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BEA3001 Financial Management 2012-2013

Option Pricing
Dr Bill Peng, CFA

• Describe the basic characteristics of financial options • Develop the Binomial Option Pricing Model • Discuss the Put-Call Parity theorem • Introduce and apply Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model


BEA3001 Financial Management


Coursework Test 1 Directions
• Reminder: CW Test 2 [4pm Wed 20th Mar 2013] • CW Test 1: 6pm on Monday 26th November • Students entitled to extra time: STC/C • Surnames starting with letters “A” to “K” (inclusive): Amory Moot Room • Surnames starting with letters “L” to “W” (inclusive): STC/A • Surnames starting with letters “X” to “Z” (inclusive): STC/B
BP BEA3001 Financial Management 3

Coursework Test 1 Directions cont’d
• Everyone should arrive in the corridor outside either Amory Moot Room or STC A/B/C by 6:15pm and wait QUIETLY to be called into a test room • We will aim to get you settled and started as soon as possible and you will be free by 8:00pm at the latest, if all of you could kindly follow the instructions • Fair-play: breach of exam rules will be punished • You should have with you your student ID card, a note of your 2012-2013 candidate number, pencils, erasers, pens and a calculator


BEA3001 Financial Management


Coursework Test 1 Directions cont’d
• You should take a seat where a test paper (together with an answer booklet) has been placed, but DO NOT touch the test paper or the answer booklet until told to do so, and please respect the seat allocations as set out by the invigilators • You may not leave until you are dismissed at the end of the test; if you have finished the test early, please remain silent and respect your colleagues who need to focus on completing the test or doublechecking the answers • At the end of the test you must remain SILENT, and refrain from communication with anyone other…...

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...were many multi-disciplinary meetings to discuss Jason’s progress with a goal to getting Jason as independent as possible. This is an example of the health care professionals working effectively together to ensure Jason is receiving the best possible care while he is in hospital. These multi-disciplinary meetings would not happen if health care professionals did not communicate together and bring their ideas forward to each other. The nurses in the hospital are trying their best to ensure Jason has a pleasant experience. The staff that works with Jason have to feed him, take him to the toilet and clean his teeth etc. As Jason needs a lot of attention it is important that the health care workers work together to ensure all his needs are accommodated for and as a result of this the workers could also try to develop his communication while they are working with him. Within the Jason Young case study we can also see that the argyles communication cycle is working effectively. Jason was very thankful that there was a group of friends with him when he decided to jump into the river. An example of the argyles cycle working effectively was when one of his friends phoned for the ambulance to take Jason to the local A & E department. This particularly displays good communication. We can clearly see from this case study where the cycle has not been so effective. As a team of specialists were meeting on a regular basis to monitor Jason’s progress, they thought that at the beginning the...

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