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One functional area that is rather strong at Nokia is their Research and Development (R&D) teams. Nokia knows in order to compete effectively in the mobile computing and communications industry, they have to devote a great deal of time and resources to R&D.[i] As of December 2008, Nokia had a strong R&D presence in 16 countries, employing 39,350 people in this functional area. That number represents approximately 31% of Nokia's total workforce, which shows the importance placed on R&D.[ii] The Nokia Research Center focuses on four main areas which include Rich Context Modeling, New User Interface, High Performance Mobile Platform, and Cognitive Radio. These four areas collaborate with one another and seek to determine what peoples' needs will be in the future. Based upon the needs identified, the research teams then focus on the technology and interfaces that will be used, as well what infrastructure is necessary. Nokia knows the future will bring many changes, and they are prepared to develop the products and services necessary to help the physical and digital worlds combine.[iii] In order to strengthen their R&D function, Nokia collaborates with a group of leading institutions from around the world which they refer to as Open Innovation. By working together they are able to share resources and build upon each others' skills and knowledge, which benefits Nokia greatly. The value derived from working with global experts in R&D is then ultimately passed onto Nokia's end customers through the innovative products and services that are offered.[iv]

Another functional area at Nokia that seems to be strong is Human Resources (HR). Their HR team works directly with both employees and management to build a cooperative company environment.[v] Nokia realizes that their success relies on the dedication, talent, and knowledge of their employees. Because…...

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