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Influences Within Public Programs

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Influences within Public Programs
Monya L. Duncan
AJS 522/Finance and Budgeting in Justice and Security
December 16, 2013
Professor Michael Scott

Influences within Public Programs Education is an important factor to succeed. With the declining economy it is more difficult anyone to gain steady unemployment and to even get a job these days a high school diploma is needed. People could get a job with having only their G.E.D. or not having any type of education at all. The economy’s downfall has had an effect on public education which is causing budget cuts within schools. This effect has educators, parents, and district board members worried about how this would affect not only the students, but the employees as well. Being that the country of America is already behind in the levels of education, people want to understand why the government takes away funds from the schools and the various education programs. Our education system has been suffering due to the trend of education cutbacks. How do schools expect our students to succeed to the highest level if schools cannot have a decent budget? The status of schools in America need to become better and students deserve the best education possible.
In the state of South Carolina the Hampton County School District Two has been exploring options to generate revenue and cut expenditures for most of the year. A board meeting was held on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 to discuss how budget cuts have had an effect on the elementary, middle, and high schools within the district. Sixteen employees have already been laid off and this has parents very concerned about having enough employees especially teachers within the school district. What makes this situation worse is that the district does not know how many more employees will be let go. Gruber 2013, states that “a Columbia-based lawyer and a public finance expert…...

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