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Is Selling Body Parts Ethical?

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Is Selling Body Parts Ethical?
Charles Collins
ITT Technical Institute

Is Selling Body Parts Ethical? There is a market out there for everything. This even includes a market for human and even bone marrow. Some of these organs are from donors who have voluntarily given up their organs. Most donations come from people who are still alive and received some type of gratuity. Now comes the question is the selling of body parts an ethical idea. Alternatively, should it be condemned as something immoral and wrong? On the other hand, should we see this as another way to help those who are in need? Now what would be a moral route to help those in need of organs? In general donating one`s organ is seen as praiseworthy. This route is accomplished by “willing” benefit of others after one`s death. A person may decide to dispose of his or her body by allowing it to be used to replace parts needed by the sick and suffering. This is seen as useful, morally irreproachable and even noble to most people “…we consider it noble to donate organs freely. It is better to give them away than receive compensation for them” (Mullin, D. 2013). In addition, such donation would not cause harm to the person, as they are already deceased and have (prior to death) stated the wish to have the organs harvested to help others. “… Most of us acknowledge the difference between giving something freely and exchanging it for monetary gain”, as said by Daniel Mullin (2013) philosopher, recent PhD, and a former adjunct professor. When it comes to the selling of body parts, “… it's a seller's market” or at least it is according to Barry Jacobs (2014) an ex-Virginia physician. Barry had planned to establish an international brokerage company dealing in body parts. Doing so would be an ethical way for the selling of organs to others. The donor would of course get a healthy paycheck, the recipient…...

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