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We all know that nowadays, glue is a necessity to all of the students, teachers, and some office workers. Every day . The costs of medicines today are too high. Not all of us can afford to buy medicines so they just endure the pain they feel. Do we just let them suffer the pain they feel? To help our community, our group proposed a pure organic juice to cure common diseases like cough, colds, and headaches. These diseases are very common in our community because these are very easy to pass on to others. Our group make a research and interview on how to cure these kinds of diseases and we found that oregano can cure those kinds of diseases. We all know that oregano is bitter in taste so we add some organic materials to lessen its bitterness. We make this product to help our community in a simple way to cure common diseases.


General Objective:

This study aims to make our own glue. Also, to make an affordable medicine for those common diseases.

Specific Objectives: Specifically, this study has three main objectives.

1. First we want to help our Environment. Our Study uses pure organic materials.

2. Next, we want to help our community to cure and prevent common diseases like cough, colds, and headaches

3. Lastly, our group wants to make an affordable cure for those kinds of diseases.
STATEMENT OF THE PROBEM The researchers studied and researched about the topic/problem of making homemade glue.

Our study is deemed significant to because it is a homemade product. This product is also easy to make. All its ingredients are found in our kitchen. Within just 5 minutes, you’ll have your own Elmer’s glue without rushing to the nearest stationery shop.

SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS This product is for the students, teachers, and some office workers. This product can only be used in paper products only…...

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