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Island Beverages is a Company that is engaged in the production and distribution of hygienic and healthy drinking water . The competition in this market is on the rise due to increased competitors in the market.
In order to establish as a better firm in this competitive market , island beverages must rebuild their brand image and make the customers believe that it is the best germ-free , clean and healthy drinking water.

The major production process of the island beverages company is well equipped with appropriate and efficient use of machinery. Although , there are various fields that require further improvements in order to boost the brand image of the company .

Following are the diverse issues / problems that must be solved for the enrichment of the company :

Q.1.The cleaning process of the bottles must get better.

The cleaning process of the company can get better if they start using boiler instead of using an automatic cleaner in the cleaning process , where

the bottles are boiled at a considerable temperature in order to clean the bottle from external as well as internal side. In addition to the above solution , another alternative is to discourage manual cleaning as it can be very exhaustive for a man to work for so many long hours which would be inefficient as well.

Q.2.The process of packing the bottles can be made efficient.

There are several chances that while in the process of filling the bottles, the bottles are not properly filled in the gaps or the filling taps are not properly fitted . proper care must be taken in order to avoid such problems by hiring a worker specially to take care of the process and examine

whether the bottles are adequately filled in. As a result

the island beverages will also be dealt with resulting in the stoppage of the overflow or any spillage of water.

Q.3. Need for a proper administration / analysis at every stage of the process.

For any company to succeed as a winner must out-do their competitors in every field. Therefore all the flaws and errors pertaining to any processes must be evaluated and dealt with . As a result there must be a feedback model after every stage in order to analyze the problems or for the betterment of the process. There should be workers employed to detect various flaws causing inefficiency and accordingly report it to the top level management. As a result adequate steps can be taken on time which would enhance the company’s image in the near future.…...

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