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Introduction Change management initiative consists of Dominant Images of Change. There are six images of change. According to our text, the six images framework encourages change managers to reflect on whether they are dominated, for all changes, by a particular view of change and the limitations of such an image. What I gather from this is that if managers come to grips on what type of management style and image that they work in, they can assist and coach their teams into embracing and having an effective change. This works close with Image Concepts in the notion that if managers realize what type of image they acquire they will understand how much their Image mirrors the management initiative. The Images recorded in the text shapes how one think, act, and relate to different attitude regarding change.
Application Analysis Even though I have only worked for the company that I am with for a few months, so far I absolutely love the structure. The senior leadership at my place of work is awesome. I’ve wondered since day one how in the world they are doing this. How are you a profitable company, low to no turn over rate, and make changes and no one makes a negative sound? I’ve come to the conclusion that my work’s change management initiative utilizes the coaching and nurturing images; the leaders that they have chosen for the organization uses these images impeccably. I consider myself to be the perfect example of my organization supporting the coaching and nurturing images. I am currently an administrative assistant in a hospital. I report directly to the Director of HIM and I support her boss on a daily basis who is a CTO; needless to say I am “rubbing some mighty high elbows”. I was sent to them via a staffing agency, I had absolutely no desire to be an admin and absolutely no experience, not to mention I was terribly intimidated; but they wanted me…...

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