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How Has Christianity Become an in-Depth Religion

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Christianity is a living dynamic religion that gives depth and meaning to the lives of the individuals and the wider community who follow its teachings. This can be seen through the practice of initiation through Baptism, the ethical teachings which are supported by sacred texts and the example of Jesus Christ, this is further enhanced through the development of Feminism to bring about greater equality within the church.

Throughout the development of Christianity an immense change in its beliefs, doctrines and practices has arisen. A notable impact on Christianity has been made by Feminist theologians as they strive to procure a voice and input for women within religious movements and traditions to which they belong to (Buckley, Amy, 2014). The aim for Christian feminists is to accelerate the equality between women and men spiritually, morally, and socially. It has been occurrent and more prevalent of feminists defending and fighting for their rights within religion over time trying to attain their eminent goals (Wikipedia, 2015). The goals that are sought to be achieved within feminist theology comprise of language within the sacred texts (e.g bible) to be gender inclusive, expanding the status of women and allowing them to be of religious authority, in addition to equality in general (, 2015). Feminists within Christianity have worked towards altering the view that many have power and control over them to grant them coequality
(Buckley, Amy, 2014). Since the uprise of demand for equal rights, many areas of society have granted women with the rights they deserve, nevertheless Christianity refuses to comply with this factor and continues to attempt to follow the “traditional” ways of women to be seen as lesser or not as important within the Religion (, 2015). The standing of feminists within…...

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