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Case Study 1 - MURDER
At 8:26 PM the Paradise 911 Emergency Call Center received a call from John Wolf of 115 Front Street. Mr. Wolf asked for police to be sent to 114 Front Street to investigate a body in the driveway. Responding officers discovered Lucy Lane, deceased, laying in the driveway of 114 Front Street. It was apparent Ms. Lane had suffered multiple stab wounds to both the front and rear torso. On the deck in the rear of the house officers also discovered Rodney Hill, deceased. Mr. Hill also showed signs of multiple stab wounds to his chest and abdomen.
Mr. Wolf informed police that he heard a commotion coming from the front yard of the house across the street. The shouting and yelling lasted several minutes and ended in a terrible scream. Mr. Wolf went to the window and saw the former resident James Lane driving away in his white Ford Bronco. When he saw what looked like someone lying still in the driveway across the street, he called 911.
The police investigation revealed that Ms. Lane owned and lived at 114 Front Street. Mr. Hill and Ms. Lane had been in an intimate relationship for several months. Ms. Lane was recently divorced from James T. Lane, a bartender at a local “gentlemen’s” club that features exotic dancers. On the day of her death Ms. Lane had taken a restraining order out on James Lane, alleging prior physical and emotional abuse as well as threats against both her and Mr. Rodney Hill.
When interviewed by police, James Lane denied killing his former wife or Rodney Hill. He had no alibi for his whereabouts at the time of the deaths. A warrant-supported search of Mr. Lane’s apartment uncovered a 6 inch lock-blade knife in Lane’s dresser drawer as well as clothing in the basement that appeared to be soaked in blood. Scientific tests revealed the blood on the clothing matched the blood type and DNA of both Lucy Lane and Rodney Hill. An examination of the knife also revealed the same blood evidence.
Based on the evidence outlined above, police arrested James Lane and charged him with the murders of Lucy Lane and Rodney Hill.
I Chose Case study 1 –Murder

Case Study 1

The paradise 911 emergency call Center received a Call from John Wolf of 115 Front Street. From the 911 recording, at 8.26 Mr. Wolf resident of 115 Front Street said he hear shouting and yelling ended with a terrible scream. He said he saw resident James Lane driving away in his white Ford, and he saw someone lying still in the driveway across the street. When on duty policemen arrive the scene with emergency vehicles. Frist thing when people arrive find a dead female body and they called in, more police vehicles shows up in the Front Street and find the caller John Wolf, after first arrived policemen called in the case, they start searching for alive eye witnesses with weapon on same time looking for killer, they find other body a male body on the deck in the rear of the house. After search policemen secured the scene. Legal medical expert shows up took pictures and collected evidences. Information confirmed first body was former resident Lucy Lane, wife of James Lane, second body was found was Rodney Hill, relationship unknown, police investigator take testimony from John Wolf 911 caller.

From information John Wolf given the last person Lucy Lane contact was her former husband James Lane and his the first criminal suspect, form the information John Wolf given James Lane drove a white Ford Bronco with information that gather from Motor Vehicle Accident, they found out suspect Lane own a 2006 white ford Bronco with tag number #1123 and home address, policemen called in for all duty officer to keep eyes on the road and send officer over his house to arrest him, during the arresting policeman have to read person’s right call Miranda warning. “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand the rights I have just read to you? With these rights in mind, do you wish to speak to me?” (Miranda warning) base this I give you right have a lawyer for court. After James Lane got arrest he requested for his rights to give a lawyer and tell investigator he did kill Lucy lane or Rodney Hill. A night passed, two team of police investigators went to door by door in the victims’ neighborhood research find out Lucy Lane owned and lived at 114 Front Street and Lucy Lane was in an intimate relationship with Rodney Hill for several months. Second team went to both victims and suspects work talk to co-workers and their family members. They find out the possible motivation for James Lane to kill Lucy Lane and Rodney Lane. On the day of her death Ms. Lane had taken a restraining order from court to out on James Lane, alleging prior physical and emotional abuse as well as threats against both her and Rodney Hill.

Addition information from traffic control camera, a white Ford Bronco picture with same tag number as James Lane’s car around the time of Murder case. With new information police interrogating James Lane with his lawyer Mr.L, with new evidences police ask him same question did he killed Lucy lane and Rodney Hill, he still denied. With new evidences police a search warrant from court to search suspects house. During the search at James Lane’s apartment they uncovered a 6-inch lock blade knife in James lanes bedroom dresser drawer and clothing in the basement that appeared to be soaked in blood. From the Forensic department, the medical report is Lucy Lane death for lose of blood 8 stab wounds to both the front and rear torso four stab each side. Death cause of Rodney Hill lose of blood and 12 stab wound to chest and abdomen, 8 stabs on abdomen and 2 stabs on the chest. Murder weapon possible a sharp subject like knife 4 in and longer. Next report shows up with DNA test of the lock blade knife and clothing with matched blood type of DNA of both Lucy Lane and Rodney Hill. With motivation, murder weapon, DNA and eye witnesses, put him on the court with a case name Star of Maryland V James Lena.

A criminal trial Judge or Jury trial, the defense has the right to decide the care will be tried to a judge or jury, in state of Maryland we can have 12 people on be in a jury team. Jury selection, if the trial will be held before a jury the defense and prosecution select the jury through a question and answer process called Voir dire, common see in movies. When James Lena and Mr. L his lawyer, was prosecution by prosecutor. The judge carries this process by using question suggested by the attorney. Basic they ask him, did you kill Lucy Lena and Rodney Hill, if he said yes, and he will get charge with two first-degree murders with 40 years in jail. but if he says no. next step will be Evidence issues, the defense and prosecution request that the court, in advance of trial, admit or exclude certain evidence. After that is opening statement the prosecution and defender make opening statement to the jury. It depends on their performance and they can tool fool of jury, as long they buys it. Next prosecution case in chief, this step s to make the prosecution presets its main case through direct examination of prosecution witnesses. Cross examination, the defense may cross-examination the defense may cross –examine the defense may cross examine the prosecution witnesses which is Mr.Wolf, family, co-workers. Prosecution rests; the prosecution finishes presenting its case. Denial of motion to dismiss, almost always, the judge denies the defense motion to dismiss. Next step are Defense closing argument, prosecution rebuttal, jury instructions, jury deliberations, post-trial motions and denial of post-trial motions, denial of post trial motions and sentencing, assuming a conviction of guilty the judge either sentences the defendant on the spot or sets sentences the defendant on the spot or sets sentencing for another day.

From what I researched, a Criminal trial is a long processing; it confuses me just by reading it. From this case James Lena have motivation, enough mount of evidences and eye witnesses. From wise way of view he should have to play guilt suggest by his lawyer Mr. L. including criminal law of state of Maryland, a murder is in the first degree if it is a deliberate, premeditated, and willful killing, James Lane had weapon and killed two is certainly willful killing, committed by lying in wait, during the investing he denied and told police he didn’t do it. Also in Criminal law of Maryland, the Murder in the first degree can maximum 25 years or sentence of death. For sentence of death, at least 30 days before trial, the state gave written notice to the defendant of state’s intention to seek a sentence of death with biological evidence or DNA evidence, videotapes. He has all of them if the state is seeking for death, James Lane will get sentence of death or 2 first degree murder and 20 to 50 years in jail.

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