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Human Resources 587 - Assignment 3

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Innovative Change at Ford Motor Company
Keller University
Human Resources 587
August 24, 2014

Since Alan Mulally took over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Ford Motor Company the business has been transformed into a powerful competitive force in the global automotive industry. An examination of the company’s communications surrounding Mulally’s retirement and the appointment of Mark Fields as the new CEO demonstrate how Ford used positive and candid communications to overcome resistance to the change. Actions as simple as providing verbal and nonverbal cues have a powerful influence on how others perceive a change (Nekoranec & Fourrier, 2013). A proposed alternative communication plan, including the use of more communication channels with increased frequency, would have helped the company address some of the fear and uncertainty among stakeholders. An example of an internal memo is provided to show how the use of positive and supportive descriptions of the change can motivate stakeholders to act as change agents on behalf of an organization by embracing the change and recognizing their essential role in the process.
Innovative Change at Ford Motor Company In the past few decades Ford Motor Company has experienced a series of disruptive changes pertaining to the company’s leadership. In 2006, the appointment of Alan Mulally as the company’s Chief Executive Officer prompted extensive changes within the company that served to transform the once struggling organization into a powerful competitor (LeBeau, 2010). Mulally’s communication of a new vision for Ford, and his actions aimed at facilitating this change, have resulted in a collaborative corporate culture with a shared vision for the future and a commitment to the company’s long term success.…...

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