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Learning how to spell


Study the word
Underline the difficult part(s)
Say the word carefully

Learning how to spell

“Writing the word”
• On someone’s back

• On your desk (large)

• With your eyes
Learning how to spell

Speed Writing

How often can you write the word correctly in one minute?
Learning how to spell


Making up a “story” to help spell a word

was – was auntie sad?

Learning how to spell


Breaking the words into parts / clapping the sounds

going go/ing running run/ning returned re turn ed
Learning how to spell

Look for small words

inside the word

about - a, out, bout teacher – tea, each, her, ache
Learning how to spell

Be positive

Learning how to spell

Words that look the same


Learning how to spell

Use of colours

Use a different colour for each letter

Learning how to spell

Odd one out

• Work with others
• From a list of three words, think of reasons why each word is different

going green big
Learning how to spell

Different sizes of letters

woman – WoMaN

returning - ReTuRnInG

Learning how to spell

Shapes of words

Draw the shape of the word


Learning how to spell

Making words with letters

• Put all the letters in an arc
• Listen to word
• Place letters in boxes
Learning how to spell

In sand

• or using different materials (paint)

• different textures (sandpaper)

Learning how to spell


• Look at your word
• “Throw” it at the wall
• Can you still “see” it?
• Spell it aloud

Learning how to spell

Writing the word in fancy letters

• Bubble writing
• Cursive
• Italics

Learning how to spell

Use a spelling rule

• “i” before “e” except after “c”
• change the “y” to “i” and add “es”

Learning how to spell

Look- Say-

Learning how to spell

Using post-its • place post-its in suitable places at eye level
Learning how to spell
Recording your own voice
• say the word
• spell the word
• listen
• echo Learning how to spell

Three Times

Write the word 3 times in different colours

three three three

Learning how to spell
Pyramid Writing
Write your word in the shape of a pyramid w wa was

Learning how to spell
Consonant Circles a e i

Write the word then circle all the consonants

Learning how to spell

Blue vowels a e i o u
Write the word then go over each vowel in blue because Learning how to spell
Words without vowels b _ c _ _ s _
Write each word with a line instead of each vowel.
Go back later and fill in the missing vowels

Learning how to spell

The umpire is one pupil - the reader / checker

The players are two other pupils take turns spelling aloud the letters of the word.

Learning how to spell
Dictionary Race

In small groups, each with a dictionary, each pupil chooses a word for others to find as quickly as possible

Learning how to spell
Muddled Letters Pupils re organize the letters in words (always starting with the original initial letter) for others to rewrite correctly baseuce – because
Learning how to spell

Lucky Dip
Letters are put into a bag and pupils take turns taking out one at a time displaying these in front of the group. Carry on until someone can spell one of their words with the letters.

Learning how to spell
Guess the Word

In pairs, taking turns using whiteboards, one pupil writes one letter at a time for others to guess the word. Give points for needing fewer letters.

Learning how to spell
Teacher chooses a more difficult word. Write on card 3 / 4 times before cutting up into different sections for the pupils to match together ele ph an t e le p hant elep ha nt

Learning how to spell


Add your words and be given a choice of learning activities

Learning how to spell

Word Sort
Pupils have copies of the words that they are learning – one word on each card.
Clues are read out for pupils to identify words and place face down.
5 letters double consonant 3 vowels

Learning how to spell

Line Up
Pupils line up and take turns in spelling out the letters of word. Last one says the word when spelling is finished. Vary the pupils’ position in the group, if appropriate.

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Surf into Spelling City
Games and activities: assessment, vocabulary, teachme, MatchIt sentences,Which Word, Hangmouse

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Alpha Writer
Using a moveable alphabet, make words linked with pictures – linked with phonics. Note: whilst a word is spoken in phonemes, letters are said as individual sounds. Results can be copied on camera as evidence

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app

Montessori Crosswords
Moveable alphabet with picture cues and spoken facilities. Various option levels from short vowel sounds to silent letters. Note: speech / accent can be different

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Word Wizard
Letter / sound recognition, spelling words and simple sentences. Various individual options.
Quiz section: common word, cvc words, high frequency and making own lists.

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Pocket Phonics
Structured phonic / phonological programme with multi – sensory reinforcement / learning of using single letter sounds, consonant blends, vowel digraphs.
Individual options are useful

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Montessori Intro to Letters
Spelling words with single letter sounds, vowel digraphs or some consonant blends. Pupil can be recorded saying the word

Learning how to spell
IPad2 app
Word Recognition
Recognising, reading and spelling common irregularly spelled words
Writing, sequencing letters, listen and find word, visual memory.…...

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