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Is Truth Always the Better Option?

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“Is truth always the better option"

From time immemorial, many people regard saying the truth as an important trait in their lives. However, at one point in life, every person lies. Most individuals have even made lying a part of their lives. Although telling the truth may be a daunting task for many, it is the most appropriate thing to do. The explanations for this are founded on the following aspects. Beinghonestprovides one with psychological peace, maintains long-term friendships, and can help build empires. Also, being honest can significantly contribute to saving a complicated situation in the end.

Being truthful gives one mental peace because it prevents the torment of living with guilt for telling a lie. Consequently, one does not have to remember a lie told to someone else. Psychologists assert that most people are healthy psychologically when they know the truth. Additionally, honest build truth quickly. Stronger relationship develops when a person is honest with others. Studies show that dishonest individuals rarely get second chances as they people see them as to liars even when they tell the truth.

The strongest relationships in the society are those founded on truth and transparency (Gordon 23). Lies have great potential of ruining one's friendships and families. When one fails to tell the truth, a bond is broken with those close to that person. How often people tell, the truth provides a basis for one to judge their character. Most if not all the bodies of a society, depend entirely on people’s truth (Gordon 23). For example, the judicial system solely considers honesty to give a fair verdict to society lawbreakers.

Saying the truth to the citizens is the best strategy for a country as it can assist in building empires. The people of a nation are more confident with a government that speaks…...

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