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Business Education At Crossroads in India


The aim of this study is to examine various untapped opportunities and challenges faced by business education in India.
In today’s rapidly changing market, business programs in India are under scanner as they face criticisms on various aspects of the program like continuous rise in non-accredited institutes, selection process getting changed year after year, curriculum not being as dynamic as the market, quality of students being varied in the same college, no consistency in placement, value system getting shattered, role of faculty, student involvement in studies, work-fun balance in college.
This study is help to gain a better understanding of business school to effectively address these challenges. In this study we would be carrying out research for gaining an insight into the current trend of business schools through surveys, questionnaire, in-depth interview and empirical methods. Based on the analysis of the data, suggestions would be made for improvement in quality of business education in India.

Keywords: Quality of Business education, Challenges, Opportunities.

Management as a field of study has been developing since 18th century. From its evolution to now, management education has changed drastically. It has developed according to changing needs of the industry. Past globalization and advent of the internet, the world has become ‘flat’ as described by Thomas Friedman. Therefore almost everything is available to almost everyone. Indian management education is majorly influenced by thoughts and practices of western management. As a result, while earlier Indian management institutes offered management courses like marketing, finance and human resource, they have started offering different fundamental courses like Health care, Operations, Supply chain, Information technology and…...

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