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How I Achieved My Balanced Diet

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How I Achieve a Balanced Diet
Balanced diet has become a very crucial step to attain a healthy lifestyle. Several conducted studies show that many people who are inactive to daily tasks and physically unfit are associated to poor diet. In this case, I used to be one of them. When I was in High School, I used to eat only minute amounts of protein and carbohydrates every breakfast and to skip lunch. Because of these improper habits, my health almost deteriorated and eventually, my Body Mass Index lowered from normal to underweight. Later on, I decided to alter my daily routines in my diet. Now, to achieve a balanced diet, consuming food groups at right proportions, partaking junk foods and soft drinks very seldom and controlling my fat and oil intake are ways that I habitually do.
First, I always eat the right amount of Go, Grow and Glow Foods. Every meal, these three components are present on my table. I base my Go food diet on starchy foods such as sweet potatoes and rice to get carbohydrates for energy. For my Grow food diet, I make sure there are fishes, less pork and eggs present in any cuisines to get enough protein for body build up. Also for my Glow food Diet, there must be plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially citrus fruits and leafy vegetables in the menu to get vitamins and minerals for body resistance. With the right amount of these components I eat, I always feel healthy and get more active every day.

Then, I seldom eat junk foods and soft drinks. They contain a lot of chemicals that gradually harm one’s health, and I’m afraid that it will happen to me someday. I seldom eat junk foods because they contain only insignificant amounts of nutrients, so they are not wholesome. Also, junk foods are highly rich in sodium which may cause hypertension and may greatly affect my kidneys. I also seldom drink soft drinks because they have high sugar content which can lead to obesity and diabetes. Now, I only drink a glass of soft drink every month. Practicing these may gradually help me totally avoid consuming them.

Finally, I control my fat and oil intake. Everybody knows the negative effects of high fat and oil intake to our body. Though most of my favorite foods contain fat and oil, I still manage to minimize eating them to prevent obesity, heart problems and diseases. So far I eat foods containing fats and oil occasionally. Doing this lessens my worries about my future health.

Practicing to eat the three food groups at a right amount, to reduce junk foods and soft drinks, and to control fat and oil eventually turn into my daily diet routines. Because of these, my health has reached into its optimal level. Also, my Body Mass Index rose from underweight to normal again. Now, I am able to actively perform my tasks and I always feel fit and great. My health is very important, so I will maintain these ways of achieving a balanced diet to keep my body physically fit and healthy.…...

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