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I. INDIAN ECONOMY: 1. Economic Development of India NCERT XI standard 2. Indian Economy – Mishra and Puri or Dutt and Sundaram 3. Indian Economy – PK Dhar 4. Economics – Samuel Son 5. India Year Book & Economic Survey (Government Pub.) 6. For the current aspects of Indian economy students have to depend on news papers and periodicals.

II. INDIAN POLITY: 1. Our Constitution – Subhash Kashyap 2. Our Parliament - Subhash Kashyap 3. An Introduction to Indian Constitution – DD Basu 4. Perspectives on Indian Constitution – Subash Kashyap

III INDIAN HISTORY: 1. NCERT History books for Classes XI & XII 2. Freedom Struggle – Bipan Chandra (NBT Publication) 3. India’s Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra and Others 4. The Gazetteer of India, Volume 2: History and Culture 5. Indian History for General Studies – K Krishna Reddy (Wizard Pub.)

IV. GENERAL SCIENCE: 1. NCERT Books on Biology, Physics and Chemistry, Standard IX & X 2. Anatomy & Physiology for Nurses Courses – Evelyn Pearce 3. Know Your Body – Reader's Digest 4. For current S & T issues, latest Magazines and News Papers can be referred.

V. INDIAN GEOGRAPHY: 1. NCERT Geography books for Classes XI & XII 2. Indian Geography 3. Principles of Geography 4. World Geography 5. Atlas of World and India.

VI. MENTAL ABILITY: 1. Objective Arithmetic – R.S.Agarwal 2. Numerical Ability – Tyra

VII. CURRENT AFFAIRS: 1. A good National Daily, preferably the Hindu 2. Periodicals – Economist, Yojana, Seminar, Frontline, World Focus, South Asian Journal, Political and Economic Weekly, Mainstream, Down to Earth, etc. 3. Competition Magazines – Competition Wizard, Civil Services Times, Civil Services Chronicle, etc.


Indian History
1. NCERT History Books for Classes XI and XII
2. Allchins: The Birth of Indian Civiliztion
3. R. S. Sharma: The State and Varna Formation in the Mid-Ganga Plains
4. Romila Thapar: History of India, Volume 1
5. D. N. Jha: An Introductory Outline to Ancient India
6. A. L. Basham: The Wonder that was India, Volume 1
7. S. A. A. Rizvi: The Wonder that was India, Volume 2
8. Satish Chandra: Medieval India, Parts 1 and 2 (Har Anand Pub.)
9. J. L. Mehta: Advanced History of Medieval India, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
10. Grover and Grover: Modern Indian History
11. Bipan Chandra and Others: India’s Struggle for Independence
12. Sumit Sarkar: Modern India
13. Shekhar Bandopadhyay: Modern India: From Plassey to Partition
14. Nilakanta Sastri: History of South India
15. R. C. Mazumdar and Others: An Advanced History of India
16. The Gazetteer of India, Volume 2: History and Culture
17. K Krishna Reddy: Indian History for Prelims (TMH Publication)

Modern World History
1. NCERT Story of World Civilization, Parts 1 and 2, for Classes IX and X
2. Norman Lowe: Contemporary World History (McMillan Publication)
3. J. E. Swain: A History of World Civilization (OUP)
4. C. D. M. Ketelbey: A History of Modern Times (OUP)
5. Burns and Others: History of World Civilizations, Parts B and C
6. David Thomson: Europe since Napoleon
7. J. M Roberts: The Pelican History of the World
8. Vikas Publications’ International Relations
9. K Krishna Reddy: Modern World (Wizard Publication)


1) New horizons in Public Administration – Mohith Bhattachary 2) Public Administration – SP Naidu 3) Public Administration: Theory and Concepts – Sandhana & Sharma 4) Essentials of Management – Koontz & O’Donnell 5) Organizational Behaviour – Stephen P Robbins


1) Physical Geography : Savindher Singh : Strahler & Strahler : W.D. Thornbury 2) Climatology : Lal : Critchfield 3) Oceanography : Vattal & Sharma 4) Regional Geography of World: Dharshan Singh Munku 5) Indian Geography : Khuller : Gopal Singh 6) World Geography : Leong & Morgan 7) Human Geography : Majid Hussain 8) Geography of Population : R.C. Chandana 9) Regional Planning : Chand & Puri 10) Political Geography : R.D.Dixit…...

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