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Is There a Difference in the Divorce Rate Between Couples That Live Together Before Marriage Versus Those Who Do Not?

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1. Topic Question: Is there a difference in the divorce rate between couples that live together before marriage versus those who do not?

2. Form of Research: Quantitative – I believe this would be the appropriate form of research for this study because there will definitive data in percentages within these groups that are married and divorced. There is a relationship being studied here between two things with a result that can be gauged. This falls into the definition for quantitative research according to our text (Croteau 36).

3. Collection of Data: Secondary Data Analysis - This would be best to start off with existing sources of data such as information gathered by the US Census Bureau of those that are married and those that are divorced. Then it would need to be drilled down more from within this sample to identify out of a large group which couples had lived together prior to their marriage/divorce. This could either come from existing data if available or even by way of survey research. I would want to drill down to find out the exact details that lead to their results, whether it be to stay happily married or ending up in divorce. It would eventually turn to the activities and causation that occurs in living situations that would most likely better identify what it is precisely about the experience of living together prior versus post marriage that would produce the final outcome.

4. Limitations/Difficulties: Although it wouldn’t be too difficult to get the raw data of all those that have married as well as divorced in numbers, it may prove to be tougher to take the next steps in identifying who lived together prior and did not and uncover the exact variables in both situations that caused the end result. There may be quite a few studies out there that have already conducted this though statistically. If you went into this study for the…...

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