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Each class you are required to present a critical review of one assigned research article to the rest of the class. You will have about 20-25 min to present, and 5-10 min to answer questions from other students and the instructor. You should review each article by summarizing and criticizing each of the following dimensions. It will be a good practice to prepare your presentation in PowerPoint. You should submit your PowerPoint to the Instructor and share it with other students in the class.
Key issues to discuss:
1) What is the phenomenon or problem being studied?
2) Why it is important to study the problem or phenomenon?
3) What motivated the research? What are the research gaps or inconsistencies identified?
4) What are the research questions?
5) What is the theory or theories or theoretical frameworks used?
6) Are the theories adequately described? Are the theories appropriate for the problem?
7) Is the literature review complete? Relevant? Up-to-date? Logically organized?
8) What is the research model? Is it interesting? Is it innovative?
9) Are the research hypotheses or propositions clearly articulated? Logical? Evidence based? Related to research questions?
10) How are data gathered? Unit analysis adequate relevant to research question and theory?
11) What is the research method? Is the method adequate relevant to research question and theory?
12) How are the hypotheses tested? Propositions articulated?
13) What are the main findings?
14) How do the findings contribute to the extant theory related to the phenomenon?
15) How do the findings contribute to the extant practice related to the phenomenon?
16) What are the limitations of current study? How can they be addressed in future studies?
17) How would do this study given all of the facts you know? Where do you improve specifically and why?
18) Is the overall structure of the paper…...

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