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I Once Loved a Soldier

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Do you know what I've done the moment I've lost you? Do you know what I've said the day you went away?
Without words slithered from my lips, my tears just fell and my heart was broken
..and it all started the time I fell in love with a soldier.. An immense question faced me off. What came about? You dropped me off and left me empty. You ripped my heart into pieces. Implicit reasons gave me puzzles. I’m thinking then that it took you a tough time to finally say what you didn't want me to hear. So I made things easy for you. With a heavy heart, I let go and moved on. Undeniably, two of the hardest things I've done to someone I truly love. Now, I'm used to the fact that we're not together anymore, and that maybe we won't be. Eventually, everything will be a part of my past. But beyond doubt, you left a fossil in my heart. Because of you, I've learned a lot or I've been hurt too much.
I can't help but shield my heart to love again. I often wonder if it is my way to keep distance from someone because true intimacy is just too bloodcurdling for me now. So I allow myself to let go of the things I fear to lose. So that when he’s gone, I won't feel not the pain of losing him, but the pain of losing myself without him again.
Still, I believe that sometimes, the best relationships take place by accidents. Who knows? It's with a soldier again. What learning I've hauled out from the love I once had is that you really need to trust each other completely if both of you wants the relationship to work. You have to convey those feelings of trust, security and happiness to your partner always. Keep in mind that every kind of relationship requires hard work and dedication to your loved one or partner, whether it's long distance or proximal. It is very vital that if you want this relationship to work with or not with a soldier, you must make a great effort not to glide apart. The person God wants to place in our lives will not be our spins. He has a reason to unite it together. He will take both persons to the right place they ought to be in the right time.
Thank you so much for these --- the smiles you gave me and the pain you've caused me. Though you're gone, you're far away, you're with someone else's arms, bear in mind that you were never be my mistake. I will always be thankful that once along my journey, I found you. And if ever we'll meet again, I hope to see you happy.
Now I have shed some light on what is going on with me. I can now look at a beautiful sunset and just be flabbergasted at its glory. Well, the sunset will never be the same again, ever, but it doesn't mean that there won't be some other spectacular sunsets.
I may be sitting all alone today watching the sunset goes down. But I accept as true that in God's perfect timing, someone will arrive to sit beside me --- to dry my tears and to restore the pieces of my broken heart.
Question: Is he still a soldier? Let me leave this unanswered.

Czarmecris Lee V.Tumanda August 02, 2010, Iligan City…...

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