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Question 1: What Human Resources services would you categorise as Transactional, Traditional and Transformational.

Transactional services are those which are daily practices which are essential to the management of all Human Resource (HR) practices. These “micro” services have a low impact on the business strategy at hand but ensure smooth maintenance of operations (Wright, McMahan, Snell & Gerhart, 1998). Such examples may include payroll processing and record-keeping, general employee services.

Traditional services are services which have some impact on daily running of the business and have some strategic elements necessary to maintain the businesses objectives. That is, they form the practices and systems to ensure execution of strategy, including recruitment and staff selection, training, and performance management, compensation, and industrial relations (Wright et al, 1998). These services have impacts on both an operational and strategic level.

Transformational services have a high impact on a strategic level. These are the “macro” services which have the biggest impact on a business in moving towards achieving their objectives and strategies. These services have a large impact on the way the business operates and staffing, creating long-term capability and adaptability (Wright et al, 1998). Examples may include workforce planning, policy and work practice procedure development/changes, cultural change and strategic redirection.

Question 2: In developing Human Resources services what factors need to be taken into consideration?

There are many factors which must be considered when developing services for a business. These may include the external environment, the needs and strategies of managers on all levels of the business, and the diversity of the workplace and employees.

In developing HR services the external…...

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