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Chapter I
Problem and its Setting
Restaurant is an eating place where meals and drinks are sold and served to customers. It is also refers to any wide variety of establishment in which people may buy and prepared meals. A restaurant may be manage by a restaurateur, who is the owner or either the manager of the restaurant. The service of the business can be full service and may stand alone or can be accompanied with other facilities such as bar and hotel.
A bar is a retail business establishment that serves alcoholic drinks beer, wine, liquor, and cocktails for consumption on the premises. Bars provide stools or chairs that are placed at tables or counters for their patrons. Many bars have a happy hour to encourage off-peak patronage. The term "bar" is derived from the specialized counter on which drinks are served. Customers may sit or stand at the bar and be served by the bartender, or they may sit at tables and be served by cocktail servers. The "back bar" is a set of shelves of glasses and bottles behind that counter.
In an economy, it contributes greatly to the progress because it provides employment and healthy competition. It also satisfies the needs of the society and other business as well.
Customer satisfaction is the main goal of a restaurant that is why they aim to discover unique menus and serve quality of foods and services that would make their customers satisfied. Customers have different lifestyles and they will eat in a restaurant that matches their standard of convenience. But sometimes others want to taste variety of foods and explore as well. Common reasons why consumers choose to eat at restaurants because of its ready to it for those who have no time for cooking.

Background of the Study Customers play an important role in the business operations. They are the life of the business, one of the reason of its existence. Different customers have different needs and wants. It is because they tremendously vary in age, income, educational level and taste. Their purchases are influenced by their personal, cultural, social and psychological factors. As time goes by, they become more demanding and never get a nerve of satisfaction. People are now always busy in all the activities in life and it has been observed that they have don't enough time to stay at home and prepared foods, some always want to be relaxed and free from work which leads to the introduction of bar and restaurants. Juro's Bar and Restaurant is a kind of sole proprietorship family business which is owned by Mr. Carlos U. Sabas. It was named after the son of the owner who is Miko Juro. It was established way back June 4, 1991 and almost 22 years of existence. The owner has passion for eating and drinking, so instead of visiting other bar and restaurant, he decided to put on his own in which he will not only enjoy but also he will become profitable on it.
Before it was establish, Little Roberts comes first, compared to Juro’s it was small. Due to this reason they decided to establish a much bigger restaurant ready to accommodate a large number of customers. This is now the Juro’s Bar and Restaurant. During its first year of operation, it is not yet well establish in terms of the furniture’s and other facilities. But as years go by, they renovate it little by little, adding new furniture’s and function rooms so that customers may be more satisfied in going at Juro’s. With regards to the function rooms, it was establish so that in case customers want a private space with their friends, families or relatives in times of different occasions and even ordinary days thay can stay here as long as they want. The bar and restaurant industry is one of the most entrepreneurial of businesses and one of the most competitive. Bar and Restaurant face competition not only from other but also from customers who can easily choose to cook and stay at home. Competition has fostered innovation and ever changing menus in most segment of the bar and restaurant. Many of this kind of business are competing directly in an effort to capture more of the home meal replacement market and thse people who look for fun. Bar and restaurant very greatly in appearance and offerings a wide variety of cuisines and service models.
Objectives of the study This study aims to analyze and determine “ The Buying Behavior of the Selected Customers at Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon.”
Specifically this study aim: 1. To determine the profile of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in terms of: 2.1 Historical background 2.2 Organizational structure 2.3 Technical structure 2. To determine the profile of the selected customers at Juro’s Bar and Restaurant 3.4 Demography a. Age b. Gender c. Civil status d. Educational attainment e. Occupation f. Monthly income / allowance
Significance of the study The study will serve as a guide for the future entrepreneur who is planning to engage in the same business. The researchers wish to contribute and provide information to those who are interested in how the customers of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant value its service and the product it offers. This can also provide basic information for the readers especially on the part of the students and for the researchers for the knowledge gained in conducting this study. The researcher also has a chance to test their acquired knowledge in business analysis. Furthermore, this will give bar and restaurant owners much information and understanding regarding consumer behavior. It will enable them to point out what areas that needs improvements to adapt to customers changing needs. Knowing the behavior of the customers could be helpful to the owner of the business because they can gather some techniques on how they can serve well the customers.

