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Improving Project Performance on Technology Projects

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Improving Project Performance on Information Technology Projects
Many causes of project failure can be traced to faulty thinking; which leads to poor project planning, inadequate execution, flawed decision making, poor communication, and billions of wasted dollars each year. Nevermind that any major information technology (IT) takes an average of 24 months from start to finish, the high cost of IT and the associated resources make it imperative that we get these projects right the first time. Funding cutbacks, global markets/teams, mandatory investments and riskier business opportunities also add to the reasons why improving project performance on high cost IT investments is vital to the success (or failure) of any organization.
Many years ago, I worked for the once highly successful financial organization, Global Best. Global Best employed more than 20,000 employees globally. During my 5 year tenure, I project managed or team-led no less than 30 different projects, each worth multi-millions to the company and its client base. Project performance ranged from ‘very good’ to ‘plain bad’—with the majority of projects falling into the plain bad category. Project management was something you focused on if you had the time; and project performance was of no real importance as long as a product was ultimately delivered.
Today, low quality, poor performing projects are hardly tolerated although still not a thing of the past. The 21st century project manager has a well-understood accountability or role to play in all projects. With the advances in project management processes, training, tools and techniques, low performing information technology projects can be obliterated (at least in my…...

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