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Major Export Markets: * Afghanistan * India * African Countries * Middle Eastern Countries * Iraq

Cement contribution to Pakistan and types of cement: 1. It constitutes 3 percent of the overall manpower of the country. 2. The cement industry of Pakistan generates significant revenue of Rs. 30 billion 3. The cement Industry of Pakistan makes a significant contribution of Rs.100 billion in the Gross Domestic Product of Pakistan. 4. The Pakistani cement industry has a surplus production capacity of approximately 12 million tonnes of cement and if this capacity is utilized, the additional produced cement could be exported in order to earn foreign exchange of approximately US Dollars 750 million. 5. Geographically north regions captures about 83% of the total share of cement while south region has a share of around 17% productions. 6. Portland cement with the share of approximately 90% to 94%. Furthermore, the other major types of cement product by plants in Pakistan also include Sulphate Resisting Cement, Blast Furnace Slag Cement and White Cement. This means that competition is based on proximity to raw materials and markets and it tends to limit small manufacturers of cement as far as price setting in the industry is concerned.

Month | Date | Forecast Value | Error | 0 | Oct 2015 | 46.22 | ±0.0 | 1 | Nov 2015 | 42.9 | ±1.9 | 2 | Dec 2015 | 38.7 | ±2.4 | 3 | Jan 2016 | 34.1 | ±2.7 | 4 | Feb 2016 | 30.6 | ±3.0 | 5 | Mar 2016 | 28.4 | ±3.2 | 6 | Apr 2016 | 27.3 | ±3.4 |
Updated Nov 2015 1. Strategic location in Karachi to cater to Southern Region and Peezu to cater to Northern Region. 2. First company to have their loading and storage terminal at Karachi port. 3. Plant in Basra Iraq and Congo.
GLOBAL PRESENCE Lucky Cement Limited, in line with its strategic objective of pursuing market share growth in both local and international markets; is the only Pakistani cement manufacturer having a production foot-print outside Pakistan. Lucky Cement currently has a Cement Grinding Plant in Basra, Iraq; which is successfully operating since February 2014. Further Lucky Cement is also currently working on a Project to install a fully integrated cement plant in Democratic Republic of Congo which is expected to have commercial operations by October, 2016. The company is constantly exploring business development opportunities both in the domestic and international landscape.
SAP ERP SYSTEM Pursuing its core-values of innovation and excellence, Lucky Cement is in the process of implementing full-scale SAP on HANA database. Lucky Cement will be one of the first cement companies in Pakistan to implement SAP and it will prove to be a significant step towards excellence. Lucky Cement’s mission is to adopt state-of-the-art information technology infrastructure and ERP system to support its domestic growth as well as global expansions and business diversification. The implementation of SAP will further support Lucky Cement to not only strengthen integration of its operations and investments but also bring about more efficiency to the given processes and value addition for all the stakeholders.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND REDUCTION OF CO2 Energy efficiency has proven to be a lucrative and proficient way to guarantee a sustainable future. Lucky Cement pioneered the concept of energy conservation and use of alternate fuel in the cement industry of Pakistan. The Company has taken numerous initiatives for energy saving, starting with fuel conversion of all its power generation units from furnace oil to natural gas which eventually not only reduced Company’s carbon footprint but also decreased the cost of production. The Company further reduced CO2 emissions by introducing Waste Heat Recovery systems at its plants. WHR system encapsulates all the wasted heat (which was previously being released in the atmosphere) from the production line and uses it to generate electricity which conserves energy and increases process efficiency. By virtue of WHR plant the estimated reduction in CO2 emissions at Karachi plant is 