Definition of terms
To understand the study better, the following terms were hereby defined:
Bar – a place where one can relax, feel comfortable and at ease ; a place that is warm and very welcoming, fun and very much alive.
Buying behavior- the behavior that consumer displays in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing the product or service.
Consumer behavior- buying behavior of people who dine or eat for personal or household use and nor for business purposes.
Consumers- people who acquire products or services.
Convenience- something which provides ease and comfort.
Entrepreneurs- are risk taking business persons or somebody who initiates or finance new commercial enterprise.
Food – pertains to something to eat that nourishes the body.
Food products- refer to materials that provide consumer nutrients and convenience to their needs in accordance to their hunger.
Menu – a list of dishes available in restaurant
Price- is the amount of money changed for a product or service, or the value that consumer exchanges for the benefits of having or using the product or services.
Promotion- attract the consumers and encourage them to buy.
Respondents- somebody who pertains to something.
Restaurateur- owner or manager of a restaurant.
Service- helpful activity done in rendering assistance to the customer's of Juro's Restaurant.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature

According to John Stroke (1992), many individuals are attracted to food services since it involves dealing with people. It is important not only because it is one of the basic biological needs but also it is a potential source of income. The restaurant is one of the few remaining fields where an individual can enter with a relatively small capital investment and by applications of ability and hard work can achieve ultimate success. It has also advantage of using large cash business. Children's Britannica stated that a restaurant is a place where meals are bought and eaten by public. It is a French word meaning "restorative" which means " referred to the soup sold". When primitive people traveled away from their homes whether for warfare, trading or adventure, they needed a place to rest and eat. Trough out the years, food and service had been accompanied for traveling purposes. Thus, the tremendous increase in the travel has place during the past half of its counter part in the exploration of public feeding.
Bars have entertainment on a stage, such as a live band, comedians, go-go dancers, or strippers. Bars which offer entertainment or live music are often referred to as music bars or nightclubs. Types of bars range from dive bars to elegant places of entertainment for the elite.
Bars that fill to capacity sometimes implement a cover charge or a minimum purchase requirement during their peak hours. Such bars often feature entertainment, which may be a live band or a disc jockey playing recorded music.

