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Human Resource Management Chapter Summaries

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Chapter 1 – Strategic Human Res. Mgn
Chapter 1: Strategic HRM

HR functions: all relative to the company’s performance
- analysis and design of work
- employee relations
- training and development
- performance management
- compensation
- supporting the organizations strategy

Environmental trends impacting HRM
- Changes in the labour force * Aging workforce * Diverse Workforce * Labour unions * Contigent employees * Skill deficiencies

- High Performance Work Systems * Knowledge workers * Employee engagement * Teamwork * Increasing education

- Change in the employment relationship * New psychological contract * Organizational culture/climate

- Others: * Economic conditions * Technological changes * Government * Globalization

Chapter 2 – Changing Legal Emphasis
There are 14 jurisdictions, 10 provinces, 3 territories and Canada as a whole for employment laws.
- Provincial/territorial employment laws govern 90% of population
- Federal employment legislation governs the other 10%.
The legal framework for employment also includes constitutional law, particularly the Charter of rights and Freedom; acts of Parliament; common law (wrongful dismissal) and contract law.

Regulations: legally binding rules established for the special regulatory bodies (ministry of labour, human rights commission) created to enforce compliance with the law and aid in its interpretation.

Employment (labour) standards legislation: Laws present in every Canadian jurisdiction that establish minimum employee entitlements and set a limit on the maximum number of hours of work permitted per day or week. (Wage, vacation, termination notice, overtime pay..)

Equal pay for equal work principle specifies that an employer cannot pay male and female…...

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