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Ip Law in India

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Intellectual Property Law in India

December 2013

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Intellectual Property Law in India

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Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) is a research based international law firm with offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Silicon Valley, Singapore, New Delhi, Munich. We specialize in strategic legal, regulatory and tax advice coupled with industry expertise in an integrated manner. We focus on niche areas in which we provide significant value and are invariably involved in select highly complex, innovative transactions. Our key clients include marquee repeat Fortune 500 clientele. Core practice areas include International Tax, International Tax Litigation, Litigation & Dispute Resolution, Fund Formation, Fund Investments, Capital Markets, Employment and HR, Intellectual Property, Corporate & Securities Law, Competition Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, JVs & Restructuring, General Commercial Law and Succession and Estate Planning. Our specialized industry niches include financial services, IT and telecom, education, pharma and life sciences, media and entertainment, gaming, real estate and infrastructure. IFLR1000 has ranked Nishith Desai Associates in Tier 1 for Private Equity (2014). Chambers & Partners has ranked us as # 1 for Tax, TMT and Private Equity (2013). Legal Era, a prestigious Legal Media Group has recognized Nishith Desai Associates as the Best Tax Law Firm of the Year (2013). Legal 500 has ranked us in tier 1 for Investment Funds, Tax and TMT practices (2011/2012/2013). For the third consecutive year, International Financial Law Review (a Euromoney publication) has recognized us as the Indian “Firm of the Year” (2012) for our Technology - Media - Telecom (TMT) practice. We have…...

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...Indiatimes|The Times of India|The Economic Times| More[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic]|Log In|Sign Up| ADVERTISEMENT [pic] India Top of Form [pic] Bottom of Form The Times of India Advanced Search » • Home • City • India • World • Business • Tech • Sports • Entertainment • Life & Style • Women • Hotklix • Spirituality • • NRI • Real Estate • Photos • Times Now • Videos • LIVE TV You are here: Home » India Ex-Gujarat minister Amit Shah charged in fake encounter case TNN | Sep 5, 2012, 12.08AM IST [pic]Article[pic] [pic] Comments (79) [pic] inShare [pic] Read More:Tulsiram Prajapati Fake Encounter Case|Sohrabuddin Sheikh|Sohrabuddin Case|Narendra Modi|Andhra Pradesh|Amit Shah|Abdul Rehman 79 [pic] [pic] Ex-Gujarat minister Amit Shah charged in fake encounter case AHMEDABAD: The CBI on Tuesday named former Gujarat minister of state for home Amit Shah and over half a dozen IPS officers, including former CID (crime) chief OP Mathur, as accused in the Tulsiram Prajapati fake encounter case of 2006. They were among the 20 people named in the CBI chargesheet.  Considered to be one of the favourite cops of chief minister Narendra Modi, Mathur and former state police chief P C Pande, are accused of derailing the probe in the case. Mathur has been charged with culpable homicide amounting to murder, conspiracy and destruction of evidence......

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