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How to Prepare for an Interview

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How to Survive a Job Interview

General purpose: To instruct
Specific purpose: To be prepared for a job interview
Organization: Chronological

I. Introduction
A. Imagine yourself walking into your first interview, nervous and maybe even a little sweaty; you begin to forget everything you wanted to say.
B. Today I am going to show you the four main steps in preparing for a job interview, Research the company, know yourself; strengths and weaknesses, anticipate and prepare for commonly asked question, and lastly prepare everything the night before the interview.
C. After listening to my speech, I hope my audience will be better prepared for any potential interviews without the common nervous jitters.
II. Preparation
A. Research
1. Research small, but important things like, company size and history, products and services, and culture of the company.
2. Use internet sources to become accustom to the company’s ways and what to expect of them.
3. Call in advance to find out who you will interviewing with and what kind of information you can get for the company with the person of contact.
a. Look at credible internet sources as a way to get quality information on your business. Publications can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding information.
b. You must be prepared for these kinds of questions in the interview. This will make you look professional and interested.
B. Refresh Yourself on Your Own Experiences
1. Think of previous employer scenarios for potential answers during the interview.
2. Print full resume, Show them you are prepared
C. Know your strengths and weaknesses
1. What do you do good at and what things can you work on.
2. Preparing to make the best you is a true confidence booster and is so important when it comes down to being yourself. It takes weight off your shoulders and can calm you down in stressful moments.…...

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