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>> Anne Rudden: Good afternoon. My name is Anne Rudden, and I am here to introduce Adam Lashinsky, who is joining us as part of the Microsoft Research Visiting Speaker Series.

Adam is here today to discuss his book, Inside Apple, How America's Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works. Apple has created some deeply loved products, but even sophisticated business people don't understand how Apple does what it does.

Adam will tell us more about some of their unique approaches to business. Adam Lashinsky is a senior editor at large for Fortune Magazine, where he covers technology and finance. He is also a frequent speaker and Fox News contributor.

Prior to joining Fortune Lashinsky was columnist for the and the San Jose Mercury News.

Please join me in welcoming Adam Lashinsky.


>> Adam Lashinsky: Thank you very much. It's really wonderful to be here. I want to tell you straight off the bat that I'm doing this presentation on Power Point and running off of PC. A dirty little secret that I've been waiting to reveal until I got here is that I wrote the book on a PC in Word. So thank you. Thank you very much.

I have to get some things off my screen. There we go. And one other sort of opening comment is that I know that a lot of people when they begin a talk ask people to turn off their telephones or to close their laptops.

I would like you to do just the opposite. I'm assuming that if you are looking at your phone or your laptop that you're either tweeting or on Facebook. I'm Adam Lashinsky on Twitter and Adam Lashinsky also on Facebook. And you're more than welcome to comment on what I'm saying.

So and one last very important caveat. I have spent more than the last year researching Apple. And there are, in fact, in my book some comments comparing Apple and Microsoft from people who…...

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