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Hupkrapong Royal Project: Efficiency, Sustainability and the Making of Royal Hegemony

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Hupkrapong Royal Project: Efficiency, Sustainability and
The Making of Royal Hegemony
By Pluemkoon Bualuang, 5304640773

Introduction Hupkrapong Royal Project is one of the most well known projects initiated by His Majesty the King, Bhumibol. It is located in Tambol Hupkapong, far rural area of Amphoe Cha-am of Phetchburi province. It was started in 1964, when His Majesty the king visited in the rural and impoverished area in this province, which the residents living there were majority farmers who had very low standard of living and seemed like no ways to improve because they had to rent land from landlords and payback the huge amount of debts. Thence, the king had an idea of providing the rights over the land to some of these farmers. After 7 years under the process, The Hupkapong royal project was successfully done, by providing the right over 10,000 rais of land to 84 families of poor farmers to make use and established the Hupkapong cooperative collecting the local products selling to outside market. Before having the right over the land, those people would have to go to the demonstration school in order to learn the technique how to plant for two years. After that they will be given the right of up to 25 rais of land to make use of it. This right cannot be transferred to someone else apart from their family members. However, since the soil quality of this area was not in a very good condition and the natural water supply was not enough. Therefore, the king gave an idea to improve the soil by using technology with the help of Israeli government. And also connect the irrigation system by pumping the water from the canal sent from Kaengkrachan reservoir. This helped Hupkrapong people had well income from planting and their living conditions were much better. However, this prosperous time was too short. Everything turned out to be collapsed not too long…...

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