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Ict: a Double Edged Sword

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ICT is a doubled age sword, no doubt its true but only if its powerfulness and robustness is used in a wrong way
The freedoms and rights entrenched in the constitution are also double edged, having both a good side and a bad side. Take for example the freedom of expression. As we know it, it’s a fundamental human right in a democracy for one to express his or her thoughts, be it about the government or an occurrence. The individual can express negative or positive attitude towards the government or an occurrence. It’s normal for a positive expression to be well received, but it also hurts if the negative is said about let’s say the government. It also depends on the extremes of the criticism. An individual can decide to express in a newsgroup something like “the government is not doing well enough to ease the hunger crisis in north east Kenya”.
Most definitely the government would react and probably give a news statement via its official spokesman saying it’s doing all within its means to avert and ease the situation. Such an expression is negative but cannot be considered extreme. Its most probable for the opposition parties to say such statement every day in the media, as one is free to express what he or she feels and the government is well within its right to react and save its image.
Suppose an individual comes up, calls a press conference and confidently says “the government of Kenya officials are engaged and involved in drug trafficking around the world. He further goes on to say that they are working in cahoots with the ports security officers and also the ports bosses are involved. The individual also proceeds to mention the names of the officials” what would be the impact of such revelations? How would the named officials react to the mentioning of their names? It’s pretty obvious that it would generate such vast amounts of…...

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