Restaurant A restaurant is an establishment which prepares and serves food and drink to customers in return for money, either paid before the meal, after the meal, or with a running tab. Meals are generally served and eaten on premises, but many restaurants also offer take-out and food delivery services. “Applebum, Robert, Dishing It Out: In Search of the Restaurant Experience (London: Reaction, 2011).” Restaurants range from unpretentious lunching or dining places catering to people working nearby, with simple food served in simple settings at low prices, to expensive establishments serving refined food and wines in a formal setting. In the former case, customers usually wear casual clothing. In the latter case, depending on culture and local traditions, customers might wear semi-casual, semi-formal, or formal wear. “Undberg, Donald E., The Hotel and Restaurant Business, Boston : Canners Books, 1974.”
Kinds of Restaurants
Fast food restaurants emphasize speed of service. Operations range from small-scale street vendors with carts to mega-corporations.
Fast Casual usually do not offer full table service, but may offer non-disposable plates and cutlery. The quality of food and prices tend to be higher than those of a conventional fast food restaurant but may be lower than casual dining.
Casual Dining is a restaurant that serves moderately-priced food in a casual atmosphere. Except for buffet-style restaurants, casual dining restaurants typically provide table service. Casual dining comprises a market segment between fast food establishments and fine dining restaurants. Casual dining restaurants often have a full bar with separate bar staff, a larger beer menu and a limited wine menu.
Family Style Restaurants are a type of casual dining restaurants where food is often served on platters and the diners serve themselves. Typically, alcoholic beverages are not sold at family-style casual dining restaurants.
Fine Dining Restaurants are full service restaurants with specific dedicated meal courses. Decor of such restaurants feature higher-quality materials, with an eye towards the "atmosphere" desired by the restaurateur, than restaurants featuring lower-quality materials. The wait staff is usually highly trained and often wears more formal attire. Fine-dining restaurants are almost always small businesses and are generally either single-location operations or have just a few locations.
There have been many names throughout history for establishments where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages. Even when an establishment uses a different name, such as "tavern," the area of the establishment where the bartender pours or mixes alcoholic beverages is normally called "the bar." The sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages was prohibited in the first half of the 20th century in several countries, including Finland, Iceland, Norway, and the United States. In the United States, illegal bars during Prohibition were called speakeasies or blind pigs. ("Wikipedia")
Types of bars A bar's owners and managers choose the bar's name, décor, drink menu, lighting, and other elements which they think will attract a certain kind of patron. However, they have only limited influence over who patronizes their establishment. Thus, a bar originally intended for one demographic profile can become popular with another. For example, a gay bar with a dance floor might, over time, attract an increasingly straight clientele. Or a blues bar may become a biker bar if most its patrons are bikers.
Cocktail Lounge is an upscale bar that is typically located within a hotel, restaurant, or airport. Wine Bar is an elegant bar that serves only wine (no beer or liquor). Customers of these bars may taste wines before deciding to buy them. Some wine bars also serve small plates of food or other snacks.
Brew Pub has an on-site brewing capacity and serves craft beers as well as the usual range of alcoholic beverages.A dive bar is a very informal bar, sometimes referred to simply as a dive.
Music Bar is an establishment specializing in live music.”Burns, Ken, and Novick, Lynn, Prohibition, 2011”
Customer Satisfaction Kotler and Armstrong(2005), emphasized that whether that buyer is satisfied after the purchase depends upon the offers performance in relation to person's expectation, the customer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds expectations, the customer is highly satisfied. Customer satisfaction is influenced by specific product or service features, perceptions of product or service quality and price. In addition to personal factors such as customers mood or emotional state and situational factors such as family member opinion will also influence satisfaction.

Related Studies The study, "Consumer Behavior and Marketing Mix: Their Influence on Selected Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon (2005)" by Mary Joy R. Kerubin, and Zendy Madonna Shallan, revealed that the based on their findings, the three restaurant are single proprietorship type of owner serves as the overall manager. most of the customers are single, female and students who want to save time and effort for efficiency and practically reason of why they dine in. They also want to experience the quality of foods, service, location, promotion and price of the three restaurants. Most of the respondents were influenced by the marketing mix such as the variation and quality of the food and other products. On place the location in highly put more emphasis on the product and place. Nepomuceno, et al, entitled "Consumer Behavior and Marketing Mix: their relative influence on selected bar and restaurant customer in Lucena City (2004)" pleasure and happiness followed by exciting lifeare the desire of the customers, that's why they patronize bar and restaurant. Most of the customers are in the early adulthood, male and single. the study also stated that the respondent are greatly influenced by friends since this is a part of their social role and status in life. According tom the undergraduate study of Marasigan et al, entitled "Customer Satisfaction at Columbia Garden Restaurant in Sta. Cruz, Laguna (2003)" most of the customer are male and Single. They dine in their because they have been influence by their food taste, quality, variation and presentation of food to their customers. also another factor that will be satisfying the customers in the services that the restaurants offer specially the efficient waiter and pleasi9ng personnel. The location of Columbia Garden Restaurant in term if easy7 access, cleanliness, parking, spaciousness of dining area and ambiance is also a big part5 to satisfy the customers.

Chapter III
Research Methodology

This chapter presents information related to the research design, sources of data, locale of the study, data gathering procedure, data gathering instrument, and statistical treatment used by the researches in order to interpret and analyze the gathered data.

