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Literature Review: Strategic Human resource Management

In the demographical change of the workplace environment, Human Resources Managers and leadership are being forced to evaluate the current climate of the workforce environment to accommodate organizational culture. Organizational culture is defined as “the customs, rituals, and values shared by the members of an organization that have to be accepted by new members.” (Collins English Dictionary, 2012 Digital Edition) Organizational culture has always played a significant role in human resource functions. However, with staff from varying background being hired, organizational cultural sensitivities have come to the forefront of how human resources manage developing issues.

The workplace has become a melting pot of diversity on a global scale. Employees from varying backgrounds infuse many companies around the world by bringing different values and customs to the workplace. This infusion has created a utopia for potential issues which may arise for the human resources department throughout many companies whose makeup is extremely diverse. In addition, organizational culture is leading to the outward perception of the companies’ culture. (Tharp, 2009)

Strategic human resource management of organizational culture warrants creativity in managing/handling potential and current employees. Human resource management must first be aware of the impacts of the companies’ culture on the employees and clients. Secondly, they must be competent in explaining to the employees, how their values impact and reflect on the company’s performance, “As per organizational development is concerned, employees performance is considered as a back bone for the industry. So organization’s want to get the…...

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