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I have a strong interest in Creighton University’s Pharm D program because of the spiritual and religious values that it holds as a Jesuit school. One of these values that I resonate with is the pursuit of finding God in all things. This pursuit began in similitude to a famous poem by Khalil Gibran of a seeker’s quest for God “In the ancient days, when the first quiver of speech came to my lips, I ascended the holy mountain and spoke unto God, saying, ‘Master, I am thy slave. Thy hidden will is my law and I shall obey thee for ever more.’ But God made no answer, and like a mighty tempest passed away.” I also struggled in finding God in my life, it was difficult to see past the grime of poverty and suffering. The answer came in helping those in greater need than me. The scale and impact didn’t matter as much as a passion for humanitarianism. Goodness in action rather than in thought and began what would become a lifelong passion for community activism. I worked with refugees and displaced persons, volunteering for a government agency to provide them with daily necessities. After immigrating to America I found my calling in a local nonprofit organization whose mission statement reads “to help women in need regain their strength emotionally and financially for a stronger family”. The organization was a means for me to help others who had gone through the same emotional, financial, and cultural problems as they attempted to shape their lives in America. It wrought an inner peace and self-satisfaction in helping shape brighter lives with women I could strongly identify with. This inner peace led to an inner realization of God, only by the power of action inspired by an Islamic tradition which states “My slave keeps drawing nearer to Me with voluntary works until I love him. And when I love him, I am his hearing with which he hears, his sight with which he sees, his hand with which he seizes, and his foot with which he walks. If he asks Me, I will surely give to him, and if he seeks refuge in Me, I will surely protect him”. My strong passion for community activism is one of the reasons I am attracted to a career in pharmacy in the first place, serving as one the most accessible and integrated health care professionals in medicine. I find it an immensely rewarding and purposeful goal, through which I can also feel a sense of pride and spiritual peace. Creighton’s values are then the same ones that I find myself excited to share because I feel that they supplement the academic background of a Pharmacy doctorate program nicely. Finding God in all things leads not to just seeking a purely physical improvement in a patient but the lofty goal of “cura personalis”; an holistic look perspective on healing both the body and the soul with modern medicine and a kindred human spirit. In fact I find the discipline of healing to be one that has a righteous aspect as it was always the prophets of God and God himself who granted healing, physical and spiritual, to the afflicted. Such a profession seems all the more noble in that it helps me in realizing God’s own presence and Creighton’s unique set of values as a Jesuit University would be a means to achieve this goal. It’s because of this journey that helping to alleviate the suffering of others, in my own small way, is my path of self-discovery. It has led to the selfsame God consciousness as Gibran’s seeker who reaches the conclusion in his diachronic journey “And after a thousand years I climbed the sacred mountain and again spoke unto God, saying, ‘My God, my aim and my fulfillment; I am thy yesterday and thou art my tomorrow. I am thy root in the earth and thou art my flower in the sky, and together we grow before the face of the sun.’ Then God leaned over me, and in my ears whispered words of sweetness, and even as the sea that enfoldeth a brook that runneth down to her, he enfolded me. And when I descended to the valleys and the plains God was there also.”…...

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