Research Design The research problem and objectives written at the beginning of the study were answered to descriptive research design or descriptive type of research. It explained the "The Buying Behavior of Selected Customers at Juro's Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon." The applications of the design in this study helped the researchers with the collection and presentation of the data gathered. It involves the recording, gathering of the facts, analysis and interpretation of data. The researcher utilized survey in collecting the data they needed to determine the behavior of customers who dine at Juro’s bar and restaurant.
Locale of the Study The researchers conducted at Juro's Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon. It is located at 4328 Regidor Street Lucban, Quezon.
Sources of Data The study utilized 30 customers who dine at Juro’s Bar and Restaurant at the time of survey. The researchers chose convenient sampling: only on those who are present and accommodated them for interviews became their respondents to determine customer behavior. The data on the business profile were taken from the personal interviews with the owner of the said restaurant to determine the profile of the business. And in order to have concrete information about The Buying Behavior of Selected Customers at Juro's Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon, survey questionnaire was administered by the researchers as a sources of primary data.
Data Gathering Procedure In gathering the necessary information regarding this study, the researchers used the following procedures.
First, an approval letter was given to and signed by the manager of the restaurant with the consent of the adviser, stating that Juro’s Bar and Restaurant would be subjected for the research study.
Second, the data were gathered from books, Internet, unpublished materials and used in writing the basis of the research study.
Third, the questionnaire was prepared and was subjected for validation. Then, it was distributed and given to the restaurant's personnel. Total survey sheet was 30. The survey was undertaken with the help of the manager of the restaurant. Afterwards, the researchers collected the data and conducted follow up interview with the owner / manager of the restaurant.
Research Instrument In order to gather the pertinent data and necessary information, the researcher administered structured questionnaire, the questionnaire was composed of survey questions that will answer and determine the buying behavior of customers who dine at Juro’s Bar and Restaurant. The respondents will choose answers according to their opinions and ideas.

Treatment of Data The data gathered were tallied and interpreted using frequency distribution. Data gathered were analyzed and interpreted. The scale analysis of data used the formula below:

Formula: To determine the percentage:

P = f x 100 N


P – percentage f- frequency n- total respondents

Chapter IV
Presentation, Interpretation and Analysis of Data

This chapter presents and analyzes the data gathered by the researchers. The tables are presented to vividly illustrate the data needed in order to answer the problems. Interpretations of data are carefully adopted and followed by a systematic presentations of its findings.

Historical Background Juro's Bar and Restaurant is a kind of sole proprietorship business which is owned by Mr. Carlos U. Sabas. It was named after the son of the owner who is Miko Juro. Established way back June 4, 1991 and almost 22 years of existence. The owner has passion for eating and drinking, so instead of visiting other bar and restaurant, he decided to put on his own in which he will not only enjoy but also he will become profitable on it.
Before it was establish, Little Roberts comes first, compared to Juro’s it was small. Due to this reason they decided to establish a much bigger restaurant ready to accommodate all of its customers. This is now the Juro’s Bar and Restaurant. During its first year of operation, it is not yet well establish in terms of the furniture’s and other facilities. But as years go by, they renovate it little by little, adding new furniture’s and function rooms so that customers may be more satisfied in going at Juro’s. With regards to the function rooms, it was establish so that in case customers want a private space with their friends, families or relatives in times of different occasions and even ordinary days they can stay here as long as they want.

Juro's Bar and Restaurant is a family business that's why they did not expand it into other branches. They offer Filipino food styles like calamares, sizzling chicken, adobo sa toyo, pancit lucban and many more delicious menu.They offer a good kind of service to their customers. They do not allow staffs who are on minor ages. They also offer services such as reservations, walk-in welcome good for groups, good for kids, take out, delivery, catering and waiter services. Juro's Bar and Restaurant have specialties for lunch, dinner and drinks. They open from Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 2:00 am.

Organizational Structure The organizational structure of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant is lean and simple as show in the organizational chart.

