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Impact of China’s Expansion in Every Sphere on United States of Amerca

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The concept of striving for hegemonic state is not a new concept or term to us; rather this notion has kept repeating itself throughout the record. In today’s practical world, great powers are searching extensively and aggressively for opportunities to attain power over others, with hegemony being their ultimate goal. In present realistic and anarchic world system, power is all that matters to selfish and domination oriented states. In a very similar way, China, which has been making success by leaps and bounds, is in time aiming to gain the position of super power, the position which in the present day is being enjoyed and exercised by the United States of America.
With around 1.3billion population; estimating for one-fifth of the world’s entire population, with world’s largest armed forces, China, while contributing about 13percent to the world economy, is at present the fastest developing country across the sphere, with raw potentials to becoming a super power down the line. (China: The 21st Century Super Power, September, 2005) China, for past few decades, has been observed making substantial progress in almost every sphere, not only with an aim to improve its international front, but also to maximize its share of international power and gain a position that is desired by a few of the known competing great powers. China has been implementing and devising a mix of very optimal agendas and policies to influence the world and counter the western capitalist approach. The fast paced and significant rise of China since the very start of its independence in 1949 has generated a complex competition and a wave of turmoil across the globe to strive for the most desired and powerful status.
Thriving in every range and region to a great extent; China is generating potential in the…...

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