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Jason and the Argonauts

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Jason and the Argonauts

Why Jason deserved the title "hero"?

Jason deserved the title of hero as he put his hand up to go and get the Golden Fleece in the temple grove, so he can take over the reign of king from his uncle Pelias.

An example of him being a hero was when the seed men had turned against each other as he threw something at one of the men and the man thought it was his neighbour who had done it and then all in nothing, they ended up pulling out their swords and fought until there was no one left to fight. This shows heroism, as it could have easily been Jason who died and the seed men might have seen him throw whatever he threw and quite easily would have killed him.

He got the title of being a hero as he faced and overcame challenges during his voyage like the uniquely fearsome bulls, the dragon in the temple grove and the dragon tooth that Aeetes got a hold of to germinate the seed men. The main thing was that he came back with the Golden Fleece, which then he was seen as a hero from there on in.

He deserved the title hero because he is brave and showed no sign of fear in facing his challenges that he came upon on his journey, to gain the Golden Fleece. On the other hand he also showed signs of fickleness and disloyalty at the end, which are key aspects of a hero as all they all have both strengths and their flaws.…...

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