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Present Day Arianism: Jehovah Witnesses
Back in the 4th Century, Arianism was a big problem. It eventually came to the point, that all the books had to be burned and Arius,himself, was exiled. Is Arianism still a problem today? They are in a way, but not as big as in the 4th century. The modern day Arians are Jehovah Witnesses. Although they do not threaten us bodily, they threaten us spiritually. They are a heresy that should be treated as a threat. They do not believe the same things we do. Most importantly, they do not believe in the one thing that saves us, the Son of God-- Jesus Christ.
Early in the 4th century, there was a pastor named Arius. He was a pastor in Alexandria, Egypt. He believed that there was only one true God. God could not share his deity with someone else. Only he could be immortal. He believed that Jesus is a good teacher, a wise rabbi, a beautiful example, and a martyr for a noble cause. However, he was not God. (Arianism Today) He couldn’t believe that some people believed in the Trinity. He knew there was only one true God, so why is everyone worshipping 3? He started teaching that Jesus was not true God, but a created being. Of course people listened to him. It was completely logical. Even though it may be logical, we are told in the bible that Jesus is in fact, God. John 10:30 says, “I and the Father are one”. His bishop tried to dissuade him, but Arius was not easily silenced. There was a time that Arianism was actively favored. There were even influential church positions held by Arians. (EWTN)
Once the belief that Jesus was not God started becoming popular, the Christian leaders saw that they needed to do something about it. In 325, they held the Council of Nicea. They felt that they had to put Arianism to rest. People from all over came to this council. It was a very big deal that someone was questioning the deity of Jesus. At…...

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