBO, 2006). The research and development based pharmaceutical industries invest billions of dollars for development of a single drug and on an average the annual spending by the pharmaceutical industry is five times greater than that of the aerospace and defense industries, 4.5 times more than that of the chemicals industry, and 2.5 times more than that of the software and computer services industry”(IFPMA, 2012). IMPACT ON GLOBAL HEALTH & ECONOMY Pharmaceuticals research and drugs showed a remarkable performance in...

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...infrastructure, Seoul is a major corporate and leisure destination in Asia, offering tourists a diverse mix of cultural, entertainment, dining and shopping experiences. International visitor arrivals have been on the rise since 2003. The Korean wave and the government’s initiatives to boost tourism as well as the depreciation of the Won have encouraged visitation to Seoul. In 2012, international visitor arrivals to South Korea was recorded at 11.1 million, above the target of 10 million tourists. In 2013, visitor arrivals edged up to 12.2 million tourists, a 9.3% year-on-year increase, supported by the increasing number of tourists from Mainland China. Japanese visitors decreased dramatically by 21.9% compared to 2012 due to the weakening of the Yen and a strained political relationship. However, Japan and Mainland China still remained as the top two source markets to South Korea in 2013. There has been a significant increase in hotel development in the capital city of Seoul against a backdrop of demand growth and limited room supply in recent years. According to Korea Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (KMCST), approximately 50 new hotel projects have been submitted which could potentially result in an additional 22,200 rooms by 2017. Several international branded full-service and limited-service hotels opened in the past few years and others have intentions to enter the Seoul market by 2015. Hotel trading performance in Seoul recorded year-on-year growth until 2012 but......

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...CASE TEACHING NOTES The Global Pharmaceutical Industry Sarah Holland (Manchester Business School) and Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo (London South Bank University) 1. Introduction The case describes how the prescription pharmaceutical industry has changed since its modern beginnings in the early 1950s. The various forces affecting the competitive environment of the industry are discussed in terms of origins, immediate past and immediate future (2004 onwards). As a result, the note provides insights into the evolution of barriers to enter and exit the industry for prescription pharmaceuticals, while aiming to help students to recognise how to set boundaries for an industry. This is a detailed industry note on the “ethical” pharmaceutical industry which provides an opportunity to analyse key success factors of major players. The note centres on a descriptive overview of the predominant issues in the three major Triad market areas: the US, Europe and Japan (although major issues in emerging markets are also mentioned). The note covers the overall industry environment with in-depth discussion of the driving forces in the industry such as globalisation (in particular global regulatory issues, changing world demographics and worldwide pricing disparities); development of new technology; the importance of time to market; and amalgamations. The case also examines issues around corporate social responsibility. 2. Position of the Case The pharmaceutical industry case study lends......

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...South Korea Essay Korea is known as the “Land of the Morning Calm.” This expression comes from the beginning of the modern history of Korea. Koryo means “high” and “clear.” This word symbolizes the clear blue sky of Korea. The beautiful nature of Korea is expressed through this ancient name. The beginning of Korean history started from 2333 B.C. The Korean peninsular adjoins China and Japan. Korea was conquered by Japan and divided into South and North Korea at the end of World War II. The Korean War caused devastating damage to Korea. However, it should be noticed that despite frequent foreign invasions, the Korean Peninsula has been under a single government while maintaining its political independence, culture and ethnic heritage. Not that long ago, South Korea was one of Asia’s economic success stories – one of the region’s hungry “tigers” looking around for new markets to conquer. Seoul, its capital, modernized in a very rapid amount of time to accommodate the needs of business travelers and has brought the country’s colorful traditions and trademark tranquility. The unique elements of culture The population of the Korean Peninsula, sharing a common language, ethnic identity, and culture, was one of the world’s most homogeneous. Although there were significant regional differences even within the relatively small land area of South Korea, neither the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea) nor South Korea had significant non-Korean ethnic......

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Us Pharmaceuticals of Korea

...‘‘U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea” Case Study 3 Abstract: This case is about US Pharmaceuticals of Korea (USPK). US Pharmaceuticals of Korea sells throughout Korea because there are no selling restrictions, only that the sellers they use have a business license and a tax ID. A wholesaler has created a drug that helps to control sever cases of a debilitating disease. They were reluctant to market it, but because the drug could help those afflicted with it, they decided to market it anyway. Due to this, the marketing department is looking for a distributing strategy. Tom Sloane is the marketing manager for USPK and he would like to improve the percentage of the company sales by majority being company direct sales to retailers with the remaining small percentage to high volume users. One of his dilemmas are to make this happen with the large volume of small retailers involved, also, the competition that USPK has also effects its receivables. Another problem is that many wholesalers are understaffed and have to rely on “drug peddlers” for sales; this affects their bottom line selling price. These issues lead to wholesaler/retailer price lists. Sloan believes that the industry can help in solving the price competition. 1. What should Tom Sloane and U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea do to improve collections from wholesalers? I think the best thing that Tom and U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea could do, would be to have sales agreement and policies that are laid out and......

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Us Pharmaceutical in Korea

...U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea* U.S. Pharmaceutical of Korea (USPK) was formed in 1969. Its one manufacturing plant is located just outside Seoul, the capital. Although the company distributes its products throughout South Korea, 40 percent of its total sales of $5 million were made in the capital last year. There are no governmental restrictions on whom the company can sell to. The only requirement is that the wholesaler, retailer, or end user have a business license and a taxation number. Of the 400 wholesalers in the country, 130 are customers of Ball-McCulloch-Frantz- Geringer-Minor: The Swiss pharmaceutical global corporation Hoffman-La Roche has made a major breakthrough in the relief of a serious disabling disease that affects 3 percent of the world’s population. Its new product Tigason is the first product that effectively controls severe cases of psoriasis and dyskeratoses, skin disorders that cause severe flaking of the skin. Sufferers from this disease frequently retreat from society because of fear of rejection, thus losing their families and jobs. Tigason does not cure the disease, but it causes the symptoms to disappear. There is one potential problem. Because of the risk of damage to unborn babies, women should not take the drug for one year before conception or during pregnancy. Hoffman-La Roche is well aware of the potential for harm to the company if the product is misused. It has seen the problems of another Swiss firm, Nestlé. After much discussion,......

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Us Pharmaceutical of Korea

...Profit Profit - the difference between the purchase price and the costs of bringing to market. - Is any amount of money that is left over from a company after all financial expenses have been paid. It is the money they are able to save once the business purchases have been made. - Is the money a business makes after accounting for all the expenses. - The positive gain from an investment or business operation after subtracting for all expenses. Opposite of loss. Different profit concepts 1. Normal profit is the minimum level of profit needed for a company to remain competitive in the market. - Occurs at the point at which the resources available to the firm are being efficiently used and could not be put to better use elsewhere. It is important to note that zero economic profit does not mean that the company is not earning any money (accounting profit). It is simply a measure of how well resources are being used relative to all possible options. 2. Sub-normal profit – is any profit less than normal profit (where price is less than average total cost). 3. Abnormal Profit – is any profit achieved in excess of normal profit – also known as supernormal profit. When firms are making abnormal profits, there is an incentive for other producers to enter the market to try to acquire some of this profit. Abnormal profit persists in the long run in imperfectly competitive markets such as oligopoly and monopoly where......

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