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Human Sience Bechavioral Change

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Human Sience Bechavioral Change

For the purpose of the Health Science class I was recently involved in the great challenge based on the one lifestyle behavioral change. For instance, ultimate choice for me was to lose weight, since I am morbid obese there was no better call. I have started my journey to the better life with the shocking 380 pounds on my neck. Within last six weeks I have lose 36 pounds that are actually more than I really expect. I have reached my goal thanks to the great support of knowledge that class provided for me. Thanks to the chapters from the book I was able to learn much valuable information about the human body and its needs. In advance, I have learned about my own strengths and weaknesses, and the best ways how to cope with them. Thanks to learning about myself I was able to design my new healthy lifestyle habits within the new spectrum of successes on the way. One of the biggest barrier’s to overcome during my challenge was my bad habit of eating late and being lazy and not exercising at all. As the beginnings were really hard and tough, I thought that everybody are against me. I have realized that it is only temporary stage and it will be over at some point. There is always important facto of believing in to the success and the motivation from others is really useful. Thanks to my lovely wife who was my solid, granite support I had a chance of knowing that I am not alone and there is somebody else who believes in me and my future. As a very important element for my entire challenge was to setup a plan, kind of life schedule that allowed me to control my healthy daily routine. I have started with the moderate cardio exercise and diet that was based only on 2000 calories. I said “only”, because as I found out, I used to consume around 4000 to 6000 calories a day. As the healthy diet is important there is a factor of exercise that…...

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