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SIDE WORK am ZONE 4: Wipe down the QA line top, bottom, and under the sizzle warmer. * Refill the Tortilla Strips, Croutons, Napkins, and Soup Spoons. * Move condiments up front and refill them as needed. * Wipe off Trivets. * Refill the Cooler- 2 Salsas, 4 Ranch’s, cut Lemons (with slits in them), cut O greens and fill bacon. Wipe down top and inside thoroughly. * Change Labels- If you have questions about the dates ask a manager to properly date each item. * Sweep QA line
ZONE 2 : Chip Machine- Refill chips and chip baskets and wipe down machine. * Refill Fry baskets and Burger baskets with liners * Wipe down All Trays

ZONE 1 : !!!!!IF THERE IS NOT A ZONE 1 THEN THIS DUTY IS DONE BY ZONE 3!!!!! * Ledges: Refill all pitchers, wipe down the top of the ledges and surface (pick up pitchers and silverware tray and wipe under there) * Refill Sanitizer bottles, get new clean rags in each bucket * Dump the trash and replace trash bags under ledges * Refill Napkins ( Do not use the folding napkins Use correct napkins)

ZONE 3 : Bev station- Refill tea urns all the way * Stock Kids cups and lids, Crackers, and Tea bags * Wipe down Bev Station * Refill sugars if less than 10- Only do half a bag of sugar * If there is no ZONE 1 than you do LEDGES SEE ABOVE.

ZONE 1: Refill the Cooler- 2 Salsas, 4 Ranch’s, cut Lemons (with slits in them), cut O greens and fill bacon. Wipe down top and inside thoroughly. * Change Labels- If you have questions about the dates ask a manager to properly date each item. * Break down the Chip machine, clean inside and out, run all pans through dish. Restock chip baskets and sweep underneath.

ZONE 3: Ledges: Break down all pitchers, wipe down the top of the ledges and surface (pick up pitchers and silverware tray and wipe under there) * Refill Sanitizer bottles, get new clean rags in each bucket * Dump the trash and replace trash bags under ledges * Refill Napkins ( Do not use the folding napkins Use correct napkins) * Wipe down the QA line top, bottom, and under the sizzle warmer. * Refill the Tortilla Strips, Croutons, Napkins, and Soup Spoons. * Wipe off Trivets.

ZONE 2: Bev station- Breakdown Bev Station, clean thoroughly, take Tea urns and pitchers to dish. * Stock Kids cups and lids, Crackers, and Tea bags * Wipe down Bev Station * Refill sugars if less than 10- Only do half a bag of sugar * Sweep QA line



Daily duties to be checked before you are to be signed

* MONDAY- Clean each lamp in your section & Wipe down the legs to each of your chairs * TUESDAY- Deep clean the inside of the ledges, throw out trash and items not belonging to Chili’s & Organize EVERYTHING being kept inside the ledges * WEDNESDAY- Clean each lamp in your section * THURSDAY- Deep clean the inside of the ledges, throw out trash and items not belonging to Chili’s & Organize EVERYTHING being kept inside the ledges * FRIDAY- * SATURDAY- Deep clean Bev station * SUNDAY- Salt and Pepper shakers are to be dumped and washed, dried, and refilled…...

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