50,000 metric tons and 29,918 metric tons at Pezu plant. Lucky Cement has also taken another step forward with the use of alternate energy by supplementing its manufacturing line with Tyre Derived Fuel (TDF). By allocating resources into TDF project, Lucky Cement is able to curb fossil fuel cost along with paving a greener pathway by drastically curtailing the carbon emissions. Burning shredded tyres contains the same amount of energy as oil and 25% more energy than coal. In the long term this implies that for each ton of the utilized TDF we are replacing the deteriorating impact of 1.25 tons of coal and decreasing carbon emissions by 19%. Besides using shredded tyres as a source of alternative fuel, Lucky Cement is also utilizing fuels from rice husk, chickpea and bagasse through its Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) project. Through all such energy efficient innovations we are now generating green energy which has surpassed our production needs and hence, now being sold to the National Grid (Hyderabad Electric Supply Company) with zero interruption.
ECONOMIES OF SCALE Lucky Cement has an edge over its competition and sustains overhead cost due to lower fixed-cost per ton. Our operational processes cost are constantly reviewed to increase efficiency and reduce cost.
LOGISTICS TERMINAL AT KARACHI PORT Lucky Cement is the first and only cement Company that has its own state-of-the-art infrastructure and logistics terminal at Karachi Port. The Company runs a fleet of specially designed cement bulkers that carry loose cement from Karachi Plant to the terminal on the port. These bulkers are equipped with a unique compression system and are capable of carrying up to 75 tons of cement. P 12
ADVANCED QUALITY CONTROL Our highly advanced quality control system guarantees product dependability, quality, and customer service. Lucky Cement focuses on manufacturing premium quality cement through highly advanced quality control systems equipped with the latest technology, such as; distributed controllers, programmable-logic-controllers and X-Ray analyzers.
SMART LOGISTIC SET-UP AND SUPPLY-CHAIN MANAGEMENT In our determination to make all the logistical arrangements systematic, we have acquired multi-purpose trailers capable of moving diverse sets of cement consignments (bagged, raw or loose). In the first phase, 40 trailers were inducted in our transportation fleet. Each trailer can carry goods up to 80 tons. These trailers are used to transport bagged cement from factory to port and also carry coal from port to factory. Shifting to a well-synchronized transport system does not only strengthen the overall logistical capacity of the Company, but also cuts heavy transportation cost along with the cost of outsourcing transport contractors.
Our integrated supply chain structure offers superior quality and smart procurement within the shortest possible lead time. Our supply chain process is directly beneficial for all the stakeholders. Our combined purchase strategies give us leverage and add to our negotiation strength. Our team consists of dedicated people with the talent to network and coordinate effectively with our purveyors of goods, services, transportation and warehousing.
LARGEST PORTFOLIO OF INSTITUTIONAL CLIENTELE Lucky Cement is one of the largest cement producer in Pakistan, which coupled with our trusted quality and efficient transportation network has also bestowed the Company with the largest pool of institutional customers. All these customers have been retained based on timely deliveries, excellent customer support and continued supply of premium quality cement.
BRAND EQUITY Lucky Cement has a strategic advantage in selling its products throughout Pakistan, from Karachi to Peshawar. Hence it enjoys being the leading cement Company fully connected with its local market. Whether we talk about exports, production processes, advertising or brand equity, Lucky Cement has constantly raised the bar for competition.

1. Pakistan’s first company to export sizeable amounts of loose cement
2. Only manufacturer to have loading and storage at Karachi Port.

