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Financial Reporting Problem, Part 1
XACC 290
University of Phoenix

Annual report is an important accounting tool as it helps the company to attract investors by providing investors and shareholders important details about the financial condition of the company. The annual report contains financial information in the form of income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. This paper will analyze information contained in income statement and balance sheet of Walt Disney Company. The important financial parameters to be discussed in this paper include total assets, revenue, accounts payable, net income, current assets etc which help in determining the financial health of the company. Walt Disney’s total assets at the end of most recent accounting period, 2013, are $81,241 million which have increased from the year 2012 when the total assets were $74,898 million (Walt Disney, 2014). The assets are important aspect of balance sheet since they help the investors and creditors to forecast company’s future in the upcoming years which hugely influence their decision of whether to work with the company or not. Assets also help the company to make proper strategies since company with surplus asset can spend extra funds on advertisement and marketing or any other business activity. Assets also help the company to overcome their liabilities. Shareholders also look at the assets to decide whether to retail or sell company shares. As far as cash and cash equivalents for the Walt Disney Company are concerned, the company has total cash assets of $562 million (Walt Disney, 2014). The company’s operating activities helps the company with incoming cash of $9452 million. Walt Disney spent $4676 million on investing activities and $4214 on financing activities which left an over sum of $562 million as net balance. This shows that the cash reported on the…...

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