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November 10, 2012 Abortion
"It's easier to kill you than to raise you.” Is the main ideology and way of thinking behind women who choose to abort her baby and a pro- chose advocate groups who support abortion. Even though abortion looks like a controversial issue in terms of women’s right, we should see the issue in terms of the right to life too. Different Medical evidences show us the fetus even as a single cell is the basic structure for a human being. If we respect the right to live for every one; by any means we should not justify the murder of fetus as a right, no matter how old the fetus is. Many countries also define abortion as an illegal practice, and almost all religions don’t allow it to their followers to practice abortion. If we see abortion from every single direction it is immoral; so by any means abortion can be legal and justified as right. If killing the fetus is legal, killing the human being is legal too. I don’t see any difference between babies exist in his mother womb, and the one who get outside the womb. If we are not allowed to kill the actual children, so why we justify to kill the fetus inside his mother’s womb? It is unreasonable to approve the killing of human being simply because the baby developing inside the womb rather than outside the mother. As we all know the new born child does not look like exactly adult person; but this dissimilarity between the child and the adult human being does not make the child less human being. As a new born baby needs time to fully grown up and looks like an adult, the fetus also needs time to develop before they looks like a new born baby. Even though the combination of the fertilized oven and a single sperm cell does not look like a human being, it is the main structure…...

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