3 products: OPC, sulphate resistant cement, block cement, clinker.
KARACHI: Lucky Cement has announced to setup a 660MW coal-based power project in Karachi through a 100 percent-owned subsidiary to be incorporated instead of the previously contemplated through Lucky Holdings Limited, a 75 percent subsidiary of the company, a statement said on Tuesday. The board of Lucky Cement has approved an equity investment of $270 million for the project to be set up and owned wholly by the company for which equity investment will be made by into Lucky Electric Power Company Limited through a fully-owned subsidiary of the company, it said. The power project will be setup with an estimated cost of $1.08 billion and financed in the debt / equity ratio of 75:25. The company will be the exclusive sponsor of Lucky Electric Power by investing $270 million, it added. Meanwhile, Gadoon Textile Mills Limited has withdrawn its plan to invest $2.7 million in the above referred power project, after Lucky Cement decided not to pursue the project under Lucky Holdings Limited. Gadoon Textile Mills holds one percent shares in Lucky Holdings Limited. APCMA calls for action on Iranian imports Pakistan: Lucky Cement is close to winning a permit to extract limestone in Punjab province, signaling expansion plans by the nation's largest maker of the building material. An agreement is expected to be signed in the next few days, according to Arshad Mehmood, secretary for Punjab's mines and minerals department.
Lucky Cement is the third cement producer in Pakistan to have announced expansions after Attock Cement and D G Khan Cement earlier acted on signs that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is looking to boost infrastructure spending. "Everything is positive for construction," said Bilal Khan, analyst at Karachi-based Global Securities Pakistan. "If growth stays at the same pace, those who decide to expand today are the winners." South African cement producers may be cheered this week with the news that Iranian cement is causing grief in Pakistan once more. Imported cement from Iran is allegedly undercutting local product in Pakistan through massive 'under-invoicing.' Sources quoted in Pakistan – itself a cement exporter (!) – described the situation as 'incomprehensible.'
The issue here is that Iran is doing to Pakistan what Pakistan is doing to South Africa: selling cement cheaper than locally produced product. It's especially ironic this week because one Pakistani cement producer, Lucky Cement, is taking the fight against South African anti-dumping duties to the courts.
A report from July 2015 reckoned that Pakistan's cement exports might drop by 10 – 15% at the start of 2016 as economic sanctions on Iran are lifted. The report had a bit more sense than the usual scaremongering. It predicted that removing sanctions in Iran would not affect competition in Afghanistan as Iranian producers generally targeted Kandahar.
Despite this, cement exports to Afghanistan from Pakistan hit a high of 4.73Mt in the 2010 – 2011 financial year, according to All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) data. Since then they dwindled slightly for the next couple of years before decreasing more sharply from mid-2013. Overall exports fell by 11.57% to 7.2Mt in the 2014 – 2015 period. Pakistan's exports to Afghanistan may have been hit by the departure of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces and a new cement plant in neighbouring Tajikistan.
In part the battle seems to be about tax. In June 2015 the APCMA lobbied the Pakistan government to cut duties. At the time these included a 5% federal excise duty and a 17% general sales tax on the retail price of cement. One APCMA spokesman reckoned that these taxes added US$1.56 per bag of cement. More recently the APCMA rallied against a tax on cement exports and an increase in import duties on coal. In this climate, repeated news stories on Iranian exports to Pakistan dodging taxes don't sound so good.
Meanwhile, back in South Africa, Lucky Cement has started to take legal action against anti-dumping duties imposed upon its cement exports by the International Trade Administration Commission of South Africa (ITAC). The ITAC imposed provisional anti-dumping duties of 14.3 – 77.2% on Portland Cement originating in or imported from Pakistan from 15 May 2015 for six months. The duty was imposed on bagged cement. Pakistan-based cement producers may defend themselves by saying that they are following the laws of the countries they are exporting to. In theory Iranian exports to Pakistan that pay the correct taxes should be the same price as Pakistani products.
What this debacle shows is that things could get a whole lot worse for coastal cement markets within easy reach of Iran once the sanctions fall. National bodies like the ITAC across the Middle East, South Asia and East Africa should start tightening up their import policies now. Industry sources said that the Iranian cement, which was earlier being smuggled, is now entering Pakistan at very low rates due to under-invoicing. They say that importing cement into Pakistan, itself a cement exporter is 'incomprehensible
However, local Pakistani cement industry officials believe that 'quality-conscious' countries like the UAE, India, Qatar and Sri Lanka may still prefer Pakistani cement as it is 'better' than its Iranian counterpart.
The removal of sanctions is not expected to aggravate competition in Afghanistan, as it is only feasible for Iranian producers to target the Kandahar region closer to the border. The main market for Pakistani producers is Kabul and Jalalabad, where Iranian cement will not be competitive due to the higher transportation cost.
Additionally, higher disposable income due to lower inflation will also boost private sector expenditure on construction and housing…...

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