Organizational Chart
Owner / Manager

Waiter Janitor Cook Bartender Cashier

Technical Structure
Location Map
Demographic Profile
Table 1
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant as to Age, Gender and Civil Status
Legend: S- Single M- Married W- Widowed IR- In a relationship Male Female Total

Male Female Age | S | M | W | IR | f | % | S | M | W | IR | f | % | f | % | 8-15 | - | - | - | - | - | - | 4 | - | - | 1 | 5 | 27.78 | 5 | 16.67 | 16-23 | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | 8.33 | 7 | - | - | 2 | 9 | 50 | 10 | 33.33 | 24-31 | - | - | - | 2 | 2 | 16.67 | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | 5.56 | 3 | 10 | 32-39 | - | 3 | - | - | 3 | 25 | - | 2 | - | - | 2 | 11.11 | 5 | 16.67 | 40-47 | - | 3 | 1 | - | 4 | 33.33 | - | 1 | - | - | 1 | 5.56 | 5 | 16.67 | 48-55 | - | 2 | - | - | 2 | 16.67 | - | - | - | - | - | - | 2 | 6.67 | Total | 1 | 8 | 1 | 2 | 12 | 100 | 12 | 3 | - | 3 | 18 | 100 | 30 | 100 |

Table shows the responses of respondents to their age, gender, and civil status. It shows that most respondents who frequently dine at Juro’s Bar and Restaurant are those who belong to ages 16-23 mostly single. There are more female than male respondents.

Table 2
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant as to Occupation, Gender and Monthly Income/Allowances
Legend: S- Student B- Businessman UE- Unemployed W- Workers Male Female

Male Female Income | S | B | UE | W | f | % | S | B | UE | W | f | % | Below 500 | - | - | - | - | - | - | 1 | - | - | - | 1 | 3.33 | 500-1000 | - | - | - | - | - | - | 4 | - | - | - | 4 | 13.33 | 1000-5000 | - | - | 1 | 2 | 3 | 25 | 7 | - | 1 | 1 | 9 | 40 | 10000-15000 | - | - | - | 4 | 4 | 33.33 | - | 1 | - | 3 | 4 | 26.67 | 15000-Above | - | 4 | - | 1 | 5 | 41.67 | - | - | - | - | - | 16.67 | Total | - | 4 | 1 | 7 | 12 | 100 | 12 | 1 | 1 | 4 | 18 | 100 |

The table shows that most of the respondents are moderate- income individuals, which are ranging from 1000-5000. They occupy 40% of the surveyed consumers. Based on the female respondents, most of them are students which is 66.67% while on the, male respondents are workers which is 58.33%. On female respondents, they are moderate income which corresponds to 50%. On the other hand, male are highly income individuals which are 41.67%.

Table 3
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant as to Civil Status and Educational Attainment Educational Attainment | S | M | W | IR | f | % | Elementary | - | - | - | - | - | - | Secondary | 4 | 4 | - | 2 | 10 | 33.33 | Tertiary | 9 | 7 | 1 | 3 | 20 | 66.67 | Total | 13 | 11 | 1 | 5 | 30 | 100 |

Majority of the respondents are with the educational attainment of tertiary level. It is composed of 20 respondents or 66.67%, having respondents who are 9 single, 7 married, 1 widowed and 3 in a relationship. It is followed by secondary level which comprises a total of 10 or 33.33% with 4 single, 4 married and 2 in a relationship.

Table 4
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents if it is their first time to visit Juro’s Bar
And Restaurant | f | % | Yes | 11 | 36.67 | No | 19 | 63.33 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table noted that 63.33% of the respondents said that it I not their first time to visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant. On the other hand, 36.67% of the total respondents visit the place for the first time.
Consumer Behavior
Table 5
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant as to number of times of going to Juro’s Bar and Restaurant

