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1. Introduction

Hardin&Lewis Law Firm specializes in workspace accidents and cases involving negligence by companies at their workspace. Every day, the lawyers at the office prepare documents for various clients and name them by the client and the date. They add their names to the files as well to prevent confusion. The lawyers prefer using MS Word, but the documents are emailed to the clients in the PDF format. So a typical file prepared by the senior lawyer Jerry would look like jerryBenkins_cocaCola_01122014.doc and the pdf version would be jerryBenkins_cocaCola_01122014.pdf.

During day, client documents are emailed back and forth, reviewed, finalized and printed. At the end of each month, these files are archived for future reference. There is no better reference for a lawyer than earlier cases resolved by the law firm. So each file is moved to the lawyers archive folder after being renamed by removing the lawyer name and adding the keyword resolved instead. For example, Jerry’s doc file would be resolved_cocaCola_01122014.doc and put in the jerryBenkins folder inside the archive main folder.

We are tired of doing this each month on the first day of the month. As our system administrator, your task is to automate this process using VBScript.

Here’s the list of lawyers in our company. All of the lawyer documents are stored together in the Cases folder in the same drive. Our archive folder is on another disk, it’s D:\Archive. Please make sure that your script can be run on local machines, as well as machines on the network.

Lawyer Name | Archive Folder Name | Bradley Hardin | bradleyHardin | Willie Lewis | willieLewis | Michael Abbott | michaelAbbott | Dennis Abrams | dennisAbrams | Helen Wade | helenWade | Max Naegler | maxNaegler | Brad Haddy | bradHaddy | James O’Brien | jamesObrien |

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