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How Should You Treat People with Disabilities

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How should you treat people with disabilities?
1. Treat PWDs like you want to be treated.

2. Talk to PWDs directly instead of their personal attendants.

3. Ask a PWD first instead of automatically assuming in what the PWD wants or needs.

4. Do not stare.

5. Do not treat adult PWDs as children.

6. Do not call PWDs the terms "Special Needs Person" or "Special Person".

The same way you would hope to be treated.

And that is with DIGNITY & RESPECT at all times, always remember they are people first and foremost.

They have the same rights as you or I, and that most are very capable of making choices and decisions for themselves.

Be patient caring and understanding, always offer assistance, and wait for a reply, before trying to help, as I have seen many people given an ear full for not giving them the chance to do for themselves.

What not to do
Never make assumptions, especially about their intellectual abilities, as this is a sure way of being given a thorough dressing down.

Don't pity them as this will give them cause to dislike you, they don't want pity.

Don't treat them with disrespect or call them derogatory names, that refer to their disability or mental state, e.g retard etc, as this will offend them and anyone who maybe with them.

Never take over anything they are trying to do, ask if they would like help, and back off if they no.

I work with people with disabilities and have seen many people given a ear full for being rude & disrespectful etc, to of my clients, and the rude/disrespectful walk away feeling rather ashamed of themselves, because the clients have ripped strips off them.
I have a physical disability & here's my Point of view -

Treat me with kindness, respect & consideration & don't belittle me.

Yes, our disabilities gives us difficulties, but we're still human…...

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