| f | % | Once a week | 9 | 30 | Twice a week | 5 | 16.67 | When there’s occasion | 5 | 16.67 | Once a month | 4 | 13.33 | Twice a week | 1 | 3.33 | Everyday | 3 | 10 | Sometimes | 2 | 6.67 | 3 day in a week | 1 | 3.33 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows that majority of the respondents visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant once a week. It is composed of respondents of 30%. It is followed by those who visit twice a week or when there’s occasion which is 5 or 16.67%. The least frequency of students is on twice a month and 3 day in a week which is 3.33
Table 6
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant as to Time of Visit | f | % | Breakfast | - | - | Snack | 4 | 13.33 | Lunch | 18 | 60 | Dinner | 8 | 26.67 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows that majority of the respondents went to Juro’s Bar and Restaurant during lunch time with a total of 60% of the total because they much prefer that time to eat there. During dinner time, 26.67% of the respondents dine there and 13.33% of them dine during snack time.
Table 7
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents as to Who Influence Them to Visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant Influencers | f | % | Family | 6 | 20 | Friends | 11 | 36.67 | Classmates | 7 | 23.33 | Officemates | 6 | 20 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The above table shows that most of the customers answered they knew it trough their friends which represents 36.67% of its total number of respondents. The total of 23.33% of respondents said that they are influenced by their classmates and 20% of them said that they are influenced by their family and friends.

Table 8
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents as to How They Know Juro’s Bar and Restaurant Promotion | f | % | Print ads | - | - | Radio ads | - | - | Friends | 30 | 100 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows that the total respondents said that they knew Juro’s Bar and Restaurant through their common friends.

Table 9
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents as to Why did They Visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant Reasons | f | % | Relaxation | 9 | 30 | Quality of foods | 7 | 23.33 | Friendly staffs/employees | 3 | 10 | Good service | 6 | 20 | Affordable price | 5 | 16.67 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows most of their customers visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant because of the relaxation it brings to them which occupy 30% of total respondents. It is followed by quality of foods which is 23.33%, they prefer it because of the Filipino style types of foods. Some of them attract to visit because of good service which is 20% that the staffs presented as well as the manager. Those who visit Juro’s Bar and Restaurant because of affordable price are composed of 16.67%. The lowest rate is 10% which represents friendly employees.

Table 10
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Terms of the Amount They Usually Spent in Buying

Amount | f | % | Below 50 | 7 | 23.33 | 50-100 | 7 | 23.33 | 100-200 | 9 | 30 | 200-Above | 7 | 23.33 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows that most of the respondents spent P100-200 which is 30% of the total, while the other 3 constitute 23.33% with the amount of (below P50, P500-100, and P200- above).

Table 11
Frequency and Percentage Distribution of Respondents of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Terms of the Food They Usually Purchase

List of Menu | f | % | Rice with available dish | 5 | 16.67 | French fries | 1 | 3.33 | Hamburger | 2 | 6.67 | Pancit | 3 | 10 | Fried chicken | 4 | 13.33 | Porksilog | 5 | 16.67 | Sizzling Chicken | 3 | 10 | Shanghai lumpia | 1 | 3.33 | Calamares | 1 | 3.33 | Sisig tuna | 1 | 3.33 | Topsilog | 1 | 3.33 | Crispy noodles | 2 | 6.67 | Chami | 1 | 3.33 | Total | 30 | 100 |

The table shows that among the 30 respondents, 5 or 16.67% usually purchase rice w/ available dish and Porksilog, 4 or 13.33% purchased fried chicken, 3 or 10% purchase Pancit and sizzling chicken, 2 or 6.67% purchase hamburger and crispy noodles, 1 or 3.33% purchase fries, lumpiang shanghai, Calamares, Sisig tuna, Topsilog and Chami. It shows that most of the respondents prefer buying rice w/available dish and Porksilog which most consumers favorite and most likely eat when they are in Juro’s Bar and Restaurant.

Chapter V
Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

This chapter discusses and presents the summary , conclusions and recommendations of the study. The descriptive type of research helped determine the marketing mix as perceived by selected consumers. The information gathered from the respondents was summarized from which conclusions were derived. The recommendations were all based on the results of the study.

