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SCI/162 Course Calendar |Monday |Tuesday |Wednesday |Thursday |Friday |Saturday |Sunday | |Week 1 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 |Post Bio |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Six Dimensions of Health Worksheet | |Week 2 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Life Resource Center

Healthy Balance of Mind and Body | |Week 3 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Physical Fitness Worksheet | |Week 4 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Rewards of Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Health Management | |Week 5 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Chronic Disease Risk Assessment | |Week 6 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Preventing and Treating Chronic Diseases | |Week 7 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Foodborne Illness Short Answer Questions | |Week 8 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Infectious Diseases and Environmental Effects on Health | |Week 9 |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 | |SCI/162 | |DQ 1 | |DQ 2 | | |Healthy Living Choices

GameScape Summative Presentation | |Academic Week |Day 1 |Day 2 |Day 3 |Day 4 |Day 5 |Day 6 |Day 7 |…...

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... 3500 ft. future & 2 chainz Written by Jacques Webster, Leland Wayne, Sonny Corey Uwaezuoke, Mike Dean, Torsten Olafsson, Finn Olafsson, Peter Mellin and Glen Fisher | Published by Travis Scott Music (BMI) / Metro Boomin’ Want Some More, LLC/Pluto Mars Music (BMI) / Sonny Digital Music Group LLC/Bang Village/Irving Music (BMI) | Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI)/Papa George Music (BMI) all rights adm. by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. / Olfassongs (Koda) | Produced by Sonny Digital, Metro Boomin , Travis Scott and Mike Dean #MWA for Dean’s List Productions | Keyboards by Mike Dean and Metro Boomin | Narration by T.I. | T.I. Recorded by Ari Raskin at Platinum Sound Recording Studios, New York, NY | Recorded by Blake Harden, Jordan Lewis, Alex Tumay and Jimmy Cash at Serenity West Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA and Stuart Innis at Dean’s List House of Hits, SoHo, NYC | Assisted by Albert Chee | T.I. appears courtesy of Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment | Contains a sample from “Expectation” written by Torsten Olafsson, Finn Olafsson, Peter Mellin and Glen Fisher, as performed by Ache, published by Olfassongs (Koda), used courtesy of Sony Music Denmark. | Mixed by Mike Dean at Dean’s List House of Hits, SoHo, NYC, Mix Assistant and Tech Kez Khou. | Contains a sample from “Expectation” written by Torsten Olafsson, Finn Olafsson, Peter Mellin and Glen Fisher, as performed by Ache, published by Olfassongs (Koda), used......

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