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Explanation of Human Behavior Melissa Gregg BEH/ 225 Michele Marvel April 3, 2015

How did psychology evolve into a science? Psychology evolved into science back in 1979 when Wilhelm Wundt establishes the first dedicated psychological laboratory at Leipzig, Germany. This is the time when Wilhelm systematically watched a measured physical energy that affects a person and evokes a response of many things. He got into psychology into movement by studying vision, hearing, taste, memory, time perception and started asking questions. What are some psychological perspectives that explain human behavior? Some psychological perspectives that researchers have found are behavioral perspective, Humanistic perspective, psychodynamic perspective, cognitive perspective and neuroscience perspective. The behavioral Perspective is a perspective that focuses on learned behaviors. Behaviorism differs from the other perspectives because instead of emphasizing the internal states, it focuses for on observable behaviors. The humanistic perspective suggests that all individuals naturally strive to grow and develop and to learn to control their lives and behavior. The psychodynamic perspective was from the work of Sigmund Freud. With the view human behavior and psychology emphasizes on the role of unconscious mind and early childhood experiences, and the interpersonal relationships that will explain and to treat people that are suffering from mental illnesses... Cognitive perspective focuses on mental processes like memory, thinking, problem and decision thinking and making, as long with language. Cognitive psychologist uses this method to compare the human mind to a computer to conceptualize how information is acquired, processed, and stored. Neuroscience perspective explores how the human brain and physiology…...

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