Summary : The study was conducted to know and understand the marketing mix of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon as perceived by selected customers. Specifically it sought to answer the following questions:
1.What is the profile of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon in terms of: 1.1 Historical Background 1.2 Organizational structure 1.3 Technical structure
2.What is the profile of respondents in terms of: 2.1 demographic profile 2.2 Consumer buying behavior The study was conducted during the operations of Juro’s bar and restaurant in Lucban, Quezon. The researchers gathered the information needed through personal interview with structured questionnaire and supplemented by observation from 30 respondents. The questionnaire was divided in to two parts :The profile of the respondents and the Buying behavior of the consumers. The descriptive type of research was the design used in the study. It was used in presenting the business profile of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon. The evaluative method was also used by the researchers in analyzing the survey and its results and the overall status of the survey related to the objectives of the study, The researchers used the convenience sampling to gather data from the respondents who are available to provide necessary information. This design was used to get information fast and make sure that the respondents patronize the business. The data gathered were presented, analyzed and interpreted.
Findings and Conclusions: Based on the data gathered, then following were the findings:

1. Juro’s Bar and Restaurant was established on June 4, 1991 by Mr. Carlos U. Sabas. It is a sole proprietorship type of business, offering Filipino style of food. It is located at 4328 Regidor St. Lucban, Quezon 2. From the survey conducted, almost all of the consumers of Juro’s are from Lucban, Quezon with 70% of the total respondents because its main branch is located here. 13.33% are from Lucena, 6.67% from Tayabas and 10% from Sariaya. Only few are from this place because Juro’s has no other branch. Some only decided to pass by and realized they wanted to eat. Most of the respondents belong to the ages 16-23 yrs. old mostly single students because teenagers are more socially aware and enjoy being with their friends. Overall, the total respondents have their monthly income / allowance of P1000-5000 which represents 40% because most of the respondents are workers on male and students in female. 3. As to consumer buying behavior , majority of the respondents personally chose Juro’s as their dining preference because of its quality food. Most of the respondents dine with their friends during lunch time. They usually eat once a week for the reason of relaxation.

Recommendations: In view of the search findings and conclusions , The following recommendations were forwarded: 1. The management of Juro’s Bar and Restaurant should make a study of how they can expand their place to accommodate large number of consumers. 2. Keep the service well organized and presentable, parking area expansion, promotion so that customers can easily know their restaurant. 3. The restaurant should keep track on the type of customers to better serve them; continuously offer their customers with affordable, delicious appetizing food and keep menus with delightful dishes, appetizers, beverages and liquors available. They should also maintain the cleanliness iof the restaurant and improve its facilities and amenities. 4. They should widen their dining area and their tables to accommodate a large number of customers. 5. They should also have approachable and friendly employees / staffs.


Kotler P., Marketing Management : An Asian Perspective Fifth edition
Peter and Donnelly , Marketing Management Knowledge and Skills 7th edition. (2004)
Kurtz and Boone , Principles of Marketing 12th edition.(2007)

Unpublished Thesis:
Irene Diane Mayor and group, “ Factors affecting the Level of Customer Satisfaction of Mi Casa en Tayabas. “ (2007)
Barrameda and group, “ Customers Image Perception of Ground Zero House of Pizza in Lucban, Quezon.” (2007)
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Dimalaluan, Losloso, “ Perceived lavel of Customers Satisfaction towards Silangang Nayon Park and Restaurant in Pagbilao, Quezon.” (2011)


Survey Questionnaire
I- Consumer Profile
Name (optional):
Occupation: ( ) student ( ) unemployed ( ) businessman ( ) workers / laborers
( ) male ( ) female
Age: _______________
Civil Status:
( ) single ( ) married
( ) widowed ( ) in a relationship
Educational Attainment: ( ) elementary ( ) secondary
( ) tertiary
Allowance / Income:
( ) Below P500 ( ) P 500-P1000
( ) P 1000-P5000 ( ) P10000- P15000 ( ) P15000 and above

II- Consumer Behavior
A. Direction: Check the appropriate preference of your choice.
1. Is this your first time to visit Juro’s restaurant? ( ) yes ( ) no
2. How often do you dine in? ( ) once a week ( ) once a month ( ) twice a week ( ) twice a month ( ) when there‘s occasion Others pls. specify: ______________
3. What time do you usually dine here? ( ) breakfast ( ) lunch ( ) snack ( ) dinner
4. Who influence you in patronizing Juro’s restaurant? ( ) family ( ) classmates ( ) friends ( ) officemates
5. How did you know about it? ( ) print ads ( ) friends ( ) radio ads
6. Reason why you visit the restaurant? ( ) relaxation ( ) good service
( ) quality of foods ( ) affordable price
( ) friendly employees / staffs
7. How much do you usually spent in buying here?
( ) Below P50 ( ) P50-P100
( ) P100- P200 ( ) P200 above
8. What food you usually purchase here?

