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Kirk Forrest
CIT 360

Chapter 1 Problems and Exercises

1. Task #1 College University * Components- procurement, facilities management, accounting. * Interrelated components- Academic colleges, departments, academic functions such as registration and advising. * Boundary- the physical boundary of the campus I think could be the logical boundary for the university. There is also technology-based distance education across the globe and off-campus facilities. * Purpose- Providing education, conducting research, and serving their communities. * Equipment- Textbooks, classes * Input- High school transcripts, applications, tuition payments, and state and federal regulations. * Output- Diplomas, transcripts, billing statements, and inventions.

2. Task #2 Case Problem a. The systems development life cycle may be used to analyze, develop, and support Hoosier Burger’s Information Systems. From the systems planning and selection process, Bob, Thelma, and the analyst recognize their business system needs improvement.
In systems analysis, the analyst examines Hoosier Burger to deduce the system requirements, refine and structure these requirements and come up with alternative design strategies. Next is system design. During this process both logical and physical designs are prepared. In logical design, the analyst concentrates on the business aspects of the company. During the physical design, the logical design is translated into the physical design. Next comes systems implementation and operation. The design now becomes a working system. Modifications are consistently made when needed during this process. b. Component- the ordering system.
Interrelated Components- the order and inventory systems.
Boundary- The ordering system, inventory system and management reporting system.
Purpose- to make a profit for the…...

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