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Holding Hands

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It might be chilly outside, but this snowy snap of a penguin couple holding hands is enough to melt even the coldest of hearts.

The perfect pair enjoyed a romantic clinch, opting for a moment of solitude while dozens of other penguins gathered nearby.

In fact, as one interloper approached the penguins, who looked almost like humans holding hands, appeared to give the freezing cold shoulder - and he continued trudging by.

The heart-warming display of affection took place in Port Lockroy, a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula. It was captured on camera by professional photographer Silviu Ghetie.
What's going on here then?
Oh, not you two again
Get over yourselves!

'What are you two up to? Oh, holding hands again': Lonely heart approaches the couple and seeing they are only interested in themselves, moves switfly on

The pair stand hand in hand appearing to stare out at the dramatic vista of the frozen Antarctic landscape. Their heads tilted slightly toward one-and-other, they look as if they are feeling the quiet drama that love brings to inner life.

Then, still holding each other, they wander down to the icy waters and the rest of their friends.

Photographer Mr Ghetie, 43, from Baia Mare in Romania, usually takes pictures of people but he couldn't resist snapping this magic moment while on a polar expedition. More...

Nature plays games on top of the world: Rare white 'rainbow' spotted in land of midnight sun To growl or not to growl, that is the question... The Bard's bear that strikes a Shakespearean pose but only has birds for an audience He's nuts about corn on the cob: Chubby the squirrel puts on a little too much weight for the winter
He said: 'This is the first wildlife picture I have ever taken but it's actually very apt because it just goes to show you can find the same patterns in both nature and people.

'I started taking pictures primarily because I was amazed by the landscape. The light and the atmosphere was really interesting.

'Then as I walked forward the two penguins came into view.
Just the two of us: This romantic pair of penguins hold hands as their buddies congregate in the distance in Port Lockroy, a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula
Just the two of us: This romantic pair of penguins hold hands as their buddies congregate in the distance in Port Lockroy, a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula

'I always think penguins look very much like humans from behind anyway but this was particularly funny because they really did appear to be holding hands.

'It looked like they were two lovers, hand in hand in front of a beautiful landscape and looking into each other's eyes.
'They were far far away from the rest of the group so it was easy to believe they were having a romantic moment alone.

'They stood there for about two minutes before they were interrupted by another penguin.

'It was at this point that they walked off together and made their way to the ocean. It was a very surreal moment.'…...

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