III- Comments and Suggestions

Republic of the Philippines
Southern Luzon State University
College of Business Administration
Lucban, Quezon

September 25, 2012

Juro's Restaurant
Lucban, Quezon


We, students of College of Business Administration major in Marketing Management third year, will be conducting our research as a requirement of the course.

We are requesting for your approval for us to conduct our study entitled “The Buying Behavior of Selected Customers at Juro's Restaurant in Lucban, Quezon."

Hope you will grant our request; your cooperation is very much appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless.

Respectfully yours,

Ms. Azineth N. Garabillo

Ms. Maria Florence V. Castillo

Ms. April Joyce B. Javines

Noted by:

Prof. Cristina R. Abustan

Chicken ala Juros 190
Chili garlic wings 150
Chili garlic Chicken 190
Fried wings 120
Fried Chicken Half 150
Whole 300
Tinola 210
Adobo sa toyo 200
Chicken curry 210
Chicken mushroom 210
Adobo sa gata 210

Hot plate favorites
Sisig pork or Pusit 190
Sisgi tuna 160
Pork tenderloin steak 200
Porkchop steak 200
Sizzling atay (chicken) 200
Sizziling posit 200
Sizziling tanigue steak 200
Gambas 210
Sizziling Chicken 200
Salpicao 200
Sizziling Mushroom 160
Hotdog w/ onion ring 160
Hamburger steak 160
Chopsuey 95
French fries 60
Crispy Noodles 60
Vegetables stick 90
Cheese stick 60
Canapés 160
Pinaputok 60
Steamed w/ Tofu 60

Pineapple 45
Four season 48
Mango 48
Tropicana orange 18
Sprite (8oz., 1.5) 18, 80
Coke (8oz., 1.5) 18, 80
Hot tea 5
Hot choco 40
Coffee 25
Bottled water 25

SML 50
SMB 50
RH (stallion) 50
Manila Beer 50
Colt 45 50

Cherry mix 360
Clue lagoon 360
Beer 420
Cherry mix 130
Blue lagoon 130
Margarita 180

Pancit Lucban 90 115
Miki sariwa 90 115
Miki bihon 90 115
Chami 90 115
Bihon 95 120
Sotanghon 120 140
Canton 120 140
Lomi 120 140
Kimlo 120 140

Nido oriental 120
Crab& corn 120
Vegetables 120
Hototay 170

Clubhouse 55
Cheeseburger 50
Hamburger 45
Ham & Egg 40
Ham & cheese 40
Ham sandwich 30
Egg sandwich 30
Burger w/ fries 70
Burger w/ egg 70
Toasted bread 25

Served w/ steamed rice
Chopsuey 70
Changhai lumpia 70
Sweet & sour 100

Lechon kawali 100
Porksilog 75
Tapsilog 70
Longsilog 70
Hotsilog 70
Hamsilog 70
Cornsilog 70

Shanghai Fried rice 70
Pork chow pan 70
Garlic fried rice 25
Plain rice 15

Crispy pata P40 Lechon kawali 170
Fried porkchop 170
Kilawing lechon 160
Sinigang n lechon 190
Sweet & sour pork 180
Tokwa’t baboy 130
Shanghai lumpia 70
Langganisang Lucban 150
Fish Fillet S&S 180
Kilawing tanigue 180
Mixed seafoods 190
Fried posit 180
Chili fried Shrimp 190
Calamares 190
Calamaron 190
Kilawing posit 170
Sinigang na hipon 210
Hotpot Mixed 210…...

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